Virgo: Traits, Compatibility, and More

August Virgo Woman vs September Virgo Woman

Not all Virgo women are the same. To understand the subtle differences in this sign’s personality, you must study the different qualities associated with August vs. September Virgos. An August Virgo woman is likely to be literary, intellectual, and meticulous. She has the most stereotypical Virgo traits. September Virgos can be more outgoing and flexible.… […]

What is The Weakness of Virgo Men?

One of the biggest Virgo man secrets is actually hidden in plain sight. Though he tries to gives the appearance of perfection, he’s human. He has weaknesses he tries to hide. He tries hard to hide his human side so you’ll never see his vulnerability. Yet if you know what to look for, you’ll see… […]

10 Online Dating Tips to Attract a Virgo Man

A Virgo man is slow to open up in relationships. Online dating is often preferred because he can pace himself and keep his feelings at bay. He likes the partial anonymity and control. Online dating helps a Virgo man to set the tone he wants to set. He can interact on his own terms and… […]

How to Turn On a Virgo Woman in Bed

Virgo women are attracted to practical, rational men. She is not interested in taboo sexual adventures. A Virgo’s sexual interests are down to earth. She needs a patient and devoted lover. Take a slow and attentive approach to seduction, and be fascinated with you. Be mindful of hygiene when you want to seduce a Virgo… […]

Are Virgo Men Freaks?

Is a Virgo man a freak in bed? More often than not, the answer is no. At least, that’s what he wants you to think. Virgo is often too high-strung to be a freak. He worries too much. So many things make him anxious and nervous. He also worries about other people judging him and… […]

5 Virgo Woman Spirit Animals That Best Represent Her

You have to understand the typical personality traits of her sun sign before you can contrast them with different animals to figure out which creature best represents her soul. So, what animals best align with the hard-working, perfectionistic character of a Virgo female? By gaining a better understanding of how her zodiac sign’s mind works,… […]

How to Dress for a Virgo Man

If you want to know how to attract a Virgo man, you need to understand that he is image conscious. He pays attention to your appearance. He’s always observing and analyzing. A Virgo man will pay attention to a number of factors with regards to your appearance. He’s not always the most fashion savvy guy.… […]

How do Virgo Men Show their Love and Affection

If a Virgo doesn’t feel his love is reciprocated, this shy sign might pull away. But how can you keep a sensitive Virgo from retreating when you’re unsure of his love? Virgos are endlessly practical, so it makes sense that the way they show their romantic feelings is practical, too. He might not serenade you… […]

What Happens When a Virgo Man is Upset?

A Virgo man is territorial. He doesn’t act angry or defensive, but he does try to keep everything in his life in order. Change is threatening to him. If he feels this sense of control is threatened to any degree, he will become upset. Still, he’ll try to hide this. He’ll try to stay rational.… […]

Will a Virgo Man Apologize After Upsetting You?

A Virgo man always comes back. Yet he doesn’t come around with a heartfelt apology for upsetting you. You may wonder how he can be so thoughtful and clueless at the same time. If you understand how a Virgo man thinks, you’ll know he is less concerned with feelings and more concerned with data. He’ll… […]