Virgo Woman Compatibility with All 12 Signs

Updated March 8, 2023
Virgo Woman Compatibility with All 12 Signs

If you are trying to find a Virgo lady’s soulmate, then you need to know a Virgo woman’s compatibility with each zodiac sign.

Which astrological sign is her best match, and which is her worst?

The most compatible signs with a Virgo woman are generally considered to be Taurus, Capricorn, Scorpio, and Virgo. The least compatible signs with a Virgo woman are generally considered to be Sagittarius and Aries.

When you want to discover a Virgo woman’s ideal partner, all you have to do is compare her star sign’s personality with the characteristics of the other signs.

Does she work well with an emotional, sensitive Pisces, or is she better suited to a loving, affectionate Libra?

Once you have a better understanding of her sign’s personality traits and behaviors in love, you will know a Virgo woman’s compatibility with all 12 signs.

Taurus Man

Taurus Man & Virgo Woman Compatibility: Perfect Match?

The best match for a Virgo woman is a Taurus guy. Once a Taurus dates a Virgo lady, she will never find a better lover.

These two zodiac signs’ compatibility is founded on their shared natural element. Every sign belongs to one of the four elements of nature: fire, air, earth, or water.

A sign’s element tells us about that sign’s personality and temperament, as well as the compatibility with the other signs.

Virgo and Taurus are both earth signs, and two signs belonging to the same natural element tend to work well together.

They have a great deal in common and an innate mutual understanding of one another. As earth signs, both Taurus and Virgo are grounded, steady, and hard-working.

Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of love, beauty, and money. Thanks to the loving influence of Venus, A Taurus man can get a Virgo lady to open up her heart like no one else.

In return, a Virgo woman offers a Taurus man all the structure, stability, and honesty he could ever want in a relationship. She is honest and devoted, which he needs in a partner.

Capricorn Man

Capricorn Man & Virgo Woman Compatibility: Perfect Match?

As with Taurus, the Capricorn compatibility with Virgo is so strong because Capricorn is another earth sign.

A Capricorn man takes a long time before settling down with someone not because he fears commitment, but because he wants to make sure he chooses the right person to be with forever.

One of the typical Virgo traits is patience, so a Virgo woman can wait for a Capricorn guy to make up his mind.

She is also very cautious, especially when it comes to love, so she understands his reluctance to commit and doesn’t take it personally.

Once they learn to trust each other, they will quickly fall in love and commit to one another. And once they are together, they are unlikely to separate.

Scorpio Man

Scorpio Man & Virgo Woman Compatibility: Perfect Match?

Each zodiac sign has a unique symbol that encapsulates the quintessential qualities of that sign. While most signs have an animal symbol, the Virgo symbol is a human, specifically the virgin.

The symbol of the virgin tells us that a Virgo woman is careful, self-sacrificing, modest, and conservative.

Scorpio, on the other hand, is the most sexual of all the zodiac signs. You might not think that sexy Scorpio and the sign of the virgin work well together, but they are actually highly compatible.

A Virgo woman is a perfectionist in every aspect of her life, including in the bedroom. She works hard to keep her grooming, physique, appearance, and technique perfect for her lover, and she will adjust to please him.

A Scorpio man appreciates the efforts of a Virgo lady, and he can open her mind and help her explore her sexuality in ways that she never imagined.

These two signs have just enough in common balanced by enough differences that they complement each other perfectly.

Virgo Man

Virgo Man & Virgo Woman Compatibility: Perfect Match?

You might assume that two people born under the same zodiac sign should be a perfect match because they have so much in common, but this isn’t always the case.

When a woman born under the Virgo sign dates a Virgo man, their personalities may clash because they magnify each other’s negative qualities.

But the quintessential Virgo personality is accommodating, so both partners in a double Virgo relationship will find ways to work around their similar quirks and foibles.

They can understand each other like no one else without having to explain themselves, and they adore having a partner who is the opposite sex version of themselves.

Libra Man

Libra Man & Virgo Woman Compatibility: Perfect Match?

Like Taurus, the Libra horoscope sign is ruled by Venus, the planet of love, money, and beauty.

One of the typical Libra traits is friendliness. A Libra man knows how to put an anxious Virgo woman at ease and get her to open up to him.

Virgo and Libra are neighboring signs since Libra follows directly after Virgo in the order of the zodiac. Generally, neighboring signs don’t work well together.

But there is something special about the bond between a Virgo and a Libra that defies this rule.

As long as the Libra man proves to the Virgo woman that he is faithful and can be dependable, this relationship could stand the test of time.

Gemini Man

Gemini Man & Virgo Woman Compatibility: Perfect Match?

The compatibility between a Gemini man and a Virgo woman is a wild card. When a Virgo dates a Gemini, it can either end in a fairytale romance or a disaster.

What connects Gemini and Virgo is their shared guiding planet. They are both ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication, logic, and intellect.

Both Gemini and Virgo have excellent communication skills, so they should be able to talk through any issues that arise in their relationship.

But a Gemini man is flaky and unreliable, and a Virgo woman needs a steady, stable partner. A Gemini man might also use his communication skills to lie and deceive, and a Virgo woman expects nothing less than total honesty.

As long as the Gemini man remains faithful and devoted to his Virgo partner, and the Virgo lady allows him some freedom to be independent, these two signs have a great deal of potential together.

Aquarius Man

Aquarius Man & Virgo Woman Compatibility: Perfect Match?

An Aquarius man and a Virgo woman will experience an immediate attraction to one another because they each possess the traits the other lacks and admires.

Aquarius is free-spirited and independent, while a Virgo woman is cautious and a bit needy.

But they are both very logical and analytical, which helps them communicate and understand each other.

However, the Aquarius man values his freedom too much to make a Virgo woman ever feel secure in their relationship. He won’t give her the commitment or reliability she needs to feel safe.

The Aquarius man may grow bored of a Virgo woman’s steady, predictable nature because he yearns for excitement and exploration.

While they may enjoy a casual romantic relationship, this isn’t a match that’s built to last.

Pisces Man

Pisces Man & Virgo Woman Compatibility: Perfect Match?

The incompatibility between a Pisces and a Virgo can be best explained by their sign’s elements. Pisces is a water sign, and while water and earth signs can complement one another, this isn’t the case for Virgo and Pisces.

A Pisces man is extremely emotional, sensitive, and intuitive. He expects his partner to understand how he’s feeling and what he’s thinking without saying a word because he can usually sense her emotions.

A Virgo woman is more practical than intuitive, and she finds his expectations of her to be a mind-reader ridiculous and unreasonable.

A Virgo lady is also brutally honest and she tends to point out the flaws in a person or situation. A sensitive Pisces guy will feel insulted and picked on when his Virgo partner tries to give him constructive criticism.

These two zodiac signs just don’t have enough in common to make a relationship work, and their differences tear them apart rather than complementing each other.

Cancer Man

Cancer Man & Virgo Woman Compatibility: Perfect Match?

Like Pisces, Cancer is another water sign of the zodiac. But Cancer is the youngest water sign, which makes it even more incompatible with Virgo.

Each sign has a mental or spiritual age based on the order of the zodiac. As the youngest water sign, a Cancer man is highly emotional and lacks self-control and regulation over his reactions to his feelings.

A Virgo woman is uncomfortable with big, dramatic displays of emotion, while a Cancer man performs them all the time and relishes them.

She will be turned off by his constant temper tantrums, while he won’t understand her reluctance to open up emotionally.

Leo Man

Leo Man & Virgo Woman Compatibility: Perfect Match?

Leo is a fire sign, and fire and earth signs typically don’t get along well. Also, Leo is Virgo’s neighbor in the order of the zodiac, making these two signs even more incompatible.

A Leo man is flashy and boastful, while a Virgo woman is modest and conservative. He is a huge flirt who loves being the center of attention, while she is a wallflower who gets shy and nervous in a crowd.

While they might think that they can balance one another in the beginning, they will soon see that their differences are too great for them to overcome.

A Virgo woman can’t trust a flirtatious Leo man, and he will never be ambitious or devoted enough for her to be happy.

Sagittarius Man

Sagittarius Man & Virgo Woman Compatibility: Perfect Match?

Sagittarius is not only a fire sign, already making a Sagittarius guy incompatible with a Virgo lady, but it is also the sign of the eternal bachelor.

A Sagittarius man doesn’t want to commit to a partner not because he’s worried about making the right choice, like a Capricorn man, but because he is fundamentally non-committal.

A Sagittarius guy is restless and never stays in one place very long. A Virgo woman craves stability and consistency from her lover, making this a nearly impossible match.

Aries Man

Aries Man & Virgo Woman Compatibility: Perfect Match?

The only thing that an Aries man and a woman born under the Virgo horoscope sign have in common is their honesty.

They are both honest to a fault, but other than that, these two signs have virtually nothing in common and are completely incompatible.

An Aries guy is passionate, impulsive, and temperamental, while a Virgo woman is patient, careful, and rational.

These two signs tend to take an immediate disliking to one another because they are so fundamentally different, and in this case, opposites do not attract.

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