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10 Tips to Get a Virgo Man Back After a Breakup

If you want to get a Virgo man back, you need to understand his personality and thought process. There is almost a science to understanding Virgos and moving on after a breakup. You have to know how to gradually re-engage him. Do Virgos regret breaking up? Often the answer is yes. Yet even when he […]

10 Easy Tips to Help You Date a Virgo Man

If you date a Virgo man, you’ll need to be patient. You’ll need to know the most common Virgo man characteristics. A Virgo man, slow in relationships will act different than most guys who rush in when they’re in love. He’s cautious instead. A Virgo man’s crush signs are subtle. Knowing how to date a […]

What is The Best Match For a Virgo Man?

If you are dating a Virgo man, you may wonder if you have what it takes to be a Virgo man best match. Do your characteristics match the typical Virgo personality well enough to make the relationship last? You might think that the best zodiac match for a Virgo man is a Virgo woman, but […]

What is The Weakness of Virgo Men?

When you want to know a Virgo man’s weakness, you’ve got to think outside the box. A Virgo man doesn’t respond to things like others do. A Virgo man’s likes and dislikes show you what he really cares about. He values security and stability. One of the biggest Virgo man secrets is actually hidden in […]

Top 10 Signs a Virgo Man Likes You

Virgos are notoriously difficult to read, so what are some of the signs a Virgo man likes you? As one of the most reserved signs of the zodiac, it’s hard to know how to tell if a Virgo man is interested. You can tell a lot about how a person acts when they like someone […]

10 Tips to Kiss a Virgo man and Make Him Fall in Love

If you’re dating or interested in him, you probably want to know the best way to kiss a Virgo man. Because personality can affect kissing technique, different zodiac signs have different kissing styles. You can predict what your Virgo man likes and dislikes when it comes to kissing based on the typical Virgo man characteristics. […]

How to Play Mind Games With a Virgo Man

To a Virgo man, mind games can be the ultimate deal breaker. He is practical and honest and has no tolerance for games. If you play with his head, be subtle. If he catches on to your manipulation, he’ll be gone for good. Will a Virgo man lead you on? Never. He is too straight […]

Do Virgo Men Like Kinky Stuff?

A Virgo man’s kinky side is nonexistent. If you’re being patient with a Virgo man, he may become more adventurous. Yet he’s not the most exciting lover. A Virgo man, attracted to you, will want to please you. He has strong boundaries. A Virgo man, when he likes a woman, will want to please her. […]