Taurus Man: Traits, Compatibility, and More

Updated September 25, 2023

When you want to know more about a Taurus guy, you can turn to astrology to figure out his personality and disposition.

What can his zodiac sign tell you about him?

You can learn a great deal about a man by looking at the typical traits and characteristics of his star sign.

His zodiac sign will tell you what a Taurus man is like in relationships, how he communicates, and even his spirit animal.

Learning more about his zodiac sign will give you insights into the mind of a Taurus guy and help you understand him better.

(♉︎) Taurus Man Information
DatesApril 20 - May 20
Opposite signScorpio
Best matchCapricorn woman, Virgo woman, Cancer woman, Libra woman
Worst matchSagittarius woman, Aquarius woman, Pisces woman, Aries woman
Spirit animalFlamingo, Turtle, Pig, Ant, Bull


Taurus Man Traits & Characteristics

A few of the typical Taurus man traits are diligence, practicality, and resilience. This is a very strong and stable zodiac sign, so a Taurus guy is a reliable and patient friend.

Taurus men crave the finer things in life and they are willing to work hard to obtain them. A man born under this zodiac sign throws himself into his career because money and success are important to him.

A Taurus man is sensual, easy-going, and pleasure-seeking. He is warm and friendly to everyone he meets and makes a great team player.

He makes an excellent boss, employee, friend, or lover because he is laid-back, works hard, and genuinely cares about the people in his life.

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Taurus man compatibility

The zodiac signs are divided into four natural elements: fire, air, water, and earth. Signs with the same element tend to be most compatible with each other.

Taurus is one of the three earth signs, so a Taurus man’s compatibility is strongest with fellow earth signs Virgo and Capricorn.

Virgos and Capricorns understand the hard-working and straightforward nature of a Taurus guy, and they will help him pursue his dreams and keep him motivated.

He also pairs surprisingly well with the water sign Cancer. Although these two are opposites in many ways, they complement one another nicely and share the same core values.

Negative Traits

10 Taurus Man Negative Traits

Every zodiac sign has both positive and negative characteristics, and one of a Taurus man’s negative traits is stubbornness.

Taurus is perhaps the most stubborn and unyielding of all the zodiac signs. When a Taurus man makes up his mind, nothing can change it.

A Taurus man can also be overindulgent, greedy, and insensitive. He may be tactless and accidentally hurt other people’s feelings with his careless words. Because he values money and possessions, he can also be a bit materialistic and shallow.

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Spirit Animal

5 Taurus Man Spirit Animals That Best Represent Him

The flamingo is the Taurus man’s animal because flamingos are attractive and flaunt their natural beauty.

Taurus is guided by Venus, the planet of love and beauty, so a Taurus man has a keen eye for aesthetics and he loves surrounding himself with beautiful people and possessions.

Another Taurus man spirit animal is the turtle because Taurus is a very patient zodiac sign. Like the wise, slow-moving turtle, a Taurus guy knows that slow and steady wins the race.

A Taurus man is also similar to a pig because he is so hedonistic. He is pleasure-seeking and likes to play as hard as he works, so he can be greedy and overindulgent at times.


Best Ways to Communicate with a Taurus Man

The typical Taurus man’s communication style is succinct, direct, and honest. A Taurus guy always thinks before he speaks and he never lies.

Because he isn’t very emotional or vulnerable, sometimes a Taurus man can hurt people’s feelings by being tactless or insensitive. But he generally means well and communicates thoughtfully, patiently, and truthfully.

A Taurus man always gives his honest opinion, but he won’t tell you his criticisms unless you ask. He avoids confrontation, so he can be a bit passive-aggressive instead of telling others how he feels.

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What Attracts Taurus Men to a Woman?

If you’re hoping to attract a Taurus man, then you need to know what type of woman he likes.

A Taurus guy is drawn to a sensual, romantic woman who possesses natural beauty, so when you’re going to dress for a Taurus man, wear something bohemian and flowy.

He likes a modest, feminine lady, so if you want to make a Taurus man obsessed with you, wear a long, delicate dress with a floral pattern.

Show him that you are elegant and refined yet don’t mind getting your hands dirty and can enjoy nature, and you will have a Taurus guy wrapped around your finger.


Things You Need to Know When Dating a Taurus Man

Dating a Taurus man is an enjoyable experience because this zodiac sign loves to wine and dine a woman he admires.

The typical Taurus man’s seduction technique is to take you out to a fancy restaurant, order an expensive bottle of wine, and flirt with you over a long, luxurious meal.

If he tries to impress you by showing off how much money he makes and that he can take care of you, it’s one of the signs a Taurus man likes you a lot.

He is generous and gentlemanly while dating, so he will make sure that you feel safe, secure, and cherished with him.

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How to Make a Taurus Man Fall in Love with You

Taurus is guided by Venus, the planet of love, so a Taurus guy is naturally romantic and yearns to find the woman of his dreams.

A Taurus man in love takes his partner very seriously. He is extremely loyal and will prioritize his lover over anything and anyone else.

A Taurus guy is romantic and sweet, so he will do lots of traditional romantic gestures for the woman he loves, like sending her flowers or writing her love letters.

If he can’t take his eyes off of you and wants to spend all of his free time with you, it means you have won a Taurus man’s heart.


Taurus Men in Relationships – What You Need to Know

A Taurus man in a relationship is a loyal, reliable, and romantic partner. He takes his commitments seriously, so he is devoted to the woman he loves.

A Taurus guy likes being in a relationship but he doesn’t fall in love easily. He will probably have a small number of serious, long-term relationships in his life rather than dozens of casual flings.

The typical Taurus man is jealous and possessive in relationships, so he won’t be happy with an unfaithful or disloyal woman.

He needs someone as loving and devoted as he is, and he deserves a partner who will appreciate the way he nurtures and takes care of her.

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10 Amazing Gift Ideas for a Taurus Man

A Taurus guy likes luxurious things, so one of the best gifts for a Taurus man is something elegant and expensive.

A leather wallet with a designer label or a fine bottle of wine make great Taurus man birthday gifts.

As much as he likes luxury goods, a Taurus guy also loves nature and will like any present that helps him enjoy the outdoors.

A picnic basket, lawn chairs, hiking equipment, and camping gear are all good ideas for a Taurus man’s Christmas gifts.


Taurus Man in Marriage: What Kind of Husband is He?

When a Taurus guy makes a promise or a vow, he is determined to keep it, so the typical Taurus man’s marriage will last a lifetime.

He probably won’t get married young because a Taurus man is slow to commit. It’s not that he fears commitment or is afraid to settle down, but he wants to make sure he chooses the right partner.

No matter how in love he is, a Taurus guy is cautious and patient, so he will probably be in a relationship for several years before going down on one knee and proposing to the love of his life.

A Taurus man is extremely stubborn and he dislikes change, so he may cling to a toxic marriage instead of recognizing when it’s time to give up and let go of the union.

On the other hand, his stubbornness means that he will try his best to resolve any problems he has with his spouse to make the marriage work.

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What to Expect Sexually From a Taurus Man?

A Taurus man in bed is very sensual and romantic. He likes soft touches, light caresses, and a bit of playful giggling when he’s getting intimate with his partner.

A Taurus guy likes to go slow and take his time in everything he does, including sex. He will never skip foreplay and he wants to make sure his partner is satisfied.

A Taurus man can be dominant because he likes taking the conventional male role in relationships. Although he is considerate and gentle, he will also take charge in the bedroom.

He is very sensitive to his surroundings and needs a calm, romantic setting to thoroughly enjoy sex.

When you want to turn a Taurus man on, put fresh, satin sheets on the bed, play romantic music, and light a few candles. Put on some sexy lingerie and bring a bottle of champagne into the bedroom.


How to Avoid Making a Taurus Man Break Up with You

Some signs move on after a breakup more quickly than others, but for a Taurus man, a breakup is earth-shattering.

He gives his whole heart to his partner when he’s in a committed relationship, and he feels crushed when a romantic connection doesn’t work out.

Whether he dumps his partner or she breaks up with him, a Taurus man is heartbroken and discouraged at the end of a relationship.

Although he is eager to find love, he will need some time to let his heart heal before he jumps into another relationship.

He will probably go on dates because he loves going out to dinners and flirting, but it will be a while before he is completely ready to commit himself to another woman.

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