Sagittarius man

10 Signs a Sagittarius Man is Serious About You

When he’s serious, a Sagittarius man will show small signs that he really cares about you. Sometimes he shows it in grandiose ways. He may still act aloof and distant. You have to understand his personality to know when he’s getting serious about you. If you want to know when all your efforts to get […]

10 Ways to Hurt a Sagittarius Man

Hurting a Sagittarius man is easier than you think. Though they aren’t the most sensitive sign, if you understand a Sagittarius man’s personality, you’ll know how to hurt him. Just be forewarned, hurting a Sagittarius man intentionally or even accidentally, could cost you the relationship. There are lots of minor ways you can hurt a […]

10 Tips on How to Make a Sagittarius Man Miss You

It’s not easy to make a Sagittarius man miss you. You’ve got to be patient and understand his unique personality. He has a high tolerance for being alone. A Sagittarius man will only miss you if you follow certain crucial steps. If you want a Sagittarius man to miss you, you’ve got to give him […]

How to Dress for a Sagittarius Man

Knowing how to dress for a Sagittarius man doesn’t require you to make changes to your wardrobe that you wouldn’t normally make. Sagittarius men don’t care about fashion trends. They are more impressed by your confidence and ability to be yourself. If you want to know how to dress to attract the attention of a […]

Why a Sagittarius Man Suddenly Becomes Distant?

A distant Sagittarius man may not be sending you the signal it’s over. Sagittarius men can become distant for a variety of reasons. When you understand his relationship style, you’ll recognize that his aloof nature isn’t always a cause for concern. If a passionate and charming Sagittarius man has made you the center of his […]

How Do You Get a Sagittarius Man to Text You?

Getting a Sagittarius man to text you can be difficult if you don’t understand his personality. He may be responsive one week and distant the next. Don’t take this personally. Sagittarius men usually vary their text habits depending on a number of factors. Getting a Sagittarius man to reply to your texts requires strategy. If […]

How to Flirt with a Sagittarius Man through Text

A Sagittarius man’s text style can be impersonal and intellectual. But when you understand a Sagittarius man’s personality, you’ll know how to flirt with him through text. You have to know how to read between the lines and get a sense of his mood before sending flirty texts. Sagittarius men are smart, chatty and inspiring. […]

How to React to a Sagittarius Man Silent Treatment

A Sagittarius man silent treatment is common and not always a crisis. Sagittarius men frequently back away even when in love. If you don’t understand his personality, you may overreact and this could lead to a Sagittarius man walking away for good. At some point, your Sagittarius man will go silent on you. If you […]

Why Has a Sagittarius Man Stopped Texting Me?

When a Sagittarius man stops texting, there can be any number of reasons why. It’s not always a reason to panic. Sometimes, the reason has to do with what is going on in his life. Sometimes, he’s actually avoiding you. If you’re wondering how to know when a Sagittarius man is done with you, he’ll […]

How to Play Mind Games With a Sagittarius Man

For a Sagittarius man, mind games are a major turnoff. If he catches on that you’re playing games with him, a Sagittarius man will disappear. If you want to know how to beat a Sagittarius man at his own game, you have to understand his personality. To a Sagittarius, manipulative mind games are unforgivable. To […]