Pisces man

How Do Pisces Men Play Hard to Get?

Is a Pisces man hard to get when he likes you? He can either let down his defenses, or he’ll act like a schoolboy with a crush. He will avoid being vulnerable, and this can make him play hard to get. How does a Pisces man test you in a relationship? He will remain aloof […]

Should You Ignore Pisces Man to Make Him Chase You?

Ignore a Pisces man only for short times and when it is strategically important. If you ignore him for too long, he’ll disappear. You have to pay close attention to your timing when you step back from a Pisces man. If you’re wondering how to make a Pisces man chase you, you’ve got to be […]

10 Signs Your Pisces Man is About to Break Up with You

Pisces man breakup signs can be hard to gauge because he can be subtle about his intentions. Especially when it comes to conflicted feelings. Pisces men tend to hide or try to escape into fantasy. It’s hard to tell if he’s planning a breakup. How does a Pisces man test you? He’s good at determining […]

Flirt With a Pisces Man by Making Eye Contact

When a Pisces man stares into your eyes, you may feel as if you’ve met your soulmate. He can be romantic, dreamy and his gaze can overcome you. The perfect opportunity to flirt with a Pisces man is when you’ve caught his eye. A Pisces man’s intense stare can be a sign he’s falling in […]

8 Tips on How to Make a Pisces Man Miss You

To make a Pisces man miss you, you’ve got to know how to appeal to his sensitive and emotional nature. When you understand his personality, you can keep him hooked on you. He will miss you when you know how to push his buttons. When you know how to make a Pisces man chase you, […]

How to Sexually Please a Pisces Man

If you are getting intimate with a Pisces guy, then you may want to learn the best ways to sexually please a Pisces man. What drives this sensitive, creative sign wild in bed? Each zodiac sign has unique sexual preferences that are based on that sign’s typical personality traits. Some signs like rough, aggressive sex, […]

How to Play Mind Games With a Pisces Man

Whether you want to get revenge on him or just mess with a Pisces man, mind games are a great way to make him crazy. How can you play mind games with this sensitive sign? If your Pisces man has hurt you and you want to get back at him, or if you just don’t […]

10 Important Things to Make a Pisces Man Commit

If you want a Pisces man to commit, certain strategies can work in your favor. It doesn’t take much for a Pisces man to commit to you. A Pisces man easily gets carried away in love. He may become infatuated and then easily commit. How does a Pisces man test you? He will watch carefully […]

10 Ways to Hurt a Pisces Man

If he has done you wrong and you want to get back at him, you need to know about hurting a Pisces man. How can you make this sensitive sign suffer? If you’ve seen the bad side of Pisces man, then you know how painful it is when this normally sweet, sensitive sign hurts you. […]

10 Signs a Pisces Man is Serious About You

If you are dating a Pisces guy and wondering if it’s getting serious, a Pisces man will let you know how he feels. What are the signs that your relationship is important to him? A Pisces man can’t help but wear his heart on his sleeve, so your Pisces partner has probably already told you […]