November Zodiac Sign (Decans & Signs Explained)

Updated January 15, 2023
November Zodiac Sign (Decans & Signs Explained)

The November zodiac signs are Scorpio and Sagittarius. Most November birthdays are in one of the three Scorpio decans.

Those born at the end of November are born under Sagittarius. The Sagittarius season brings a different personality altogether.

Each zodiac sign’s dates fall in one of three sections called decans. People born under the same sign can have different personalities depending on their zodiac decan.

November Scorpio people have personality variances depending on their birth date. Early November Scorpio people are more intense, and mid-November is more psychic.

People born in late November under Sagittarius are gregarious and risk-taking. They are carefree and passionate, often throwing caution to the wind, unlike their Scorpio peers.

November 1: Scorpio (1st Decan)

People born on November 1 are in the first decan of Scorpio. They are the most intense and resemble the Scorpio stereotypes. They are mysterious, guarded, and often seem edgy.

November 1 Scorpio people can be attractive because they are enigmatic. They are endearing and often attract others who must deal with past losses and wounds. They are spiritual and insightful.

People born on November 1 can be caring, empathetic, and obsessive. Pluto is the planetary ruler of this decan. They can be focused and energetic. People born on November 1 can be determined and driven to succeed.

The Scorpio zodiac signs attract wealth and can be prosperous because of their hard work and ease of attracting opportunities. They are excellent researchers and can chase their interests to core underlying issues.

People born on November 1 study the occult. They are fascinated by mysteries and can be naturally intuitive and psychic mediums. They are spiritually attuned and can be encouraging and inspiring.

This Scorpio personality has many positive traits, yet they can also have some flaws to overcome. They are cautious, calculating, and analytical. Yet they can also read too much into innocent incidences.

They are jealous and can be possessive. First decan Scorpio people can be resentful. They have tremendous energy but must channel their focus in productive ways or they can be prone to self-sabotage and self-destruction.

November 2-11: Scorpio (2nd Decan)

People born between November 2 and November 11 are in the second Scorpio decan. This is also called the “Pisces decan.” Neptune is the planetary co-ruler of this decan.

People born during this part of November can be the most psychic of all Scorpio people. They are empathetic and can be natural healers. People born during this time can be sensitive, compassionate, and caring.

They are generous and put others first. Scorpio people born during the second decan zodiac signs dates can be creative. They are natural performers and have a gift for provoking an emotional response from others.

They use their art or music to draw attention to universal themes. People born during the second Scorpio decan are more laid back than other Scorpios. They are gentle and kind. People born during this decan of Scorpio are empathic and make great listeners.

The November zodiac for Scorpio people is affectionate and idealistic. Their moods can be dramatic, but they are among the more optimistic Scorpio people. The second decan of Scorpio is caring and unconditionally loving.

Second decan Scorpio people are eager to form romantic relationships. They are compassionate, and though all Scorpio people are discerning, second decan Scorpios are not judgmental.

People born during the second decan of Scorpio can be more attuned to the spiritual world than other Scorpios. They fall in love believing they’ve met their soul mates. People born during this time can feel karmically linked to their love interest.

They are devoted to their love interest and can be obsessed when in love. People born during the second Scorpio decan can be quick to fall in love and hold on to a relationship once they are in love.

Scorpio people born during the second decan of this sign can be healing in love. They are attracted to alienated, wounded people. They can be prone to codependency and need to work on maintaining their boundaries.

They bring transformation, growth, love, and spiritual evolution to their partnerships. They are determined to make their love interests happy and can be faithful and compassionate partners.

Scorpio people born during this time have vivid imaginations and can sometimes blur the line between fantasy and reality. They can project their desires and fears onto others if they aren’t careful.

November 12-21: Scorpio (3rd Decan)

People born from November 12 through November 21 are in the third and final decan of Scorpio. The Moon is the planetary sub-ruler of this decan, which is also called a “Cancer decan” of Scorpio.

People born during these November zodiac dates are emotional, compassionate, and nurturing. They are tenacious and financially savvy, leading them to be good in business. They are protective and caring.

People born during the third decan of Scorpio are cautious and care about providing for their families. They must feel at home and care about stability and security. They can be intense and obsessive over their loved ones.

People born during this time can be protective parents and may treat their partners and loved ones like children. Their patronizing tendencies can lead them to overwhelm and alienate their loved ones.

Third decan people born under Scorpio can be intuitive and compassionate. They sense what others need to feel emotionally secure. They can be empathetic and affectionate.

People born during this time can be romantic, sentimental, and sensitive. They can also be moody because they feel everything so deeply. Scorpio people born during the final decan of this sign may be attuned to phases of the Moon.

They can be obsessed with home, family, and money because they must feel secure. People born during this decan of Scorpio may be more accommodating than other Scorpio people. They try to please and care for their loved ones and can be less willful and demanding than their peers.

Though they have many positive traits, third decan Scorpio people have some flaws. They can be focused to the point of limiting their viewpoints. They can also be workaholics who use their preoccupation with money and finances to avoid dealing with underlying stress and emotional issues.

Yet they can also be insightful. Scorpio people born during the final decan of this sign can work through their insecurities and possessiveness and become beacons of healing and compassion for others. They can be keen and intuitive lovers, parents, business partners, and leaders.

November 22-30: Sagittarius (1st Decan)

The final days of November bring the beginning of the Sagittarius season. The first decan of Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter. People born on November 22 through November 30 are the most archetypical Sagittarius people.

The November zodiac color for the first decan Sagittarius people is purple. This color is associated with the regal and powerful nature of their planetary ruler, Jupiter.

They are lucky and can easily take risks and land on their feet. They love exploring new cultures, philosophies, and spirituality. People born during this time have larger-than-life personalities.

Sagittarius people born during the first decan of this sign can be adventurous and passionate. They love traveling and can be expressive and authentic. They are honest to a fault and can be sincere and inspiring.

Although Sagittarius people are eager to take risks and grow in new directions, their schemes and plans don’t always work as intended. They often go through dramatic wins and losses yet they never lose hope.

They are used to attracting abundance and wealth and then occasionally losing their wealth due to risky gambles. But they enjoy the thrill of the ups and downs and never get downhearted when they are in a downturn. Sagittarius continues exploring their ideas and plans.

People born during the first Sagittarius decan can be opinionated and strong-willed. They are encouraging and love uplifting and encouraging others. They can be idealistic and expect the best in every situation.

They also see the best in others and may put others on a pedestal. People born during the November zodiac for Sagittarius can be loving and encouraging. They are philosophical and abstract thinkers.

They are expansive and seek ways to broaden their knowledge and influence. People born during the first decan of Sagittarius can be wise truth-seekers. They are eager to see the world.

People born during the first decan of Sagittarius are courageous and confident. They are optimistic and help others believe in their full potential. They have many talents and gifts which help them thrive.

People born during the November Sagittarius decan can be excellent college professors, academics, speakers, writers, coaches, entertainers, and publishers. They easily attract the attention of vast audiences and can be influencers who help others grow and thrive.

They may be entrepreneurs, politicians, and grassroots organizers. Sagittarius people born during November can also be athletes. They are humanitarians and philanthropists who use their gifts to uplift others.

For Sagittarius people born during the November zodiac, meaning is essential for a career. They never work just for a paycheck. They ensure their careers relate to their ideals and philosophy.

The end of November zodiac sign of Sagittarius is one of the most charming and cheerful. People born during this time can be encouraging and help others fulfill their potential.

The November zodiac animal for Sagittarius is the mythical Centaur. Their zodiac symbol has the legs and body of a horse with the torso, arms, and head of a human. The symbol represents Sagittarius’s lusty and intellectual nature.

The November zodiac sign element of fire can be passionate and intense. Like their element, people born during this time can be intense and consuming. They are energetic and powerful.