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10 Signs a Libra Man is Serious About You

If you are dating a Libra guy and the relationship is getting serious, a Libra man has unique ways of showing the depth of his feelings. What are the signs that your Libra man sees a future with you? If you are a horoscope junkie, you can use astrology to tell you everything you need […]

10 Seduction Techniques when Texting a Libra Man

Men born under the sign of the scales are excellent communicators, so when it comes to a Libra man, text seduction is a great way to win him over. So, what are the best techniques to seduce him over text? Should you play hard to get, or always text him back right away? Should your […]

Libra Man & Taurus Woman Compatibility: Perfect Match?

Libra man, Taurus woman compatibility requires some flexibility but can work. Both signs have the same ruler, Venus. Both are romantic signs. But they express their love in different ways. If they find common ground, they can succeed. Taurus woman, Libra man soulmates can make a friendship, romance or marriage work. They need to work […]

How to Sexually Please a Libra Man

If you want to sexually please a Libra man, you need to know how to appeal to his desires. You need to know a Libra man’s erogenous zones. When you know how to make a Libra man obsessed with you, you’ll be able to help him feel secure. This is the key to satisfying a […]

Are Libra Men Dominant in a Relationship?

A Libra man’s dominant style is usually hidden under layers of passivity and agreeableness. He tries to go for balance and harmony and will seldom act dominant in a relationship. He would rather be your equal. If you’re wondering are Libra males dominant, the answer is typically no. Libra men prefer to share power or […]

Libra Man & Aquarius Woman Compatibility: Perfect Match?

The power of Libra man and Aquarius woman compatibility is legendary. Just look down the list of famous Libra man and Aquarius woman couples. This couple is compatible on many levels. They know how to excite and balance each other. For an Aquarius woman and Libra man, love at first sight is a common phenomenon. […]

How Do You Get a Libra Man to Text You?

A Libra man texts you when he wants to flirt or share ideas. Yet a Libra man’s texting habits can be baffling. He may text erratically. You’ve got to know what to do when a Libra man doesn’t answer texts. If you want to know how to make a Libra man obsessed with you, the […]

Is The Libra Man Jealous and Possessive When in Love?

A Libra man’s jealous and possessive side can come as a surprise. When in love, he tries to put his best foot forward. He wants everything to be happy and romantic, like in the movies. He’s got a dark side, though. What scares a Libra man more than anything else is the thought of being […]

How to Flirt with a Libra Man through Text

A Libra man’s text style mirrors his personality in general. When you understand his mentality, you can text him effectively. If you know how to flirt with him through text, you’ll know how to make a Libra man obsessed with you. It’s important to understand a Libra man’s texting habits. When you know how to […]

How to Seduce a Libra Man in 10 Easy Steps

It’s easy to seduce a Libra man once you understand his personality. You may see signs a Libra man is trying to hide his feelings. When you act seductively, you’ll get him to reveal his desire for you. When a Libra man is interested in you, he may still hold back. He’ll flirt but then […]