January Zodiac Sign (Decans & Signs Explained)

Updated January 15, 2023
January Zodiac Sign (Decans & Signs Explained)

The January zodiac signs include two decans of Capricorn and two decans of Aquarius. Though these signs have January birthdays, they are nothing alike.

Even the four decans of the January birthday zodiac signs have nuances you must understand.

People born during January may have different personalities depending on their exact date of birth. January birthdays fall under two signs and four decans.

Each of the zodiac signs decans has a unique planetary sub-ruler. These planets influence an individual’s personality and give different strengths and weaknesses.

Both January zodiac signs are willful, but their personalities are unique. Capricorn is traditional and efficient, and Aquarius is rebellious and erratic. Each sign has further distinctions according to the sign’s decan.

January 1-10: Capricorn (2nd Decan)

January begins in the second decan of Capricorn. The most intense Capricorn personality traits belong to people born under the December zodiac. People born on the January 1 zodiac sign through January 10 are influenced by Venus.

The second decan of Capricorn is known as a “Taurus decan” because it shares similarities to the second earth sign in the zodiac. People born within the first ten days of January are more sentimental than stereotypical Capricorns.

The January zodiac sign element for Capricorn is earth, and people born under this sign are steadfast, loyal, pragmatic, and responsible. They are conscientious and cautious, striving to set a solid foundation for others.

People born under the second decan of the January zodiac sign of Capricorn are hard-working and practical like all Capricorns. Yet they are more sensual; they build successful careers based on their network and relationships. They are charming and nurturing.

While other Capricorns are aloof and suppress their feelings, Venus influences this part of the January zodiac meaning they are more affectionate and demonstrative in love. They are also more materialistic.

Second Decan Capricorns are patient, kind, and generous. They are loyal and dedicated, and you can always count on them. They are honest and sincere.

Though Capricorns have many positive traits, they can take their talents to an extreme. They can be stubborn and bury themselves in work to avoid dealing with their feelings.

Like the Capricorn January zodiac sign animal, the Seagoat, they can be stubborn and hide their primal urges. They have a deeper, sensitive side but they don’t reveal this to the world. Instead, they cling to their routines and habits to create security.

Their duties can become a crutch Capricorns lean on to avoid taking risks. Their cautious nature can lead them to procrastinate. People born during the second decan of this sign can be materialistic and seek status over quality relationships.

People born between January 1 and January 10 are old-fashioned and try to preserve tradition. They may be art historians or museum curators. They love being around beautiful things. They also seek physical pleasure and comfort more than other Capricorns.

Second decan Capricorns show love by showering you with gifts and treating you to fancy restaurants and expensive vacations. They use money and material things to show their love.

The January zodiac signs dates for the second decan can be more demonstrative in love than other Capricorns. They aren’t likely to be vulnerable and emotionally open, but they are more romantic and sentimental. They remember anniversaries, birthdays, and milestones.

January 11-19: Capricorn (3rd Decan)

Some Capricorns born in January are much more intellectual than sensual. They are born under the third decan of Capricorn, January 11 through January 19. Their planetary sub-ruler is Mercury. Theirs is a “Virgo decan.”

Third decan Capricorn people are concrete thinkers. When they make plans, those plans are set in stone. They are reliable and timely; you can set your watch by their routines.

People born under the third decan of Capricorn are great storytellers. They love sharing stories about their past and historical events; they are often a wealth of knowledge about history and heritage.

Capricorns born in the third decan of this sign have excellent memories. They store information away and can easily recall dates and faces. They may be the historians for their families or communities.

They can be so rigid in their thinking that they immediately disregard new ideas. People born during this decan don’t trust technology and can be reluctant to change with the times. They may also doubt anything they didn’t see for themselves and can be obstinate.

You can often find third decan Capricorns working in libraries, schools, and vital records departments of local government. They are analytical and detail-oriented. Third decan Capricorns may take an interest in genealogy and local history.

They are aloof in relationships and can keep themselves so busy with work and studying their many interests that they don’t prioritize relationships. They often focus on the past and may dream of earlier phases in their lives rather than living in the present.

When they are in love, they are methodical and reliable. They don’t express emotion but rather show they love you by trying to teach you new things. Capricorns born during the third decan gives practical advice and try to help you when they care.

Third decan Capricorn people love family and look to the past for inspiration. They may have a good relationship with elders in their families and communities and strive to hold on to others’ legacies through storytelling, record keeping, and writing.

They may have extensive libraries and document collections in their homes. Capricorns born during the third decan of this sign are careful historians; they keep track of every milestone of their family’s lives and may keep detailed journals and logs.

January 20-29: Aquarius (1st Decan)

People born in the later part of January are dramatically different. The January zodiac sign of Aquarius begins with the first decan spanning January 20 through January 29.

The first decan of Aquarius is ruled by Uranus. People born during this time embody the most intense traits of this already dramatic sign. Aquarius is the rebel of the zodiac.

As an air sign, Aquarius is intellectual and visionary. People born on January 20 through 29 are ahead of their time. They may feel alienated by society and must grow to understand their unique intellectual and intuitive gifts.

They are shocking and erratic, unpredictable and futuristic. Yet Aquarius is also a humanitarian who strives to improve the world and help society progress by leaps and bounds.

As friends, they are exciting and amusing. They are loyal and open-minded, making friends with people from all walks of life. As much as they love humanity as a whole, Aquarius people struggle with intimate relationships.

The first decan of Aquarius brings the most independent people born under this sign. They fear being confined or overwhelmed by emotion in relationships. Though they are sensitive, they hide their feelings.

Aquarius people born during the first decan of this sign are known to sabotage relationships and run hot and cold. They need understanding partners who don’t pressure them and give them plenty of breathing room in romance.

They can have revolutionary, ground-breaking ideas that help them succeed as entrepreneurs, inventors, and leaders of social movements. Yet people born during this decan can also be self-righteous and unpredictable.

Their penchant for surprising others can lead Aquarius people to have a complicated reputation. Others may be reluctant to admit when they were right because the way they communicate their ideas can be so intense and shocking.

Aquarius people born during the first decan are the most quirky and unusual of anyone born under this sign. Aquarius is known for being unconventional and the most eccentric are those born in the first decan.

January 30-31: Aquarius (2nd Decan)

People born on the final two days of January are born in the second Aquarius decan. This is also known as a “Gemini decan” because the planetary sub-ruler is Mercury, ruler of the second air sign of the zodiac, Gemini.

Aquarius people born on January 30 and January 31 are the most intellectual of those born under Aquarius in January. They love debates and can be charming and witty.

Like the January zodiac symbol for this sign, the waves of energy or water represent the flow of intense creative energy they possess. Aquarius people are attuned to currents of intuitive wisdom and can have shocking revelations.

They are imaginative and creative, often using their intelligence to invent new solutions to social problems. They are the most innovative Aquarius people born in January.

People born on the final two days of January can be brilliant but struggle to focus long enough to follow through on some of their projects. They are intellectually gifted but also restless and need creative outlets.

They can be charming friends but are prone to sabotaging relationships as they overanalyze every detail. They are often attracted to an ideal image of another person but become disappointed when that image turns out to be an illusion.

People born on January 30 and 31 can be more expressive and are better communicators than other Aquarius people. Rather than shutting down when they are upset they are diplomatic and try to come to an understanding and solve problems.

People born under the second decan of Aquarius are naturally attracted to technology and love exploring new and innovative tools for communication. They are often gifted computer coders and programmers. They can also be scientists, inventors, teachers, and writers.

They are fascinated by science fiction and often derive inspiration from fantasies and daydreams, using their imagination to find ways to improve society. Like all Aquarius people, they are humanitarians. Yet they believe technology and innovation are the answer to social problems.

The January zodiac sign of Aquarius pictures a world where justice, fairness, and equality are paramount. They envision ways to use technological advancements to create fairness and equality.