Gemini: Traits, Compatibility, and More

What does a Gemini Man Do When He Likes You?

If you have a crush on a Gemini guy, you need to learn how to recognize the signs a Gemini man likes you. According to astrology, how does he behave when he’s interested in a woman? Gemini is a very mercurial and moody sign, so it’s no wonder you’re having a hard time figuring out […]

What Happens After a Gemini Man Breaks Up with You

A Gemini man after a breakup can be full of surprises. He’s not the type to hold a grudge or create drama. He may have moved on, but he’ll usually want to remain friends. The first rule to bear in mind is that just because a Gemini guy breaks up with you, doesn’t mean it’s […]

How to Talk to a Gemini Man About Feelings

A Gemini man’s feelings are often a mystery, even to him. He tries to avoid dealing with feelings. Often, when he sends mixed signals it is because even he doesn’t know what he wants or how he feels. A Gemini man hiding his feelings is common. You can count on him to stifle his emotions. […]

10 Signs a Gemini Man is Ready to Commit

A Gemini man’s commitment signs can be hard to read. Gemini men have major commitment issues. They fear missing out if they commit to one person and in addition they often second guess themselves. A Gemini man’s commitment issues stem from both fear of losing out on a better prospect and also fear of losing […]

Why Has a Gemini Man Stopped Texting Me?

If the Gemini guy in your life has suddenly disappeared and won’t respond to your messages, you are probably wondering, why does a Gemini man stop texting? What makes this zodiac sign go silent? If you want to figure out why he’s not messaging you anymore, you need to understand the typical Gemini man’s texting […]

Aries Man & Gemini Woman Compatibility: Perfect Match?

An Aries man and Gemini woman’s compatibility rating can be high on the charts. These two can easily complement each other’s styles. In friendship, romance and sexual relationships, Aries and Gemini can continually fuel each other’s interest. It’s easy to see why an Aries man is obsessed with a Gemini woman when you understand his […]

10 Important Signs a Gemini Man is Not Interested in You

Is a Gemini man not interested in you? Or is he just busy? If you’re asking yourself these questions, you’re in good company. Gemini men can be aloof and distant and this can lead women to question whether he’s even interested in the first place. If a Gemini man ignores you, don’t panic. The definition […]

How to Dress for a Gemini Man

If you’re hoping to get the attention of a Gemini guy, then you need to know how to dress for a Gemini man. What should you wear to impress this zodiac sign? The way you dress and present yourself reveals a lot about who you are. You can help your Gemini crush get to know […]

8 Tips on Dating a Shy Gemini Man

If you’re seeing a Gemini guy you’re not sure how he feels about you, then you might be dating a shy Gemini man. How can you get him to open up and let his guard down with you? Gemini is generally a very gregarious and outgoing sign, so it’s unusual for a Gemini man to […]

How to React to a Gemini Man Silent Treatment

A Gemini man silent treatment is not always cause for alarm. Often, what is mistaken for a Gemini man ignoring you is actually him being busy. Yet if he’s really ignoring you on purpose, it is a red flag. Geminis love to communicate. “Why has a Gemini man stopped texting me?” You may ask yourself […]