Zodiac Compatibility For All 12 Signs (An Overview)

Updated September 25, 2023

Zodiac compatibility stems from each sign’s element. The same and opposite elements have the best compatibility.

The opposite element pairs are air and fire, water and earth. For example, air signs are best with other air and fire zodiac signs.

Zodiac compatibility percentage is best with their opposite sign or signs of their opposite element. For example, earth signs like Taurus and Capricorn are best with water signs.

Each sign has attributes that help attract their ideal romantic partner. A Gemini’s love interests would be a poor match for Virgo. Aries has different needs from Pisces.

The biggest mistake you can make in love is not understanding the unique attributes of each sign. They have distinct strengths that make them ideal for some and not others.


Aries compatibility

Aries need a receptive partner who appreciates their passion and willfulness. Aries is a leader who can be optimistic and creative but doesn’t want smothering.

An Aries compatibility quiz reveals their best match is the opposite sign of Libra, whose peace-loving personality doesn’t threaten Aries’ desire for control. Aries is assertive and competes with similar people.

They are inspired by Sagittarius and excited by Leo. Aries can be intrigued by quirky Aquarius and enjoys playful Gemini. They need a partner who shares their carefree, adventurous nature.

Gemini stimulates Aries’ mind and encourages them to learn new things. Aquarius is noncommittal, which frustrates Aries, but they make great friends.

Some of Aries’ worst matches in love are the earth and water signs. They are too abrupt and overbearing for gentle Pisces; Pisces is spiritual, imaginative, and dreamy. They are too introverted for Aries.

Aries is too active and adventurous for a homebody like Cancer. Cancer is too sensitive for Aries and can make this sign feel suffocated in a romantic relationship.

Scorpio and Aries clash with each other in numerous ways. They are adventurous and assertive but compete with each other. Aries triggers Scorpio’s suspicious nature.


Taurus compatibility

Taurus is an earth sign. They are practical, patient, and sensual. Taurus’ best matches are water signs who soften their stubborn nature and help them connect to their emotions.

Cancer and Taurus make excellent romantic partners and business partners; they are frugal, sensible, traditional, and appreciate value. Cancer and Taurus appreciate family and heritage.

Taurus and Scorpio are opposites and bring out the best in each other. Scorpio challenges Taurus to dig deep and get in touch with their hidden feelings and desires. Taurus inspires Scorpio to value themselves.

Taurus has the best zodiac compatibility for friendship with other Tauruses as they appreciate each other’s love of art, culture, and creature comforts. Taurus and Taurus in love are materialistic and pampered each other.

They are not ideal partners for the air and fire signs. Taurus and Leo enjoy a friends-with-benefits relationship as long as neither develops feelings for the other. Their lifestyles are too different for love to last.

Taurus and Aquarius are one of the worst combinations. Taurus makes Aquarius feel smothered, and Aquarius seems to fulfill every one of Taurus’s worst fears. They are too erratic and unpredictable to commit.


Gemini compatibility

Gemini is witty, fun, and entertaining. They are playful in love and enjoy a carefree and lighthearted relationship. Even when they are serious about love, they need a relationship that feels like fun and games.

Gemini zodiac compatibility by birthday is best with other air signs and fire signs. Libra encourages them to enjoy their sensual nature without being demanding and emotionally overwhelming.

Gemini is intrigued by adventurous and passionate Sagittarius. They love traveling together and learning from this wise and worldly sign.

Gemini and Gemini couples fascinate each other but can be too much alike. The sign of the twins does best with a partner who complements their strengths.

Aries and Leo are also great matches for Gemini. These fire signs encourage Gemini to focus and follow through on their plans. They also stimulate Gemini’s interests and encourage this sign’s passions.

Gemini can be flexible, but they have their limits in love. Their worst matches are water and earth signs. Gemini feels smothered by water signs like Pisces and Scorpio.

The water signs are too emotional and sensitive for fun-loving Gemini. Pisces may try to manipulate Gemini’s feelings, and Gemini goes cold when Cancer makes demands on them.

Earth signs make Gemini feel too confined. They feel claustrophobic in relationships with Taurus, Capricorn, and Virgo. Gemini and Capricorn clash in almost every way.


Cancer compatibility

Cancer moves quickly in love. They can’t wait to settle down and start a family. Cancer can be nurturing, empathetic, and intuitive. They need a reassuring partner who understands their emotional ups and downs.

Their best compatibility is with other water signs and earth signs. Capricorn is their opposite sign, helping them stay grounded and keeping their expectations realistic.

Cancer brings sensitivity and emotional awareness to the stoic and sensual earth signs. The earth signs bring security and stability to the emotional water signs like Cancer.

Cancer is a great match for Taurus and can be an ideal business partner as well as a spouse, friend, or romantic partner for this sign. Cancer and Taurus are frugal and seek comfort together.

Cancer’s zodiac compatibility sign for marriage is an ideal match with Scorpio, Pisces, and other Cancers. They understand each other’s emotional and intuitive needs. Cancer makes other water signs feel at home.

Though Cancer is compassionate and loving, they are not ideal in romance with every sign. Their worst matches are the air and fire signs. Aquarius is particularly challenging.

Aquarius is erratic and independent; they seem aloof and indifferent to sensitive Cancer. Cancer is too needy for independent and freedom-loving Aquarius.

Cancer’s luck in love is challenging with Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius. The fire signs are too independent and intense for sensitive Cancer. They need breathing room, and Cancer wants affection and reassurance.

Gemini and Libra can maintain a friendship with Cancer, but their potential in love is complicated. The air signs are too idealistic and emotionally aloof for Cancer.


Leo compatibility

Leo is passionate, courageous, confident, and outgoing. Leos need a partner as social as they are. Their ideal match is someone adventurous.

Leo enjoys relationships with Aries and other fire signs. They are bold and daring. As long as they don’t compete, they can play off each other’s intense energy.

Leo and Aquarius are opposite signs. They encourage each other to stretch out of their comfort zones; Aquarius encourages Leo to focus on others and pursue humanitarian interests. Leo emboldens Aquarius’s personality.

Leo is friendly with everyone but is not a good romantic match for the water and earth signs. Leo needs too much freedom and space for clingy water signs like Pisces and Scorpio.

Earth signs like Virgo and Capricorn make Leo feel suffocated. Earth signs need dependability and consistency. Leo wants to go wherever their passions take them. They hate confinement.


Virgo compatibility

Virgo is analytical, practical, and detail-oriented. They are health-conscious and hard-working; their ideal romantic partners are patient, intelligent, and humble.

Zodiac compatibility calculators show Virgo are best with water signs like Pisces, their opposite sign. They can also be a great romantic match for Capricorn and Taurus, their fellow earth signs.

Virgo and Capricorn form a traditional, sensible, drama-free relationship. They have a low-key home life and are a reliable couple who avoid the spotlight.

Virgo’s worst matches are chaotic, immature, or unreliable people; they are a poor match for the fire and air signs. Virgo sees Aries and Aquarius as too impulsive and careless.

Sagittarius is too inconsistent and unreliable for methodical Virgo. Sagittarius’s pleasure-seeking nature clashes with Virgo’s humility and cautious demeanor.

They are confused and frustrated by Aquarius, whose erratic and unpredictable personality triggers Virgo’s anxiety. Virgo’s penchant for routines and schedules makes Aquarius feel cornered.


Libra compatibility

Libras are sentimental, romantic, and idealistic. Their perfect partners balance their personalities while having enough common ground to create peace and harmony. They need an assertive, focused partner.

Libra is an air sign, but their best romantic matches for Libra are fire signs. Libra needs the confidence and decisiveness of an Aries partner to balance their flighty and wishy-washy nature.

Libra can be affectionate but doesn’t drown their partner with emotional demands. They are intellectual and crave exciting conversations. They love the arts and humanities.

Aries and Libra are ideal partners because they are opposites on the zodiac wheel. They balance each other’s personalities, compensating for each other’s weaknesses and enhancing each other’s strengths.

Libra can also be a great romantic match for Gemini. They are air signs who fascinate each other and encourage each other’s dreams and ideals. They inspire each other and can be creative, playful pairs.

Libra can be friends with anyone, but they are not ideal romantic matches for the water and earth signs. Libra needs breathing room in relationships, and water signs are too suffocating.

Earth signs can be rigid and stifle Libra’s carefree personality. Libra is flexible and adaptable, but the earth signs need routines and consistency.


Scorpio compatibility

Scorpio is intense, calculating, and intuitive. They are more sensitive than they appear and try to hide their vulnerability. Though they can be intellectual, Scorpio is an empathetic and emotional water sign.

Water signs and earth signs top Scorpio zodiac compatibility. Scorpio and Taurus are opposite signs. They bring out each other’s best traits and challenge each other to grow and evolve.

Cancer and Scorpio are also ideal couples. They understand each other’s sensitive nature and validate each other’s moods. They are loyal and devoted in love.

Scorpio is an ideal match for Pisces and can nurture a strong connection with Virgo. They can relate well with Capricorn but their best romantic matches are more emotional and expressive signs.

Scorpio finds common ground with signs that complement their sign, yet they are not an ideal match for everyone. Scorpio is too suspicious and possessive for carefree air signs.

They are also too headstrong and willful for fire signs. Scorpio can find sexual relationships with fire signs thrilling but must avoid developing feelings. Fire signs are too independent and leave Scorpio feeling unsatisfied.


Sagittarius compatibility

Sagittarius is one of the most independent signs of the zodiac. They make friends easily but have difficulty settling down even when they fall in love. Their partner must respect their space and freedom.

Sagittarius best compatibility is with inspiring air signs like their opposite sign, Gemini. They also relate well to shocking and erratic Aquarius people.

Sagittarius can also form a romantic bond with other fire signs like Aries and Leo. They must avoid competing with other fire signs. Yet Leo and Sagittarius fascinate each other and encourage each other’s passions.

Aries and Sagittarius can motivate each other and inspire each other to pursue their higher goals with zeal. Sagittarius is slow to commit and their partner must be patient and accepting.

Their independent and passionate nature makes it difficult for Sagittarius to form relationships with the water signs. They are too emotionally detached for Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces.

The water signs want an emotional connection and Sagittarius prefers an intellectual bond that stems from their common interests. Sagittarius also struggles to thrive with the earth signs.

Capricorn, Virgo, and Taurus are too concrete and practical for philosophical Sagittarius. The sign of the archer needs to wander free and the earth signs are too confining.


Capricorn compatibility

Capricorn is one of the most traditional of all the zodiac signs. They are practical, efficient, and hard-working. They need a patient partner who doesn’t rush them.

Capricorn is an ideal partner for the opposite sign of Cancer. They share a love of home and family and understand Cancer’s desire for security. Though Cancer is vulnerable and emotional, Capricorn keeps them grounded.

Capricorn can also maintain a relationship with Pisces and Scorpio. They are an ideal romantic match for their fellow earth signs of Taurus and Virgo.

Yet Capricorn is not well suited for a relationship with passionate and unpredictable people. They clash with the air and fire signs. Capricorn is too cautious and slow for relationships with Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius.

The air signs, Aquarius, Gemini, and Libra are too idealistic and carefree for Capricorn. Capricorn needs predictability and consistency. They become overwhelmed by the flighty air signs.


Aquarius compatibility

Aquarius compatibility is best with other air and fire signs. Their opposite sign is Leo, and a Leo and Aquarius romance is filled with excitement and inspiration.

Aquarius is complicated in love regardless of compatibility. They need an independent, carefree partner who appreciates their creative yet quirky nature. Aquarius craves drama and becomes bored easily.

Aquarius is one of the most independent signs in the zodiac and needs more space than anyone else, even when they are in love. Most people don’t understand this and crowd Aquarius.

An Aquarius person may love you but they shut down when overwhelmed. They give mixed signals in love and their ideal partner, a Sagittarius, Aries, Gemini, or Leo, needs to understand their independent and adventurous nature.

Aquarius partnerships with certain signs can be disastrous. They must avoid romantic relationships with the water and earth signs. Water signs like Pisces and Cancer are too emotional and sensitive for Aquarius.

Earth signs like Capricorn and Virgo are too constraining and rigid. They stifle Aquarius’s freedom-loving personality. Aquarius’s rebellious side challenges an earth sign’s desire for peace and stability.


Pisces compatibility

Pisces compatibility is best with other water and earth signs. Their ideal match is their opposite sign, Virgo. Virgo balances Pisces’ imaginative nature with their practicality.

Pisces also relates well with Cancer and Scorpio. Their partner must understand their empathetic, vulnerable personality. Pisces needs a partner who is more stable than they are without being too rigid.

Their worst matches are fire and air signs. Aquarius, Aries, and Leo are among their most challenging matches. Pisces finds the fire signs too intense and air signs too elusive.

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