Capricorn Compatibility with All 12 Zodiac Signs (Best to Worst)

Updated December 4, 2022
Capricorn Compatibility with All 12 Zodiac Signs (Best to Worst)

Capricorn compatibility is best with other earth signs and water signs. People born under this sign can be traditional and hard-working.

Their best romantic partnerships are with people who respect their workaholic personalities. They can be aloof and methodical.

Capricorn people are notorious for being cautious and slow-moving in relationships. They often date for a long time until they trust their love interests.

They are nurturing and compassionate, yet they don’t show emotion. Capricorn people can be confusing in relationships. They show love practically.

Capricorn’s best compatibility is with serious, mature, and family-oriented people. They are responsible and realistic in relationships.


Capricorn compatibility with Cancer is the best for love and marriage. Cancer and Capricorn are opposites on the zodiac wheel; they bring out the best in each other.

Cancer people are traditional, nurturing, and family-oriented. They are homebodies who crave security and stability. Capricorn people strive to create structure and love predictable schedules and routines.

Cancer and Capricorn understand how to make each other feel secure in love. Capricorn can be cautious, but Cancer’s intuitive and sentimental nature helps Capricorn let their guard down and become more open.

Cancer is tenacious and never gives up on Capricorn. People born under the sign of Capricorn can take their time in love; Cancer is loyal enough to wait for them to be ready.


Capricorn’s compatibility with Taurus stems from their shared earth element. Both are practical and down-to-earth. Yet Taurus brings romance and sensuality to the relationship.

Capricorn may be a workaholic, but Taurus reminds Capricorn there is more to life than working all the time. Capricorn is frugal, but Taurus encourages Capricorn to relax and enjoy reasonable comforts.

They have a drama-free relationship and maintain a stable, lowkey home. Capricorn and Taurus are cautious in love and may be slow to advance from dating to serious relationships.

Yet they understand each other’s need to take their time. Capricorn and Taurus never try to rush each other. They set a solid foundation in love no matter how long it takes.


The third earth sign is Virgo. Capricorn’s compatibility with Virgo can be best in friendship and marriage. Capricorn and Virgo can confuse each other in romance.

Virgo is a perfectionist who suppresses their passions and feelings. Capricorns can appreciate their stoic nature, yet they need a signal of Virgo’s romantic interest.

Unless Virgo people can give cues of their love for Capricorn, they may dance around each other not realizing they could have a promising romance.

A Virgo person who can be assertive about their romantic interest in a Capricorn has a better chance of a long and fulfilling relationship. Once their desires are known, Capricorn and Virgo can maintain a solid relationship.


Capricorn compatibility with Scorpio is hit or miss. They can balance each other’s personalities, yet Scorpio often craves emotional connection, and Capricorn people are emotionally detached.

A confident Scorpio who doesn’t allow insecurities to interfere in their relationship can form a long-lasting relationship with a Capricorn. Capricorn and Scorpio are an intense pair.

They adore wealth and luxury though Scorpio may seek power associated with wealth while Capricorn looks for security. Capricorn is hard-working and traditional. Scorpio is intuitive and nurturing.

Scorpios can be suspicious and jealous in relationships. Capricorns don’t like taking the time to explain their feelings and intentions; Capricorn’s distant nature can trigger Scorpio’s insecurities.


Capricorn compatibility with Capricorn can be ideal for marriage and family. Capricorn relationships with other Capricorn people can work if one partner is more emotionally nurturing than the other.

Capricorns appreciate their partner’s traditional values and responsible personality. They have the same goals and encourage each other to build security and stability.

Two Capricorns in love can build a sensual, satisfying relationship. Yet they can be consumed with work and career that their connection fades. One partner must be more attentive to the emotional connection.

Capricorns in romance and marriage understand each other’s stubborn natures. But they can also reach an impasse and lock horns. They must find ways to collaborate.


Capricorn’s compatibility with Pisces can be ideal for romance. They have a classic, traditional fairy-tale courtship; Pisces brings emotional sensitivity and creativity to the relationship.

Capricorn nurtures Pisces’ dreams and uses their gifts for rationality and practical wisdom to help Pisces succeed. Yet they can frustrate each other in the long term.

A Pisces person in a relationship with Capricorn must be confident in themselves. Capricorn doesn’t give the constant emotional reassurance some Pisces people crave.

A Capricorn in a relationship with Pisces may become overwhelmed by this sign’s intense emotions. They must find a balance between practical and emotional needs or the relationship becomes unfulfilling for them.


Capricorn compatibility with Aries is more challenging. They can be serious, yet Aries is impulsive. Capricorn is calculating and cautious.

Aries and Capricorn clash over pacing as Aries rushes in while Capricorn wants to take a slow and steady path to love. Aries can be instinctual, while Capricorns look to tradition for wisdom and guidance.

Capricorn can be reserved and seems too withholding to Aries. Aries can be determined and strong-willed. They can be intense and their dominating nature can also clash with Capricorn.

Aries may be attracted to Capricorn’s status and wealth, but they become disillusioned when they realize how busy Capricorn’s life can be. Aries need a partner to share adventures with them.

Capricorn sees Aries as irresponsible and careless. These are sins in Capricorn’s rulebook. Aries may try to be reliable, but Capricorn is a stickler for rules, time, and order.


Capricorn compatibility with Libra can be frustrating for each partner. Libra is romantic and idealistic. Capricorn is a pragmatist who sees Libra’s imaginative ideas as too naive and optimistic.

Libra sees Capricorn as too restricted. Libra and Capricorn have little common ground. They may have similar tastes in art, music, and culture. Yet their lifestyles and values differ.

Capricorn may hide at work and their absence makes Libra feel insecure. Libra’s desire to do everything with their partner seems clingy to Capricorn.

Capricorn’s cautious personality can weigh on Libra after a short while. Libra needs optimism and Capricorn is cynical. Their relationship is more stressful than satisfying.


Capricorn’s compatibility with Leo can be difficult. Capricorn’s compatibility percentage plummets in relationships with fire signs. Leo is passionate, creative, and youthful.

Capricorn is the sign of tradition and those born under this sign often seem over-responsible and cautious. They are “old souls” who resist fun and games in favor of toil and planning.

Leo is theatrical but Capricorn shies away from drama. They want a lowkey relationship but Leo craves the spotlight. Leo’s desire for attention can also be a hindrance to the relationship.

Leo and Capricorn have little common ground. They are ambitious and enjoy success and abundance yet Leo expects a fast track to fame and fortune while Capricorn knows good things take time.


Capricorn’s compatibility with Aquarius is low. Their connection is often disrupted by Aquarius’s unpredictable nature. Aquarius is erratic and their independent nature leads them to get cold feet in relationships.

Capricorn expects loyalty and commitment. Aquarius is reluctant to settle down. Aquarius needs excitement and inspiration. Their need for stimulation is often too much for Capricorn.

Aquarius people are the intense rebels of the zodiac. They love surprising others and can be shocking and innovative. Capricorn finds security in tradition and reinvents the past.

They don’t understand each other’s needs and lifestyles. Capricorn and Aquarius are often at odds with each other. They may be able to maintain a friendship but this is a challenge.


Capricorn’s compatibility with Sagittarius is among the most conflicted. Sagittarius people are independent, passionate, and pleasure-seeking. Capricorn stifles their desires and focuses on efficiency and practicality.

Sagittarius is a wanderer who loves travel. Sagittarius enjoys learning new things and can be an explorer and eternal student. Sagittarius expands their minds and loves learning new things.

Capricorn people seek information as a means to a practical end. They see no purpose in reinventing the wheel. Capricorns can be thrifty and their frugal nature irritates Sagittarius, who loves gambling.

Money slips through Sagittarius’s fingers, but they are happy-go-lucky and don’t care. They can be optimistic, while Capricorn people are cautious realists. Capricorn is obsessed with saving for a rainy day.


Capricorn compatibility with Gemini is the lowest on the Capricorn compatibility chart. The sign of the twins clashes in every way with Capricorn.

Capricorn is responsible and methodical. Gemini people are carefree, flirty, and playful; they are intellectual and love meeting new people. Capricorn can be social but are introverted, unlike Gemini.

Gemini people are notoriously indecisive. Capricorn seeks commitment and loves making plans. When Capricorn shares their ideas, they are making a solid plan. When Gemini shares their thoughts, they are just brainstorming.

Capricorn repeatedly feels abandoned by Gemini, whose flighty nature makes them unpredictable by Capricorn’s standards. Their lifestyle is stifling and suffocating for Gemini.