Cancer man

What does a Cancer Man Do When He Likes You?

Because he’s so mysterious, you may be wondering if there’s anything you can do to make a Cancer man like you, or is he simply not interested? What are the subtle signs that this shy guy is into you? Although they are generally friendly, Cancers can also be bashful and secretive, making them difficult to […]

How to Sexually Please a Cancer Man

If you want to sexually please a Cancer man, how you make him feel emotionally is more important than how you make him feel physically. When he feels emotionally secure, he’ll be more easily aroused. He needs to feel emotionally connected to you. If you’re serious about a Cancer man and casual relationships aren’t for […]

10 Signs a Cancer Man is in Love with You

If you’re having a hard time reading him, you may wonder what a Cancer man’s love signs are. This sensitive sign is so sweet that it can be hard to tell if he likes you as more than a friend. Each sign of the zodiac has its own way of expressing love, and some methods […]

Cancer Men in Relationships – What You Need to Know

To a Cancer man, relationships are as important as the air he breathes. Cancer men hate to be alone. Yet the way he acts in a romantic relationship may surprise you. It’s not how a Cancer man acts in a typical relationship. Understanding a Cancer man’s personality is essential if you want to know what […]

How can I Surprise my Cancer Man?

If you want to surprise a Cancer man, you’ve got to understand his personality. He’s sensitive, so even a well-intended surprise can rattle him. Yet he also loves it when you make the effort to surprise him in pleasant ways. Understanding a Cancer man’s need for emotional security will help you effectively surprise him. You […]

How do You Turn a Cancer Man On Sexually?

Whether you are trying to seduce him for the first time or looking to spice up a long-term relationship, you may be wondering how to turn a Cancer man on. What makes him go wild for you in the bedroom? You can learn a lot about a man’s sexual preferences and what turns him on […]

What Kind of Humor Do Cancer Men Enjoy?

For a Cancer man, humor is a great way to bypass his defenses and help him open up. He’s sensitive, so you’ve got to know what appeals to him. Understanding a Cancer man requires empathy, compassion and patience. Don’t shock him with abrasive humor. A Cancer man’s mood swings can seem legendary. You’ve probably heard […]

10 Important Signs a Cancer Man is Not Interested in You

You might think he likes you but you don’t want to make a fool of yourself, so how can you tell if a Cancer man is not interested? Or maybe he is nice to everyone else and you wonder if he hates you. Because they can be so bashful, complicated, and mysterious, understanding a Cancer […]

10 Signs Your Cancer Man is About to Break Up with You

Do you know the most common Cancer man breakup signs? Being dumped by a Cancer man is rare, he holds on for life. But that doesn’t mean you’re in the clear. Look for these signs so you can save the relationship. Will a Cancer man come back after a breakup? Usually, yes. But that doesn’t […]

How to Avoid Making a Cancer Man Break Up with You

Ending a relationship is difficult and painful, so how can you avoid a Cancer man breakup? Is there anything you can do to be the ideal partner for him and keep him for life? Being dumped by a Cancer man is particularly troubling because when a Cancer man is done with you, it’s almost impossible […]