Cancer man

10 Signs a Cancer Man is Ready to Commit

Whether you’re looking to start an exclusive relationship with him or take your relationship to the next level, you are asking your Cancer man for a commitment. So, how can you tell whether or not he’s ready to commit? Because they are so moody and mysterious, understanding a Cancer man can be difficult at times. […]

Cancer Man & Taurus Woman Compatibility: Perfect Match?

If you are the sign of the bull or the crab, you may wonder, “How strong is the Cancer man Taurus woman compatibility?” Are these two a match made in heaven, or is their relationship doomed to fail? Luckily for this couple, they need not fear a bitter end to their romance. Their numerous similarities […]

Are Cancer Men Control Freaks?

A Cancer man’s control freak nature is different from the ways other guys may be controlling. He can be a control freak to feel secure. This can bring out the dark side of a Cancer male. It can also easily be diffused. A Cancer man’s controlling nature can be triggered by jealousy and emotional insecurity. […]

10 Ways to Win Back a Cancer Man After a Breakup

If you want to win back a Cancer man after a breakup, you have your work cut out for you. Being dumped by a Cancer man is particularly brutal because this emotional zodiac sign knows how to hold a grudge. When a Cancer man is done with you, it’s hard to make him let go […]

10 Tips for When a Cancer Man is Ignoring You

If you are close with a water sign guy and he suddenly disappears, how do you handle a Cancer man ignoring you? There are many explanations for why he could be ghosting you. When your Cancer man is acting distant, you might be tempted to call him, show up at his house, or forget about […]

How Does a Cancer Man Apologize?

If you have a Cancer guy in your life who has done you wrong, you could be wondering, “How does a Cancer man apologize?” Cancer signs can be difficult to read, so how do you know if he’s truly sorry? Different zodiac signs have different ways of apologizing. Some say sorry with words, some show […]

How to Turn On a Cancer Man in Bed

If you want to keep him satisfied, you need to know how to turn on a Cancer man in bed. Is he a leather or lace kind of guy? Does he like women who are dominant or submissive in bed? Just as each zodiac sign correlates with a particular body part, each sign has its […]

How to Talk to a Cancer Man About Feelings

A Cancer man’s feelings determine his actions. His beliefs and opinions are also subject to his moods. Knowing how to talk to a Cancer man about his feelings gives you an advantage. You’ll understand his erratic behavior when you understand how he’s feeling. Understanding a Cancer man is much easier when you gauge his feelings. […]

Cancer Man & Gemini Woman Compatibility: Perfect Match?

If you are dating or friends with either sign, you may wonder about the Cancer man and Gemini woman compatibility. Could their consecutive positioning on the zodiac wheel make Gemini and Cancer soulmates? When a talkative Gemini woman meets a mysterious Cancer man, she can’t help but be curious about what’s behind his protective walls. […]

Are Cancer Men Romantic?

When it comes to being romantic, a Cancer man has the other signs beat. He has one of the most sensitive and gentle personalities in the zodiac. Although he can be shy at first, he’s romantic when he lets his guard down. When you see the signs a Cancer man is falling in love with […]