Cancer man

How Do You Make a Cancer Man Jealous?

If he dumped you, cheated on you, or perhaps just isn’t giving you enough attention, you might want to make a Cancer man jealous. Knowing what sparks his jealousy can also help you avoid hurting him. Some zodiac signs are more covetous and possessive than others, and Cancer is a very jealous sign. But different […]

10 Ways to Make a Cancer Man Want You

If you are wondering how to make a Cancer man want you, you’ve got to understand his zodiac sign’s likes and dislikes in a woman. How can you prove to him that you are his type? You have to know what his type is before you can show him that you’re the right woman for […]

20 Famous Cancer Men: Are They Your Type?

When you look at the list of famous Cancer men, some of the names may surprise you. Cancer men can be shy, yet also become successful. Among the famous Cancers in history, you’ll find politicians and actors. Famous Cancerians use their intuition to succeed. When you understand the Cancer zodiac signs traits, you’ll understand how […]

Will a Cancer Man Apologize After Upsetting You?

If he has upset you, you may wonder if you will ever get a Cancer man apology. Different signs have different apology styles, so what can you expect from a Cancer man who has hurt you? Some signs have a hard time admitting to wrong-doing, and getting an apology from them can seem like pulling […]

Do Cancer Men Like to Cuddle?

If you’re dating this sensitive sign and love to snuggle and show affection, you might wonder, “Will a Cancer man cuddle with me?” Is a Cancer guy a cuddler, or does he need his space? You can use astrology to figure out almost any characteristic of each sign, including how the signs cuddle. If you’re […]

10 Tips on How to Make a Cancer Man Miss You

If you want to make a Cancer man miss you, you’ve got to understand his personality and the way he thinks. How can you make him miss you when you’re apart instead of moving on? Whether you and your Cancer man broke up, are separated by geography, or have some other reason why you can’t […]

Do Cancer Men Like Kinky Stuff?

A Cancer man’s kinky side isn’t what you would expect. Generally, he’s into more traditional things and less exotic than other guys. When a Cancer man trusts you, he’ll open up to you more. Then you’ll see him push the sexual boundaries. A Cancer man’s fantasy isn’t really about kinky sex or wild nights experimenting […]

10 Important Things to Make a Cancer Man Commit

If you want to make a Cancer man commit to you it isn’t hard at all. You just need to understand his personality. When you know what a Cancer man likes and dislikes in a woman, you can easily get him to commit. If you’re wondering if you’re seeing signs a Cancer man is playing […]

What does a Cancer Man Do When He Likes You?

Because he’s so mysterious, you may be wondering if there’s anything you can do to make a Cancer man like you, or is he simply not interested? What are the subtle signs that this shy guy is into you? Although they are generally friendly, Cancers can also be bashful and secretive, making them difficult to […]

How to Sexually Please a Cancer Man

If you want to sexually please a Cancer man, how you make him feel emotionally is more important than how you make him feel physically. When he feels emotionally secure, he’ll be more easily aroused. He needs to feel emotionally connected to you. If you’re serious about a Cancer man and casual relationships aren’t for […]