What Happens When an Aquarius Man Gets Mad?

There are numerous things that can make an Aquarius man mad, such as being too clingy or confrontational. An angry Aquarius man is really hard to deal with, given their unconventional nature, which is often marked by unpredictability and erraticism. If your Aquarius man is upset with you, he will make sure to let you […]

5 Ways to Win Back an Aquarius Man after a Breakup

To win back an Aquarius man after a breakup is a challenge in its own, but now that you’ve lost your man’s heart, you’ve to win it back, too. The journey might be difficult, but love does heal all wounds. After a breakup, an Aquarius man is likely to give you the cold shoulder and […]

6 Seduction Techniques when Texting an Aquarius Man

Getting your Aquarius man text seduction game on is the perfect way to lure him in with confidence and sensuality. That can be easier said than done with some Aquarius men, who can be judgmental and wary of your advancements. Once you have taken a liking to an Aquarius man, you need to find a […]

How to Get an Aquarius Man to Respond to Your Text

Are you constantly waiting around for that Aquarius man’s text response not knowing how to get at least some sort of response from him? Not sure what type of texts you can send him in order to get his attention? You’re not alone. The whole ordeal with Aquarius text messages can get very confusing and […]

How to React to an Aquarius Man Silent Treatment

When you date a water bearer, expect to receive the world-famous Aquarius man silent treatment at some point or another. Is your Aquarius man upset? Are they thinking of breaking up? Why are they so cold and distant suddenly? Figuring out what’s going on in their complex mind can be next to impossible especially for […]

How to Play Mind Games With an Aquarius Man

If you’re dating or interested in an Aquarius man, mind games can be a fun way to catch his interest or keep the spark alive. You can use the typical personality traits of his zodiac sign to learn how he thinks and if he’s playing you. Of course, playing unkind or manipulative mind games is […]

How to Avoid Making an Aquarius Man Break Up with You

Worried that your Aquarius man will break-up with you? Well, you are in for some work! While it is easy to fall in love with one, when an Aquarius man says he doesn’t want a relationship things can get complicated. In order to keep your man hooked, you need to learn how to reconcile with […]

5 Tips for When an Aquarius Man is Ignoring You

Is your Aquarius man ignoring you suddenly out of nowhere? While there may be many reasons behind it, your response should be the same. When an Aquarius man ignores your texts, you need to make sure that you tread lightly. The worst thing about the Aquarius man silent treatment can be to tackle the issue. […]

5 Things That Make an Aquarius Man Complicated

Do you find your Aquarius man complicated? We can’t blame you for this. Aquarius men are unique, and unpredictable. This is why many women dating Aquarius men have difficulty understanding why they sometimes get too reserved or appear cold. The reason why many people have difficulty understanding an Aquarius man is because he has contrasting […]

Do Aquarius Men Like to Cuddle?

If you like physical affection and are dating the sign of the water bearer, you may wonder: “will an Aquarius man cuddle you at night?” You can look to the astrological personalities to learn more about how the signs cuddle. Some zodiac signs typically enjoy cuddling and physical affection more than others. Not snuggling could […]