Aquarius: Traits, Compatibility, and More

Updated September 25, 2023

Common words to describe Aquarius are humanitarian, innovative, and unique. They are social and friendly but can also be emotionally detached.

Aquarius can be a wild and chaotic sign. They are brilliant people who are great at solving problems, but they are also rebellious.

Aquarius is ruled by two planets, Uranus in modern rulership and Saturn in traditional rulership. Uranus represents rebellion, while Saturn represents structure and organization.

Aquarians are known for their rebellious natures. On the positive side, they can use it to get rid of systems that no longer benefit people and implement better ones. They sometimes rebel against everything, even things that don’t necessarily need to be changed.

Aquarius is unique and eccentric. They aren’t always easy to understand, but they can be wonderful friends and partners once you get to know them.

(♒︎) Aquarius Information
DatesJanuary 20 - February 18
Opposite signLeo
Best matchLeo, Gemini, Sagittarius, Libra
Worst matchPisces, Cancer, Scorpio, Capricorn
Spirit animalZebra, Bat, Snow Leopard, Crocodile, Giraffe, Honey Badger, Seahorse, Rabbit, Rooster, Clownfish, Platypus, Dolphin, Salmon


Aquarius Traits & Characteristics

Aquarius’ traits are as unique and varied as they are. While all Aquarians will have certain things in common, you’ll never meet two who are exactly the same!

Aquarians are known for being innovative and creative. They can come up with solutions to problems that nobody else can. Their ideas sometimes seem a little out there, but they are logical and can turn dreams into reality.

Aquarians tend to be “lone wolves,” but they’re also highly social! While they might prefer to do certain things independently, they know how to work in groups. They are entirely self-sufficient, but they choose to be around people anyway.

Aquarius is a rebellious sign. They are humanitarians who rebel against old systems that no longer serve people. They want to make the world a better place.


Aquarius compatibility

Aquarius’ compatibility is highest with independent, adventurous, open-minded, and intelligent people. They need partners who will respect their freedom.

Fire signs Leo and Sagittarius are great matches for Aquarius. Aries has a drive Aquarius loves, and these two can work together to implement Aquarius’ ideas. Sagittarius and Aquarius are free spirits who can have a lot of fun together.

Fellow air signs Gemini and Libra are also excellent matches for Aquarius. Aquarius and Libra connect when it comes to justice and humanitarianism. Gemini and Aquarius can learn and grow together as they go through life.

The worst matches for Aquarius are Cancer and Pisces. These water signs tend to be too clingy for Aquarius. They are highly emotional, while Aquarius is emotionally distant.

Negative Traits

10 Aquarius Negative Traits

Aquarius’ negative traits are sometimes the flipside of their positive ones. Their rebellious nature can serve them well at times. It helps them break down systems that aren’t good for people. However, Aquarius doesn’t always rebel for good reasons.

Aquarius can be wild and chaotic. Understanding them and their reasons for doing things is not always easy. They can be stubborn and won’t back down even when it might be best to.

Aquarius also tends to be emotionally distant. They might legitimately care about people but don’t always express that well. They have difficulty sympathizing with the feelings of individual people too.

Spirit Animal

13 Aquarius Spirit Animals Best Representing The Sign

Aquarius’ spirit animals represent multiple aspects of their personality. The sign of Aquarius does not have an animal symbol and instead is symbolized by the water-bearer. However, many animals can represent this sign.

One animal that represents Aquarius is the salmon. Salmon swim upstream, and Aquarians also go against the grain in their own ways. Aquarians do what is best for them, even if it isn’t always easy and isn’t what everyone else does.

Another animal that symbolizes Aquarius is the crocodile. These powerful creatures represent Aquarius’ strength and freedom. They are also a great symbol of Aquarius’ self-reliant yet social nature. Crocodiles can take care of themselves but still choose to bask in large groups.


Best Ways to Communicate with an Aquarius

Aquarius’ communication style is hard to pin down. Aquarians can be both logical and creative. They know how to communicate clearly and directly, but can also be chaotic and difficult to understand at times.

Aquarians can be fun to talk to. They are passionate, intellectual, and well-spoken when they want to be. They can be persuasive and charismatic. It’s easy for them to get their point across and convince others that what they say is correct.

Aquarius’ curiosity will be apparent in the way they speak. They ask many questions and will attentively listen to the answers others give them. They want to gain knowledge, which is clear in how they interact.


What Attracts Aquarius to Someone?

The people who tend to attract Aquarius are often as varied and unique as Aquarius is! Aquarians don’t always have a specific “type,” even if they have a collection of traits they prefer over others.

Aquarius are physically attracted to people with unique or unconventional features. They might seek out people who have features others find unattractive. They also love people who are unique in other ways, such as having eclectic hobbies.

Creativity, quick wit, and a good sense of humor will also attract Aquarius. They love being around people they can exchange witty barbs and laugh with. They also love it when others can develop innovative ideas just like they can.


Things You Need to Know When Dating an Aquarius

Aquarius’ dating life can be chaotic at times. Some Aquarians constantly date around just for fun. Others don’t date at all until they’re ready for something serious.

Aquarius won’t always want to date if they’re focused on something else. If they do, it will just be to let loose and have some fun. It won’t be to find “the one.”

The best dates to take Aquarius on are ones that have a sense of spontaneity. You don’t need to plan everything to show Aquarius a good time. They’ll be happy just showing up and seeing where the night takes you.

Unconventional dates are also a good idea. Most people won’t be excited to volunteer at a soup kitchen on a date, but Aquarius will be delighted to!


How to Make an Aquarius Fall in Love with You

Aquarius’ love language is usually acts of service. Aquarius isn’t always affectionate in ways you might recognize as warm or loving. They will gladly do favors and handle chores for the people they love.

It takes a while for Aquarius to open up and truly express their love. They aren’t always physically affectionate. They can be emotionally distant at times. They have good hearts, though. You have to be patient.

When Aquarius loves you, they might show that by caring for you when you’re sick, bringing you food, tidying up your house, or running errands. Some ways they show love are subtle, so try to look out for them.


Aquarius in Relationships – What You Need to Know

Aquarius’ relationship style is all over the place. Aquarius is unconventional, and their relationships tend to be as well. They don’t always want to settle down and don’t want to do things the traditional way.

Aquarius needs a relationship where they can still be free and independent. They won’t deal with a partner who is clingy, possessive, or controlling. They would rather be single than give up their freedom.

Ideally, Aquarius should find a partner who is adventurous, spontaneous, and as independent as they are. They want someone they can have fun with. If things aren’t exciting, they will move on.


The best Aquarius gifts are ones that are tailored to their unique interests. They also appreciate gifts that are unique to you. Something homemade will always delight them!

Show your Aquarius friend or partner that you know them well by getting a gift that appeals to one of their specific interests. Generic gifts aren’t the way to go with Aquarius. Get them something unique and exciting.

Gifts of service also go over well. Offer to do a favor for them instead of giving them a material gift. You can also take them out and gift them with an experience! Aquarius will always love that.


Aquarius in Marriage: What Kind of Partner Are They?

Aquarius’ marriage will typically be far from traditional. Some Aquarians won’t get married at all, even if they commit to someone. They don’t always see the point!

Part of Aquarius’ rebellious nature is that they reject social norms. Aquarius will do away with traditions that don’t appeal to them. They won’t stick to traditional gender roles within a relationship, for example.

Aquarius won’t get married just because other people want them to. They have to genuinely want to get married. They won’t bother with marriage if they don’t think it will suit them.


What to Expect Sexually From an Aquarius?

Aquarius’ sexuality is spontaneous, adventurous, and uninhibited. Aquarius is just as much of a rebel in the bedroom as they are outside of it.

Aquarians need excitement in the bedroom. They like to mix things up and try new things. They sometimes enjoy things others consider taboo or off-limits, so be mindful of that! They’ll try almost anything at least once.

Just let loose and have fun when you’re with Aquarius in bed. They are considerate partners who want both of you to have a good time. They won’t just focus on themselves.


How to Avoid Making an Aquarius Break Up with You

Aquarius breakups are straightforward. If Aquarius is no longer happy in their relationship, they will be open about that. They won’t drag things out and waste anyone’s time.

Aquarians don’t need to be in relationships. Some of them even prefer to be single. They won’t stay in a relationship unless they and their partner are genuinely happy and benefiting from being together.

If you break up with your Aquarius partner, they won’t get emotional. Even if they are sad about the breakup, they won’t show you that. They will accept the breakup and try to move on.

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