Aquarius man

How Does an Aquarius Man Like to Kiss?

If you want to make an Aquarius man kiss you, you should learn his kissing style. Does he like kissing in public? Will he kiss on the first date? Does he like a dry kiss or a lot of tongue? If you want to know how to win an Aquarius man, you must give him […]

5 Tips to Get an Aquarius Man Back After a Breakup

It is quite a task to get an Aquarius man back after a breakup, especially if things ended on a bad note. However, that doesn’t mean you should lose all hope. You can still fix your relationship and win him back. With the right approach, you can figure out how to get an Aquarius man […]

Aquarius Man & Leo Woman Compatibility: Perfect Match?

Aquarius man and Leo woman compatibility means a relationship full of experiments. A connection between an air and fire element is definitely an interesting combination. Each sign has its own quirks and traits that make their relationship a compatible one. However, an Aquarius man and Leo woman’s relationship is also proof of the fact that […]

Why is Aquarius Man Slow to Commit to a Relationship?

An Aquarius man is slow to commit. This is not because he hates being in a relationship. It also does not mean that he doesn’t like you. The answer to his lack of commitments lies in his cautious approach. Most Aquarius men don’t commit easily. An Aquarius man’s commitment is like being on a sinking […]

5 Tips on How to Keep an Aquarius Man in a Happy Relationship

Wondering how to keep an Aquarius man in a happy relationship? You’re in for some work. Falling in love with an Aquarius man is straightforward. But staying in the relationship requires more effort than it took to get into it. Aquarius men are very picky in dating. They don’t trust people easily in the first […]

How to React to an Aquarius Man Silent Treatment

When you date a water bearer, expect to receive the world-famous Aquarius man silent treatment at some point or another. Is your Aquarius man upset? Are they thinking of breaking up? Why are they so cold and distant suddenly? Figuring out what’s going on in their complex mind can be next to impossible especially for […]

Are Aquarius Men Submissive in a Relationship?

Are Aquarius men submissive in a relationship or not? This is a question that arises in many females’ minds before they start dating one. However, it is important to know that there is no clear answer to this difficult question. Are Aquarius dominant or submissive is a mystery and trying to understand them can be […]

Aquarius Man & Aquarius Woman Compatibility: Perfect Match?

Aquarians are known for their free-spirited, strong-headed, independent and opinionated personalities and this makes many question the Aquarius man and Aquarius woman compatibility. Can two people with such strong personalities coexist? Can they fulfill each other’s unique expectations and needs? Aquarius and Aquarius is a weird, yet wonderful combination, to say the least. Aquarius and […]

How Does an Aquarius Man Apologize?

Will an Aquarius man apologize? The answer may surprise you. An Aquarius man, after a fight, will go through a few common stages. He wants to make peace with you, but doesn’t want to admit he was wrong. Trying to understand Aquarius and apologies can be difficult. An Aquarius man upset can be frustrating. He’ll […]

Should You Ignore Aquarius Man to Make Him Chase You?

Should you ignore an Aquarius man to get his attention or will it simply put him off? This sign’s lack of expressiveness would be hard for you to depict whether the Aquarius man is interested in you or not. Aquarius men are unusual and unconventional, not to mention closed shells. It can get difficult to […]