Aquarius Compatibility with All 12 Zodiac Signs (Best to Worst)

Updated December 4, 2022
Aquarius Compatibility with All 12 Zodiac Signs (Best to Worst)

Aquarius compatibility is best with other people born under air and fire signs. People born under this sign need an intellectual, inspiring partner.

They are the most complicated sign and can give mixed signals. Compatibility is essential with Aquarius people.

Even when your sign is compatible with Aquarius, relationships are challenging. People born under this sign are aloof, independent, and erratic.

Your best chances for romantic compatibility with Aquarius depend on underlying astrological chemistry and attraction. Aquarius needs to feel inspired about their relationship.

They need a partner who understands their need for excitement and space. They can be the most unpredictable sign of the zodiac.


Aquarius’ compatibility with Leo is best in romance. People born during Aquarius are socially conscious and intellectual; Aquarius is friendly and inspiring.

Aquarius and Leo are also opposites on the zodiac wheel. The tension between these signs adds passion and drama to their relationship.

Aquarius needs this tension to keep them engaged. Leo loves drama and craves the excitement Aquarius brings.

They are fast friends and fascinate each other; Aquarius is lofty and abstract using innovative and idealistic ideas to challenge Leo.

Aquarius and Leo encourage each other to take risks. Leo is bold, romantic, and adventurous; they are confident and love entertaining others. Leo can be demanding yet Aquarius is willing to keep Leo amused and inspired.

Both can be independent and respect each other’s need for space. Aquarius can be unpredictable in love, while Leo must respect their need for space and freedom. Leo needs praise and approval, which Aquarius may overlook.

Yet if Aquarius is attentive and admiring, this pair can succeed in love, romance, and even marriage. Both enjoy an unconventional and quirky lifestyle as married couples.


One of the most frequent Aquarius soulmates are people born under the sign of Gemini. Gemini and Aquarius are air signs. They are intelligent, witty, and share a love of learning new things.

Gemini people collect trivia and love learning about pop culture, people, and celebrities. They recite facts and trivia about several topics. They gather information with no purpose and love learning.

Aquarius people can be as eclectic, learning about cultures, philosophy, spirituality, politics, and esoteric topics. Aquarius and Gemini love social gatherings and are popular and friendly.

They share similar styles in romance. Gemini can be flirty and admiring but also distant and flighty in love. Aquarius people often run hot and cold but this is not a problem for Gemini.

Gemini and Aquarius respect each other’s needs for space and time apart, yet they can be playful, flirty, and fun when together. Both enjoy adventures and bring excitement and intellectual fulfillment to the relationship.

Gemini and Aquarius may care for each other, but they stifle their feelings. They share discomfort with emotional matters. They can be talkative and encouraging, inspiring each other to try new things.

Yet they don’t overwhelm each other with emotional demands. They relate well to each other and can help each other grow and explore new interests.


Aquarius’ compatibility percentage remains high with the second fire sign of the zodiac on their romance list, Sagittarius. Sagittarius people are independent and freedom-loving, just like Aquarius.

They may enjoy a long-distance relationship as both can keep the romance alive without being in the same place. They become bored and need to have breathing room in romance.

Sagittarius understands Aquarius’s erratic and unpredictable nature. They don’t try to corral or tame Aquarius; Aquarius doesn’t stifle Sagittarius. They encourage each other’s passions and interests.

Sagittarius and Aquarius can meet each other’s needs. Their relationship is not always perfect. Sagittarius can be too indulgent for Aquarius. If one is ready to settle down before the other, their relationship may suffer.


People born during the sign of Libra are also an excellent romantic match for their fellow air sign, Aquarius. Aquarius people are independent, carefree, and shocking.

Libra people thrive in partnerships and balance their partners’ personalities. Libra’s gentle nature can soften Aquarius’s intense personality. Aquarius can encourage Libra to become more outgoing.

Aquarius is scientific, innovative, intuitive, and spiritual. Libra is creative and artistic; they appreciate Aquarius’s intellectual and technological interests. They learn from each other and keep each other fascinated.

Yet their relationship has some pitfalls. Aquarius can be too aloof for sentimental Libra. Libra is partner-oriented and may seem to smother Aquarius because Libra wants to do everything together.


Aquarius compatibility with Aquarius can be hit or miss. They thrill each other and understand each other’s need for space and freedom. Yet they can also frustrate each other.

An Aquarius person may be indifferent emotionally but also crave a connection on their terms. They can be so independent and erratic that they repeatedly leave each other feeling abandoned.

Yet Aquarius people in romantic relationships with Aquarius can also have unique and intuitive insights into each other’s needs. They seldom make demands on each other.

They can make great friends and can understand each other’s romantic needs. Aquarius and Aquarius in love can form a lasting relationship if one is more grounded than the other.


Aquarius’ compatibility with Aries is tumultuous and exciting. They can be a dramatic pair. Aries are adventurous and bold. They can be assertive and eager to prove themselves.

Aquarius people enjoy Aries’ passionate nature, yet Aquarius people can be intellectual and thoughtful while Aries people are instinctive. They may be impulsive, keeping the relationship fun for Aquarius, but Aquarius can become frustrated with Aries’ careless nature.

Aquarius and Aries can be fun-loving and adventurous. Aquarius is quirky and unusual; Aries appreciates Aquarius’s individualistic nature. Aquarius finds inspiration and confidence in their relationship with Aries.


Aquarius compatibility with Taurus is challenging. People born under the sign of the bull can be cautious and stubborn. They are frustrated by Aquarius’s erratic nature.

Aquarius appreciates Taurus’s creativity and resourcefulness but may become bored with Taurus’s slow-moving nature. Aquarius can be independent and triggers Taurus’s jealousy and insecurity.

Taurus people can be too materialistic for Aquarius. Aquarius needs adventure and intellectual stimulation, this pair falls short of each other’s expectations.


Aquarius and Virgo clash in many ways. Virgo people are too methodical and perfectionistic for Aquarius’s liking. Aquarius needs spontaneity which makes Virgo anxious.

Virgos are obsessed with schedules, order, and routine. Their lifestyle bores Aquarius. Their common ground is minimal and stems from a shared interest in books, learning, and literature.

Aquarius is fascinated by learning new things about technology, cultures, and spirituality. Virgo is interested in learning practical information. They can be critical and often give unsolicited advice, which annoys Aquarius.


Aquarius compatibility with Capricorn can be difficult. Capricorn is their least compatible earth sign. They clash in numerous ways.

Capricorn is traditional and old-fashioned. Aquarius is rebellious and innovative. Aquarius and Capricorn support communities and collective progress, but their common ground is limited.

Aquarius and Capricorn can be compatible as colleagues. They can manage a friendship if they have projects to work on together. Yet their likelihood of success in romance is minimal.


Aquarius compatibility with Scorpio seldom works in romance. Scorpio craves emotional intimacy and connection, but Aquarius people are emotionally detached. Aquarius can be erratic and volatile, leaving Scorpio feeling insecure.

Scorpio is used to being able to read others’ intentions, but Aquarius reinvents themselves to remain elusive. Aquarius and Scorpio frustrate each other. Each tries to change the other but their attempts backfire.

Aquarius is too independent for Scorpio as Scorpio can be emotionally overwhelming. They challenge each other and can’t meet each other’s needs in romance or friendships.


Aquarius compatibility with Cancer can be a struggle in romance. Cancer craves a sentimental, romantic partner they can settle down with. They need to find a homebody who can validate their feelings.

Aquarius is emotionally aloof. They are too independent and unpredictable to make Cancer feel comfortable. Cancer’s emotional nature overwhelms Aquarius.

Aquarius’s erratic and intense personality is too much for sensitive Cancer to handle. Aquarius and Cancer may be able to maintain a friendship, yet even this is difficult for each of them in the long run.


Aquarius’ compatibility with Pisces is the worst. Although their signs are consecutive on the zodiac wheel, they clash and have no common ground.

Pisces is emotional, sensitive, and labile. They need a reliable partner who understands their moods. Aquarius can’t respond to Pisces’ vulnerability and need for emotional connection.

Pisces may retreat and lose themselves in fantasy and illusion. Aquarius is baffled by Pisces’ behavior and can’t understand why they would live in a fantasy world. Aquarius is a truth seeker. They are too abrupt for sensitive Pisces.

Pisces is nowhere near passing the Aquarius compatibility test. People born during Aquarius need a confident, outgoing partner. Pisces is too shy and inhibited for this relationship to last.