April Zodiac Sign (Decans & Signs Explained)

Updated September 25, 2023

The April zodiac signs are Aries and Taurus. Additionally, April’s signs encompass two decans each.

Aries and Taurus share birthdays in this spring month, but their personalities are different in every way.

People born in April may have distinct personalities and preferences. This month is divided among two zodiac signs split into two decans.

Each sign of the zodiac contains three decans. The decans give unique nuances to each sign, which is why people born under the same zodiac aren’t always similar.

April begins in the second decan of Aries before Taurus season begins midmonth. People born in April are either the sign of the Ram or the Bull.

April 1-9: Aries (2nd Decan)

The April zodiac dates begin with Aries. April 1 through April 9 is the second decan of Aries, influenced by the Sun. People born during this time are natural leaders.

Second decan Aries people are charming, friendly, and optimistic. They are more playful and flexible than other Aries people. Unlike others born under the Aries zodiac, they can be persuasive without being dominating.

People born during this time are natural entertainers with a great sense of humor. They love telling stories and making people laugh. They can be generous and optimistic.

The second decan of Aries people have a strong connection with children and may seem childlike and naive. They are eager to make new friends and have passionate personalities.

They can be energetic and need plenty of exercises to channel their intense energy. They can become agitated if they don’t have enough physical outlets for their energy. Yet they also need creative outlets for their busy minds.

They are athletic and enjoy sports while having many artistic and musical talents. They are confident and have a great sense of self-esteem. People born during the second Aries decan can show their strengths and skills.

They are loving and outgoing. People born during this time are determined and unstoppable when they have a goal. They are often successful business people, CEOs, and entrepreneurs. They have great initiative and can be influential.

People born during the second Aries decan are likely to thrive as coaches and mentors. They enjoy helping others live up to their full potential. They are excellent advocates and can be protective of others.

Though they have many positive attributes, they also have some challenges. People born during the second Aries decan can be grandiose and overestimate themselves or others. They are careless with money and can be impulsive.

They can also be so eager to prove themselves that they take unnecessary risks leading to regrettable decisions. They are impatient and can be impulsive.

April 10-19: Aries (3rd Decan)

People born between April 10 and April 19 are in the third decan of Aries. This decan is influenced by Jupiter and is considered a “Sagittarius decan.” People born during this time may be compatible with Sagittarius in romance.

They are lucky and may take more risks than the average Aries. Unlike other Aries people, those born during the final decan of this sign can be more intellectual and philosophical.

They enjoy traveling and may have more wanderlust than the average Aries. They are avid travelers who try to see the world and are often up for taking adventurous trips at a moment’s notice.

They are spontaneous and see no need to plan because they trust their instincts and have faith in themselves. They are often in the right place at the right time, so their lack of schedule and routines usually pays off.

Others may become frustrated with their lackadaisical nature. Yet Aries people born in mid-April are happy-go-lucky and unbothered by others’ judgments. They are flexible and more open-minded than other Aries people.

People born during the final decan of Aries are more collaborative and less competitive than other Aries. They enjoy meeting new people and learning from people from different cultures and religions. They love studying different beliefs.

They can be gamblers whose risks usually work favorably. Yet third decan Aries people bite off more than they can chew. They seldom ask for help. Instead, they try to push forward and can be overconfident in themselves.

They are among the most independent Aries and can be passionate yet aloof in love. They avoid showing vulnerability and hide all but their most positive feelings. They try to uplift others and bring happiness to those they meet.

They can be advocates, politicians, salespeople, coaches, and artists. They are often investors or entrepreneurs whose risky ideas pay off in the long run. They can also be philanthropists and work for nonprofit organizations.

April 20-29: Taurus (1st Decan)

The zodiac sign Taurus begins in late April. People born between April 20 and April 29 are in the first decan of Taurus; those born during this time embody the most intense traits of this sign.

Venus is their planetary ruler. They are attractive, romantic, and sensual. People born during the first decan of Taurus are materialistic and easily attract abundance.

They can be nurturing yet have solid boundaries. They are savvy and are never taken advantage of by others because they value their time and talents. Taurus people born during the first decan hold themselves and others to high standards.

Influenced by Venus, Taurus people born during the first decan understand their worth and value themselves. They can be discerning in relationships and expect much from others and themselves. They can be caring and nurture others.

The April zodiac symbol for Taurus is the bull. Taurus can be headstrong but patient, calm, and steadfast. They can move slowly, but when their passions are triggered, Taurus charges after what they want. They are also protective and can have a temper.

Taurus people born under the April zodiac fit the typical characteristics of this sign. They can be stubborn but work hard to ensure others are comfortable and pampered. They can be slow to anger and even slower to forgive.

They are attentive lovers and can be predictable and consistent. They are reliable and honest. Taurus people born in late April are creative and artistic. They have many practical talents and can be cooks, gardeners, crafters, and decorators.

People born in the April zodiac sign of Taurus are abundant and easily thrive in their careers because they are hard-working and crave stability. They also love comforts and luxuries.

First decan Taurus people often find the best deals on their favorite luxuries because they are savvy shoppers. They have investing skills and make money and stretch because of their creative, frugal skills.

The first decan of Taurus often excels in financial, artistic, and business careers. They are also attracted to gardening, farming, and healing professions.

They are sensual and affectionate. Although Taurus people born during the first decan are adoring and attentive lovers, they also have strong boundaries. They can be romantic but know when to work and when to play.

They have many admirable qualities but also have some flaws to overcome. They can be materialistic and demanding in relationships. Taurus people born during the first decan can also become too focused on money.

April 30: Taurus (2nd Decan)

People born on the last day of April are in the second decan of Taurus. April 30 birthdays begin this new decan, influenced by Mercury. April 30 Taurus people are earth signs, yet they are more intellectual and flighty.

The second Taurus decan is considered a “Virgo decan” and people born during this time may have an affinity for Virgo people. Tauruses born on April 30 are analytical and detail-oriented.

The April zodiac sign of Taurus compatibility is also ideal with water signs like Pisces, Cancer, and Scorpio. People born on April 30 can bring intellectual perspective and creativity to their relationships.

They can be health-conscious and while they share the hedonistic side of all Tauruses, they may be more mindful of diet and exercise. They can be eager researchers who love solving problems.

April 30 Taurus people are more humble than the average Taurus. They are helpful and can be great listeners. They can be critical of others as they have high standards and a perfectionistic streak.

People born on April 30 can be excellent data specialists, librarians, healthcare workers, and nutritionists. They may also seek scientific careers and love putting their attentive, analytical strengths to work.

Second decan Taurus people can be less demonstrative in love. While typical Taurus people are affectionate and sensual, people born on April 30 can be more reserved. The April zodiac element for Taurus is earth. Taurus is practical and reserved.

Their loving, sensual nature comes out in the bedroom but otherwise, they avoid public displays of affection. They can be restrained and cautious about starting a romance.

They date for an extended time before committing to someone in love. Taurus people born under the second decan of this sign can be reserved and cautious in romance, but they strive to find a partner for life.

They have many positive qualities, but second decan Taurus people have some flaws to overcome. They can be overanalytical and critical of others. Their judgmental nature can hinder their relationships.

They may also seem aloof and unemotional. Taurus people born during the second decan of this sign are more stoic than others born under their sign. They can seem insensitive though they typically bury their deeper feelings.

Second decan Tauruses born during the April zodiac are serious. While they have a sense of humor, they are less likely to enjoy fun and leisure when they have work to be done.

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