What Kind of Woman Attracts a Virgo Man?

What Kind of Woman Attracts a Virgo Man?

For a woman to attract a Virgo man, it’s essential to understand his unique style. You have to know the secrets to understanding a Virgo man’s signals.

You’ve got to know what a Virgo man likes and dislikes in a woman.

If you’re the kind of woman who has an eye for details, a love of nature and down to earth sensibilities, you’ll easily attract a Virgo man. He has particular needs.

A Virgo man, attracted to you, will evaluate you. If you want to know how to win the heart of a Virgo man, match his standards.

A Virgo man’s likes and dislikes all boil down to a few key things. He loves order, control, cleanliness, practicality and security. If you can embody these traits, you’ll have a good chance.

He Loves a Confident Woman

When you see the signs a Virgo man is falling for you, you likely waited patiently. He’s drawn to confident women. If you were able to wait for him to open up because you’re confident in yourself, you’ll win him over in time.

Proving your confidence when you’re in love can be challenging. On the one hand, you’re eager for the relationship to progress. On the other hand, the more eager you appear to be, the more you’ll push him away.

The key is to know how to make a Virgo man chase you. Let him come forward, even if it means you have to wait longer than you normally do. If you pursue him, he’ll feel crowded. He may also feel like you’re disrespecting his boundaries.

What makes a Virgo man like a woman is patience and rationality. Don’t let your emotions get the better of you. Stay grounded, he’ll be more attracted to your confidence than your passion.

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An Honest Woman Who Knows What She Wants

A Virgo man, when he likes a woman, will want to learn more about you. He’s not looking for silly conversations and will be turned off by this. Instead, he wants to see honesty and determination.

Show him you are honest. A Virgo man is the type of guy who would rather hear the truth even if it makes him feel uncomfortable. He doesn’t like to sugar coat things. He appreciates a woman who can be clear, concise and to the point.

He also loves it when you have a clear focus in life. If you drift from interest to interest, he’ll be turned off. Instead, show him that you are determined, ambitious and clear about what you want in life.

Although a Virgo man wants you to be ambitious and determined, he will shrink away if your determination is focused on him. Instead, focus on your career and other projects of interest. Don’t make a Virgo man feel like he is under the microscope.

A Woman Who is Ambitious but Humble

Although a Virgo man loves to see your independence and ambition, he also appreciates humility. He’s not into bragging. Show him your success in a modest way.

Drop hints here and there about your successes and ambitions. Don’t keep the spotlight only on yourself. Instead, give credit where it is due. He loves to see that you are hard working and accomplished.

He cares most about practical success. Show him that you are interested not only in climbing a corporate ladder but also in personal advancement. He likes to see that you’re trying to be your best.

He loves it when a woman is willing to work hard but doesn’t demand praise or recognition. This mirrors his own style of doing what needs to be done because it is the “right” thing to do, while also not insisting on fame or recognition.

A Virgo man loves to see confidence but not arrogance. He loves it when a woman has goals for herself and is organized and meticulous. You may need to have several ambitious goals, both for career and for your personal growth, at all times.

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A Woman Who Appears Innocent

You don’t have to actually be a Virgin, the symbol for Virgo, in order to get his attention. But if you act like you are, that is to say, if you act innocent, he’ll be attracted to you.

Your Virgo man is drawn to women who are not overtly seductive. This is the opposite of what many women expect from a man. Unlike other men, a Virgo man is not primarily sexually motivated.

If you appear innocent, shy, demure and humble, he’ll fall in love with you. This is because he has a secret obsession with purity. He’ll associate innocence with high standards and perfectionism.

If you have a kinky side, don’t announce that to a Virgo man right away. Instead, keep your focus neutral and low key. He prefers a woman who can keep a low profile to a woman who is too attention seeking.

He Loves Intelligent, Successful Women

If you want to know how to make a Virgo man miss you, you have to make a strong impact on him. This is not to be done through drama. He will try to avoid anything too intense or showy.

Instead, make an impression on him by showing your intelligence. Stand out from the crowd by letting your successes speak for themselves. A Virgo man loves intellectual women.

Further your education, formally or otherwise. Always have a few books to read on topics that help you learn practical skills. When you speak to him on his intellectual level, he’ll fall in love.

When you learn new information, always research. A Virgo man will be turned off by intellectual laziness. If he thinks you’re sharing invalidated facts or disproved data, he’ll be turned off. Make sure you check your research and validate information with several sources.

It sounds unromantic, but a Virgo man will fact-check you. He is more likely to engage in intellectual conversation as if you were a fellow researcher and not a potential romantic partner.

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He’s Attracted to Socially Conscious Women

There is another key quality that a Virgo man will look for in a woman. He wants to see that you are socially responsible. A Virgo man puts much value and emphasis on his role in society.

He sees himself as being responsible for the health, well-being and security of others. He cares about the well being of the public as much as his own needs.

Though he’s turned on by your ambition, if you are only out for yourself and not cognizant of the needs of others, he’ll assume you are selfish. This will deter him from pursuing a relationship with you.

If he sees you engage in random acts of kindness or help strangers, he’ll be attracted to you. Show him that you volunteer for a charitable organization or are conscientious about your resources.

He’ll also be attracted to you if he knows that you don’t waste money, food, water or energy. Thinking about the impact your actions can have on others help you make choices that impress a Virgo man.

All the more enticing is a woman who loves to repurpose things. If you know how to make shoes out of old tires, clothing out of old scraps, wallets out of duct tape and so forth, he’ll be intrigued. A Virgo man loves resourcefulness.

Be kind and helpful to others, a Virgo man will fall in love with you. Show respect and concern for the environment and for people who are less fortunate, and a Virgo man will be attracted to you.

A Woman Who is Nurturing but Not Over Emotional

One of the key traits a Virgo man looks for in a woman is not always easily understood at first. For all his aloof and rational nature, most women assume they have to show more emotion and more compassion in order to get him to open up.

This can backfire. He doesn’t want you to flood him with emotion. He simply wants you to balance out some of his detached, rough edges. If your warmth balances out his apparent coldness, it’s a great match.

The best approach to take with a Virgo man is to be nurturing, not over-emotional. Nurturing can be a way to not only soothe him but also to become his ally. It’s a way of supporting him in his goals.

Show interest in his health. Encourage his growth and show him you care for his comfort and security. The more you nurture him in practical ways, the more he’ll feel comfortable with you.

Don’t baby him, though. Be careful to keep your boundaries clear and respect his. He’s used to being independent. While he appreciates your nurturing energy because it reconnects him to his emotions, he doesn’t want to feel like he’s under a tidal wave.

If you go overboard trying to be his caretaker, he may become annoyed. A Virgo man would rather be self-sufficient but be encouraged by you than feel like you’re becoming too controlling and taking over his choices.

It’s also best to let logic and reason prevail over your emotions when dealing with a Virgo man. If you are too emotionally erratic or intense, he’ll feel like he’s on a roller coaster ride. This is deeply unsettling for a Virgo man.

He prefers to feel grounded and stable. He wants to know that you are as logical and rational as he is. If you make impulsive decisions or let emotions like fear and jealousy get the best of you, he’ll be turned off.

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