What Kind of Woman Attracts a Cancer Man?

What Kind of Woman Attracts a Cancer Man?

For a woman to attract a Cancer man, she has to appeal to all his desires for emotional security and validation.

If you want to know how to attract a Cancer man and keep him, it’s easy. Just keep his personality in mind.

Cancer men are emotionally sensitive. Figuring out what to wear to attract a Cancer man is less important than showing your compassion and empathy. What are Cancers attracted to?

More than anything, men born under this sign crave family, security and emotional connection. Make him feel at home and you’ll appeal to his desire for nurturing.

If you want to attract a Cancer man and make him obsessed with you, make sure you appeal to his desire for emotional connection. Show him you’re loving, gentle, kind and sensitive.

Women Who are Nurturing

If you want to know how to make a Cancer man want you, you’ve got to be nurturing. Show support for his fragile ego and for his big dreams. Unlike most other men, Cancer men don’t mind being mothered by their romantic partner.

A Cancer man welcomes what other men would consider a bit smothering. It makes him feel emotionally secure to know that you are willing to nurture him and recognize his deeper needs.

One of the biggest signs a Cancer man likes you is when he starts to open up to you about his emotional needs. He is caring and sensitive but tries to hide his vulnerability. That’s why he’s attracted to women who are supportive and nurturing.

When he sees that you are patient, caring and considerate and that you believe in him, he’ll start to open up. Cancer men, even if they are successful, are insecure. They need to feel nurtured and validated in a relationship.

He needs more reassurance than you may imagine. It can seem like quite a task to bring him out of his shell. Yet once you do, a Cancer man will be faithfully yours.

Family Oriented Women

If you want to know how to make a Cancer man happy, bring up family or children. Another way he is different from most other guys, is that he actually wants to get serious right away. He’s family oriented.

A Cancer man will love to see that you still visit your grandmother every weekend and have dinner with your family on a regular basis. He’ll love to listen to sentimental stories about your childhood and family.

Even when he wants to spend time with you, a Cancer man will understand if you aren’t free because you’ve got family obligations. In fact, he’ll like you even more for prioritizing your family’s needs.

If you have children, or dream of having children, this is also very attractive to a Cancer man as he will want to be a part of your family or have a family with you. He’ll also love to be included in your family traditions, holidays and vacations.

If you don’t have kids of your own but are otherwise caring, patient and good with kids in general, this is also a plus for a Cancer man. He loves women who are kind to all people, especially children.

He’ll fall for you when he sees you in a maternal role, even if it is with nieces or friends’ kids. If you don’t want kids personally, definitely show that you love other peoples’ kids. Be kind to children in your neighborhood for example.

Women Who Makes Him Feel at Home

If you want to know how to seduce a Cancer man through text, send him casual pictures of yourself at home in your favorite spot. Curled up on the couch with your cat or on the porch reading a book. Cancers can be casual.

He loves to see you relaxed and in your home. Cancers love the idea of home and may be so obsessed with home they don’t like leaving the house unless they have to. Giving him a glimpse into your home can help build the attraction.

Whether by text or other means, showing a Cancer man how relaxed you can be in your own element will make him feel like he’s right there with you. He’ll fantasize about cuddling on the couch with you and watching a movie.

Even when you’re out on a date, make him feel at home. If you’re entertaining at your place, set a comfortable scene. A Cancer man would rather feel casual and cozy than formal. Bring out the oversized pillows and start a fire in the fireplace.

Burn scented candles and play relaxing music. The more at ease you are around him, the more comfortable he will feel. Be feeling like he’s at home with you, you’re already well on your way to getting a Cancer man to fall in love.

Women Who Can Cook

Part of their love of being nurtured is a love of being cared for in practical ways. Cancer men love women who can cook. He also is likely to enjoy cooking quite a bit.

When you cook for him, you are going out of your way to forge a personal connection with him. This is why he’ll love to know you can make all his favorite meals and surprise him with some secret recipes of your own.

Even if he is perfectly capable of cooking for himself, he’ll see your efforts as an extension of your nurturing, loving style. He’ll feel even more at home when you make his all time favorite meals.

Cancer men are extremely emotionally sensitive. One of the reasons he’s attracted to a woman who can cook is because he often uses food to soothe his emotions. He’ll form a sentimental bond with you related to sharing great meals.

If you’re wondering what body type does a Cancer man like, don’t worry. He doesn’t care about your appearance as much as he cares about your personality. He’s more attracted to a woman who enjoys a good meal than a woman who counts calories.

Women with Traditional Values

Given his love of all things domestic, it’s common for a Cancer man to be attracted to women with more traditional values. He loves the idea of home, family and heritage.

He is so emotionally sensitive that he may be turned off or intimidated by any ideas that are too radical or controversial. He likes knowing the roles and rules of family life will be familiar and predictable.

He may be reassured by a woman who is connected to her community or religious organization or who balances work and family obligations. His spending habits tend to be thrifty so he’s also attracted to a woman who has a traditional attitude toward finances.

Part of his love for tradition stems from his fear of being surprised if life is not what he expects it to be. By being predictable and fitting in with his old fashioned attitudes, you’re creating a greater sense of security that makes him feel at ease.

Sensitive Women

If you want to know how to keep a Cancer man hooked, you’ve got to appeal to his desire for emotional connection. This is why, above all else, a Cancer man is attracted to sensitive women.

The more he can see your dreamy, romantic and vulnerable side, the more a Cancer man will fall for you. He loves women who are empathic and even a little emotionally fragile.

As a highly sensitive and intuitive man, he needs to feel like you relate to his nature. A woman who is too practical or who trusts logic over intuition won’t understand a Cancer man in the same way, or so he fears.

He can be impressionable and imaginative and needs to see that you’ll respect and encourage these vulnerable aspects of his personality. Showing him your soft side will get him to fall for you.

Affectionate Women

If you want to know how to get a Cancer man to chase you, it isn’t difficult. The main thing is to show him the nurturing and attention he craves but is afraid to ask for directly. Make a Cancer man feel secure through affection.

Cancer men can be so affectionate, they will expect you to hug, kiss, hold hands and show your physical connection with them in many small ways throughout the day. He has a high tolerance for affection compared to many other guys.

Don’t pass up an opportunity to cuddle or hold hands. Even if you’re busy or in a hurry, take the time to make physical contact with him when you can. A Cancer man loves to be held. Cuddling on the couch is a perfect date.

Physical contact reinforces his sense of security in the relationship with you. You don’t have to be great in bed to please a Cancer man. Being a great hugger or passionate kisser is more important to him anyway. Showing affection also relieves his possessive side.

If you’re already comfortable with public displays of affection, great. If not, this is something to work on. A Cancer man will assume you are cold, uninterested or mad at him if you aren’t affectionate. In time he may lose interest if you aren’t as affectionate as he is.

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