10 Signs When a Pisces Man is Done With You

Published April 18, 2023

Do you know when a Pisces man is done with you? If you don’t understand his astrological profile, you may not know when it’s over.

A Pisces man is notorious for confusing people. He gives mixed signals, but you can tell when the relationship ends.

A Pisces man ready to end the relationship with you shows unique signs. He doesn’t want to lead you on, so he tries not to hurt your feelings.

But a Pisces man shows you when he doesn’t want to be with you anymore. He backs away and treats you like a friend. He turns cold and may ghost you.

When a Pisces man is done with you, he doesn’t reply to your texts. He seems to withhold information and isn’t as excited to see you.

1. He Becomes Distant

A Pisces man becomes distant when a relationship is over. A Pisces man in love wants to be close to you. He is obsessed with you and doesn’t want to let you out of sight.

When he is done with the relationship, a Pisces man pulls away. He acts emotionally distant. He’s not as responsive. You can try to get his attention, but he seems distracted.

A Pisces man doesn’t want to break up with you and fears hurting your feelings. He backs away and hopes you will give up on him. He prefers you break up with him so he avoids looking like the villain.

Pay attention to his behavior if you’re wondering how to know when a Pisces man is done with you. He goes cold and becomes aloof when he has lost interest in you romantically.

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2. He Acts Like a Friend

Pisces men hate saying goodbye. When a relationship is over, your Pisces man wants to maintain a connection with you. He acts like you’re just friends.

You may panic when he backs down. He still talks to you, but he doesn’t show romantic interest. He keeps a connection and may seem more like an acquaintance than a partner.

When a Pisces man is done with you, he doesn’t want to lose you. He stays in your life but acts like a friend instead of a boyfriend; work on reigniting the passion when he cools off.

How does a Pisces man test you? He may test your emotions to see if you care about him. But a Pisces man who is done with you acts like he wants to be friends.

3. He Doesn’t Reply to Texts

A Pisces man can be eager to reply to you when he’s in love. But when he is ready to end the relationship, he shows you by not responding to your text messages.

One of the red flags a Pisces man is over you is his inconsistent communication. He stops answering your messages and takes his time when he responds.

Your Pisces love loses his passion for you when he doesn’t rush to reply to your messages. He gradually breaks up with you. Slowing down communication is a sign he’s not interested in you.

When a Pisces man is ignoring you, it’s a sign he doesn’t want to be with you anymore. The relationship is over if he hides from you. Never chase a Pisces man when he stops replying to you.

You must know what to do when a Pisces man backs off. Don’t be too eager. A Pisces man must see what life is like without you before he will come back.

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4. He Doesn’t Share Secrets

If a Pisces man loves you, he reveals his deep secrets. You can tell he has a crush on you when he tells embarrassing stories from his past. When he stops sharing with you, it’s a bad sign.

When your Pisces man starts keeping secrets instead of bearing his soul, he’s done with you. He may be over the relationship when he no longer shares his fears and secret longings.

A Pisces man who keeps conversations superficial is not romantically interested in you anymore. He may be polite, but if he is elusive and keeps secrets from you, he is over you.

5. He’s Less Affectionate

Pisces men are water signs and can be among the most affectionate signs in the zodiac. If your Pisces man is suddenly less affectionate, he’s lost interest in you.

One of the signs a Pisces man is bored with a relationship is that he cuddles less. He seems indifferent to physical contact. He breaks away after a quick hug rather than holding you for several minutes.

A Pisces man in love can be so affectionate he seems clingy. When he is over you, a Pisces man stops his displays of affection. He backs away to avoid touching you or sits on the other side of the couch instead of cuddling.

Don’t be too available if you’re wondering what to do when a Pisces man breaks up with you. Stop showing affection and never sleep with him after a breakup. He eventually changes his mind and comes back.

When you see signs a Pisces man is sexually attracted to you but shuts down emotionally, he is not interested in you anymore. He may still be turned on by you but he doesn’t show affection anymore.

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6. He’s Less Emotional

When a Pisces man doesn’t want to be with you anymore, he shows it by being less emotional. He doesn’t open up about his feelings and tries to act stoic.

You can usually read a Pisces man like a book because he is so emotional and expressive. He can’t help revealing his feelings through his tone and facial expression.

His typically transparent personality makes it more shocking when he goes cold. A Pisces man who shuts down and tries to hide his feelings sends a message. He’s done with the relationship if he stops being emotional.

A Pisces man who hides his feelings from you doesn’t trust you anymore. He may have lost his romantic feelings for you. He distances himself emotionally when the relationship is over.

How long does a Pisces man stay mad? He doesn’t stay mad for long if he’s angry with you. He puts his feelings aside and wants to be with you.

But if he is over you, a Pisces man clings to resentments and finds reasons to be angry with you. You can tell a Pisces man doesn’t love you anymore when he shuts down emotionally.

7. He Doesn’t Listen

Women love Pisces men because they are attentive listeners. But when a Pisces man has lost interest in you, he is distracted. He doesn’t make eye contact and may interrupt you.

The relationship is over if he doesn’t listen when you talk to him. A Pisces man who tunes you out or plays with his phone while you’re talking to him has lost his connection to you.

You can tell a Pisces man is not romantically into you anymore when he stops being attentive. He no longer focuses on you when you talk to him. He seems distracted and distant rather than listening compassionately.

When a Pisces man is angry with you, he wants to be heard and understood. But when he is over you, he stops communicating. He doesn’t listen and becomes difficult to communicate with.

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8. He Withdraws

Pisces men become infatuated with you when they love you. When he is romantically interested in you he wants to be in every part of your life. He may seem intrusive because he doesn’t want to let you go.

A Pisces man who acts withdrawn is over you. He stops being involved in your hobbies. He no longer shows interest in your life and stops showing up as much.

A Pisces man is done with you when he stops putting effort into your relationship. He can be less available and doesn’t show up when you expect him.

9. He Ghosts You

A Pisces man who ghosts you is not interested in you anymore. When he is over a relationship, he may cut off communication abruptly. Pisces men don’t feel comfortable breaking up with you.

They avoid conflict and drama by going silent. When a Pisces man doesn’t want you anymore, he may cling to the remnants of a relationship. He may try to remain friends with you if he is optimistic.

But a Pisces man who fears you will be upset if he breaks up with you doesn’t prolong the inevitable. He ghosts you to cut ties instantly. He doesn’t want to answer questions or explain himself.

Follow a no-contact rule with a Pisces man when he becomes distant. If he doesn’t reach out to you, assume he is done with the relationship. A Pisces man who ghosts you has lost interest.

Will a Pisces man come back after no contact? Pisces men can be indecisive. He may disappear for months and then come back and act like nothing went wrong.

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10. He’s Passive-Aggressive

Pisces men can be sweet, but they are not assertive. They hide from conflicts and avoid challenging conversations. He becomes passive-aggressive when he wants to end the relationship but doesn’t want to deal with backlash for breaking up with you.

A Pisces man who drops hints or suddenly acts rude is giving passive-aggressive hints that the relationship is over. He can be petty and push your buttons.

When a Pisces man is passive-aggressive in a relationship, he is trying to push you away. He wants to make you break up with him but doesn’t want to take responsibility for the relationship ending.

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