What An Aries Man Wants To Hear

Updated August 12, 2023

There are many things that an Aries man wants to hear from the woman in his life. Compliments and expressions of gratitude will go a long way!

Your Aries man may seem like a confident and independent man, but he sometimes needs some kind words or a confidence boost!

Aries men love to hear that they are strong and impressive. It also makes them happy to know that the people in their life feel safe around them, so be sure to mention that to your Aries man!

If your Aries man loves you, he wants to hear about your life. Talk about your goals and passions. Let him get to know you better.

Aries men also like to feel needed. Ask for your Aries man’s help sometimes. When he offers support or assistance, tell him how grateful you are to have him in your life!

Tell Him He’s Strong

Aries men like to play the hero. One of an Aries man’s turn-ons is hearing that his partner thinks he is strong.

Aries men try so hard to put on a tough demeanor. Many of them are strong, but it’s always lovely to hear that someone thinks so!

Your Aries man likely doesn’t always feel strong. If he’s having a hard time or nothing is going his way lately, he might need you to tell him that he’s strong enough to overcome any obstacle.

Remind him that he’s not just physically strong. If he’s your rock and provides excellent emotional support, tell him he’s emotionally strong. Remind him of his intellectual strength too!

If you aren’t sure how to support an Aries man when he’s feeling down, telling him that he’s strong and capable is also a great way to do that. Remind him that he can handle anything.

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Compliment Him Often

Aries men love it when other people compliment them, especially when the compliments come from people they care about!

It’s okay to feed your Aries man’s ego sometimes. If you know that he feels insecure about something, compliment him and boost his self-esteem.

Some people think Aries men are too confident, so they don’t always consider complimenting them. Many Aries men are less confident than they seem, so a few compliments won’t hurt.

If you aren’t sure how to compliment an Aries man, just be sincere! He likely has many talents and positive traits. Hone in on those!

You can focus on things your Aries man is proud of, but also try to mention something you know he’s insecure about. Build up his self-image if you know it’s low in certain areas.

Compliments go a long way if you want to flirt with an Aries man. Focus on him and boost his ego a bit. He’ll love hearing everything you have to say about him!

Ask For His Help

An Aries man needs to feel needed by others. He can respect that you’re independent and doesn’t want you to always rely on him for everything, but he’ll still love it when you ask for his help!

Your Aries man won’t always offer to help unsolicited, especially if he knows you’re more than capable of handling yourself. He will appreciate it when you ask for help, though!

Don’t be too proud to ask for assistance. If you know your Aries man is more skilled than you in a particular area, why not have him help you?

Your Aries man will love knowing that you trust him to help you in the first place. If you’re particular about how you do things, he’ll see that you trust in him and his abilities when you ask him to help you.

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Talk About Your Passions

Talking to an Aries man can seem complicated sometimes because many Aries men aren’t that chatty. They tend to be good listeners, though! When an Aries man cares about you, he wants to hear your passions.

Aries men can seem self-absorbed sometimes, but they are always happy to listen to the people they love. Hearing about your passions and seeing how excited you are will excite him too!

Talking about your passions allows your Aries man to get to know you better. If you share things with him that you don’t discuss with anyone else, he’ll also feel like you trust him.

He will love listening to you talk about your passions, and your Aries man will also love it when you remember his passions. If you know your Aries man’s likes and dislikes, make that obvious! When you know your passions align, pull him into a conversation about them.

Always Be Honest

An Aries man’s communication style tends to be honest and direct. He’ll want you to be as honest as possible too! If you lie to him, he will figure it out eventually. It’s better always to be honest.

Your Aries man wants to hear the truth when he asks for your opinion. He’s likely not fishing for compliments or looking for reassurance. He wants your genuine opinion, even if it’s something he doesn’t want to hear.

When you tell your Aries man the truth, no matter what, he will know that you respect him. Your Aries man will see that he can always trust you to tell him what he needs to hear, not what you think he wants to hear.

Communicating with an Aries man is much easier when you can be open and honest. He’ll feel good about your relationship when he knows that you feel comfortable telling him the truth.

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Tell Him You’re Impressed

When an Aries man likes you, he’ll want to impress you. He will be more than happy to hear that he’s succeeded!

If you find something impressive about your Aries man, let him know. Tell him how talented he is or how impressed you are by a project he’s completed recently.

Your Aries man might feel insecure about himself sometimes. He may wonder if the things he does matter to anyone. Make sure that he knows they matter to you and that you notice how hard he works!

Pay attention if your Aries man is talking about something he’s excited about. If it seems like he’s going out of his way to try and impress you, tell him you are impressed. That will make him incredibly happy.

Tell Him You Feel Safe With Him

Aries men get a reputation for being intimidating and aggressive. Some of them can be, but they are generally big softies with the people they love!

Your Aries man wants to know that you feel safe with him. This is especially true if he’s used to others being scared off by his stern demeanor.

Tell your Aries man how safe he makes you feel. If he protects you from something or keeps you out of danger, thank him for that.

Make sure your Aries man knows how comfortable you are around him. Tell him you aren’t scared of him and know how gentle his heart is.

It will make your Aries man happy knowing you feel safe in his presence. Sometimes, telling him that is just as important as telling him that you love him.

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Talk About Your Goals

When an Aries man cares about you, he’ll care about your goals. Aries men also like knowing that the people in their lives have goals in the first place!

Aries men are incredibly ambitious and driven. They have lofty goals in life and know exactly how to make their dreams a reality.

Your Aries man wants to hear that you have goals. He doesn’t necessarily care what those goals are or if they are the same goals he has. He just wants to see that you have ambition.

Tell your Aries man all about your hopes and dreams. Talk to him about the ones you never tell anyone else. He won’t think you’re ridiculous and will love that you’re comfortable sharing them with him.

Depending on your goals, your Aries man might even be able to help you reach them! He wants to know what your dreams are, and he’ll also be happy if he hears that you want his help reaching them.

Express Gratitude

Aries men don’t do favors for attention, but it is always nice to know their actions are appreciated!

If your Aries man does something for you, no matter how small, thank him. Let him know how grateful you are to have him in your life.

When your Aries man offers support, let him know how much you appreciate it. Even if all he does is sit there and listen to you vent, be sure to express your gratitude.

When your Aries man loves you, he’ll always be happy to help you when he can. He doesn’t want to feel like he’s being taken advantage of. Showing gratitude will make him feel loved and respected.

A simple thank you can go a long way. Don’t just assume that your Aries man knows how grateful you are for everything he does. You need to tell him!

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