What is The Weakness of Virgo Men?

What is The Weakness of Virgo Men?

When you want to know a Virgo man’s weakness, you’ve got to think outside the box. A Virgo man doesn’t respond to things like others do.

A Virgo man’s likes and dislikes show you what he really cares about. He values security and stability.

One of the biggest Virgo man secrets is actually hidden in plain sight. Though he tries to gives the appearance of perfection, he’s human. He has weaknesses he tries to hide.

He tries hard to hide his human side so you’ll never see his vulnerability. Yet if you know what to look for, you’ll see his Achilles Heel as clear as day.

A Virgo man needs to feel like he is in control. His weaknesses are all related to his mindset and intelligence. Trying to take charge ends up being his weaknesses.

His Achilles Heel is in His Mind

A Virgo man’s weakness is in his mind. This is not to say they aren’t genuine. But his beliefs about needing to be perfect and his high expectations of others are related to his weakness.

A Virgo man, when he likes a woman, will try exceptionally hard to show his high standards. The problem is, he will expect equal levels of perfection from his love interest.

He may set a standard that is too high making it difficult for you to live up to his expectations. For a Virgo man, temper is usually not an issue. He’s separated from his passions and operates on logic.

He thinks about the world in absolutes and this can be helpful. It can also be detrimental at times. One of the signs a Virgo man is falling for you is that he will try to be more flexible. Usually this is an understatement.

He’s Concrete about His Ideas

Things a Virgo man likes and dislikes in a woman are set in stone. He’s a concrete thinker and doesn’t adapt to change easily. When he gets a notion in his mind, he can be methodical and exact.

This can help him organize his priorities and stay focused. Yet it can also create problems for him. A Virgo man’s inflexibility can create a weakness in him. When he’s faced with information that challenges his ideas, he may falter.

When he has to deal with unusual or surprising situations, his intelligence may be hampered by his expectations. He will first see what he expects to see. This can make him susceptible to poor judgment and mistakes.

He’s a Perfectionist and Won’t Compromise

A Virgo man attracted to you will barely compromise on his high standards. He can sabotage a relationship without intending to when he looks for problems that don’t exist.

A Virgo man may also undermine the relationship because of his insecurities. His insecurities are a big part of his core weakness. He will sacrifice what he loves just to maintain stability and control.

He never wants to give up a bit of control and has no problem practicing restraint and self-discipline. Yet a Virgo man’s weakness is that he can become so insistent on getting his way that he ends up fulfilling his worst fears.

He can get so stuck on the mundane details of a situation that he loses perspective. This is part of his weakness. He will use his ideals and high standards to show his perfectionist standards.

He Lacks Creativity

A Virgo man can seem like a walking encyclopedia. Yet one thing often lacking from his brilliant mind is creativity. He’s not one to think outside the box. He needs to follow rules and orders.

A Virgo man often lacks the creativity to take risks. He will try to abide by rigid rules, even if they are unrealistic. He doesn’t like to take chances. Sometimes this helps him to maintain health and stability.

Other times, this is a liability. He can be so unimaginative that he doesn’t know how to solve problems when his typical, rational solutions don’t work. A Virgo man can struggle to see his way through unorthodox situations.

He’s Emotionally Disconnected

If a Virgo man says he misses you, it’s definitely a sign he cares. He would never say this if he doesn’t mean it. Other Virgo man crush signs are less obvious because he hides his emotions.

If you want to know how to break a Virgo man’s heart, one sure way is to betray what trust he does place in you or play on the limited emotions he does show. This is not a good idea if you want a chance with him.

A Virgo man is likely to show as little emotion as possible because he actually is more sensitive than he lets on. He knows emotion makes him vulnerable so he will hide his feelings.

If you betray him or exploit his emotions, he will never trust you again. He will shut down immediately and hide any emotion he was ever willing to show.

A Virgo man is particularly emotionally detached. Every time he does show emotion, he is giving you a glimpse of his weak spot. If you respect his sensitivity and don’t take advantage of him, he will know he can trust you.

If you take advantage of him in any way, however, he will remember this and will lose all faith in you. You may have gotten a glimpse of his weakness but if you don’t respect him he may disappear.

He Expects the Best in Others

You may wonder why this is a weakness. Isn’t it good to have high expectations of others? What makes this a weakness for a Virgo man however is that his high ideals can leave him shocked.

If someone has bad intentions and is out to hurt or take advantage of him, he’ll never see it coming. He will be thrown off balance because he would never imagine someone acting with impropriety.

When a Virgo man expects the best in others, he will be shocked to find that others are more duplicitous or cruel than he imagined. He takes others at face value.

This gives him an enormous blind spot. He doesn’t see the potential for danger in relationships because he’s so busy looking for practical threats, he overlooks the potential for danger from you.

He plays by the rules and fights fair. Therefore he expects that others will do the same. Yet he doesn’t recognize threats from others who would manipulate or play mind games. His high standards can be a liability.

He Can be Anxious

As intelligent as a Virgo man is, he will make bad judgment calls because of his ongoing stream of anxiety. He’s always anxious, though he tries to keep it under control.

Yet his steady state of caution and anxiety is a detriment in the long run. It’s exhausting and it drains his resources. A Virgo man will also eventually be distracted by his anxiety. This will lead him to make crucial mistakes.

Often those mistakes undermine all his effort and scrutiny. As much as he tries to be perfect and always do the best thing, his anxiety will inevitably lead him to make careless mistakes. This makes him vulnerable.

He Misses the Big Picture

On that note, a Virgo man is also detail oriented. He gets lost when he scours the minor details of a situation. His attention is drawn away from the larger picture.

A common weakness of a Virgo man is he is so busy looking for tiny fires to put out that he misses the larger conflagration right in front of him. He can get distracted from seeing the full situation.

This puts him in a delicate place where his judgment and intellect work against him. In a relationship, this can occur when he gets so caught up over small details that he nitpicks away.

In doing so, he loses perspective on the relationship at large. He may also lose track of what his conflicts were actually about. He may then be susceptible to manipulation or prone to making too big a deal over nothing.

He Can be a Workaholic

One of the techniques a Virgo man uses to detach from his emotions is to lose himself in work. This makes a Virgo man a great employee. He will go to great lengths to complete any task on his agenda.

He’s diligent and focused and takes great pride in getting his work done. Yet his workaholic nature is a weakness. It keeps him from developing deeper relationships. It can also interfere with his love life.

He does this subconsciously to distract himself from intimacy and to avoid more personal, vulnerable emotions. Yet like most defense mechanisms, when he overdoes it, this technique will backfire.

He will end up getting so detached and absorbed into work that the very issues he tried to avoid may become more intense. His conflicts with loved ones may worsen. He may create a self-fulfilling prophecy in which he is betrayed.

A Virgo man may also find that his issues have escalated while his attention was focused on work. If he doesn’t balance his love of work and his need to pay attention to his personal life, a Virgo man can make big mistakes.

He Can be Health Conscious but Highly Stressed

While a Virgo man can be very concerned about making healthy choices, all his attention to diet and healthy living can be compromised. This is because he isn’t good at balance and stress management.

He may need to learn to relax and manage his anxiety. If he doesn’t, a Virgo man’s weaknesses of insecurity and fear can become the driving factors behind his decisions.

When a Virgo man makes decisions based on fear or stress, he will make poor choices. He won’t be able to maintain his high standards and intellectual focus. He may become sleep deprived and vulnerable to illness as well because of unregulated stress.

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