What Happens When a Virgo Man is Upset?

What Happens When a Virgo Man is Upset?

When a Virgo man is upset, you may not know it. He is practical and stuffs his emotions down.

A Virgo man will try hard to hide emotions. He may be upset, hurt or angry but he won’t make a fuss.

A Virgo man is territorial. He doesn’t act angry or defensive, but he does try to keep everything in his life in order. Change is threatening to him.

If he feels this sense of control is threatened to any degree, he will become upset. Still, he’ll try to hide this. He’ll try to stay rational.

Even when he’s upset, he’ll step back. But a Virgo man always comes back. Leaving a Virgo man alone for a bit will help him get his bearings.

Rationalization is His First Defense

Will a Virgo man test you? No. He is too straightforward for that. Instead he will take his time and let his caution be a test of sorts. He’ll first try to rationalize the issue. He’ll analyze every detail, sometimes too much.

A Virgo man tries to avoid drama. Yet he can also amplify the problem in his own mind when he overanalyzes the situation. Before he gets upset, or even registers feelings, he’s already trying to think it through.

He’s already trying to intellectualize and think of solutions. This is what makes it so hard for you to understand what he needs. He hides it when he’s upset. You may go on with business as usual, not realizing anything is wrong.

What happens when you ignore a Virgo man? Sometimes you actually do him a favor by stepping back. When he has ample time to think things through, he’ll usually find a way to come to a rational conclusion and skip over emotional reactions altogether.

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He’ll Try to Justify His Feelings

If he goes quiet, he’s probably upset about something. Leaving a Virgo man alone may be the last thing you want to do. Yet it is an important step. He needs to think things through and find justifications for his feelings.

Give him space to come to an understanding of his own emotional reaction. A Virgo man needs to find a rational explanation for his emotional reactions. He doesn’t act on passion or feelings alone.

Instead he will try to deny his emotional response or intellectualize the reason for his feelings. When he sees a link between a problem and his emotional reaction, he’ll focus on fixing the problem.

He doesn’t believe that emotions, especially sadness and anger, serve any real purpose. As a result, he thinks they are unimportant experiences and will focus on his intellect instead.

He’ll Try to Talk Himself Out of an Emotional Reaction

Why does a Virgo man ignore you? Often he’s not ignoring you in the traditional sense. He’s just putting a laser focus on himself and how he’s feeling. More to the point, he’s trying to focus on intellectualizing his feelings.

Why does a Virgo man withdraw in the first place? It’s simple. He needs the space to talk himself out of whatever he is feeling. When a Virgo man is not responding to you, it’s a sign he was about to react.

This is his way of de-escalating the situation and neutralizing his own emotions. This is an important step for a Virgo man. The last thing he ever wants is to lose control.

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He’ll Try to Reason with You

Will a Virgo man miss you? In time he will. Yet this will only happen if you give him time to be alone and to think about the situation. He won’t miss you right away.

Yet when he does, he will come back around to try to reason with you. A Virgo man won’t yell or complain. He’ll disappear so he can calm down. Then he will come back and try to explain the problem.

When he reaches out, you may be mad at him for disappearing. Yet he was doing you a favor by de-escalating himself. Try to not get distracted demanding an explanation from him.

Instead let him help you focus on fixing whatever the original problem was. Focus on the facts and the issues at hand. He will be more concerned with trying to make the relationship stronger rather than berating you for what happened.

A Virgo man prefers to turn conflict into a teachable moment than to get lost in misunderstanding and problems. Let him explain what his rational and thought process was. Instead of getting emotional, try to match his logical nature.

He’ll Continually Find Evidence That He is Right and You’re Not

When a Virgo man’s attracted to you, he will still not shy away from standing his ground. If he starts to get upset, even before he starts to connect with his emotions, he’ll confront you what he thinks you are doing wrong.

Yet if he is upset or resentful because of an ongoing issue, he won’t deal with his emotions. Instead he will continually bring up the message that he thinks he is right and you’re wrong.

When he’s not upset, he’ll deal with an issue and let it go. But when he is more emotionally caught up in the conflict, he won’t deal with his emotions. He’ll stifle or ignore them. He’ll nitpick as a way of venting his frustration.

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He’ll Obsess Over the Details

A Virgo man is detail oriented, even when he’s not upset. Yet when he is upset, suddenly all the details or every situation become amplified to him. He’ll come up with a laundry list of everything that’s wrong.

A Virgo man will fixate on things you thought were resolved or assumed were no big deal. This is his way of hanging on to the issue. He doesn’t want it to be forgotten because in his mind it’s not resolved.

He’s still upset. It would be ideal if he would pay attention to his feelings, process them and move on. Yet he won’t. He is too detached from his own emotions.

When he becomes obsessed with details, he will try to bring up the conflict again and again through focusing on minutia of the situation. He won’t let it go and may seem obsessed.

He’ll Try to Move Past the Issue

Will a Virgo man lead you on? No. He is honest about his intentions. He doesn’t get emotionally invested in issues. This is why he will try so hard to solve a problem and move on.

He doesn’t really want to be stuck obsessively focusing on what is going wrong. He wants to deal with the problem and then be open to solutions so he can move on with his day.

Most of the time, his intellectual and rational side will help him overcome his emotions so he can just move on. Yet he is likely to hang on only if he can’t get over the emotional pain or anger that is triggered.

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He Won’t Make a Scene

A Virgo man hates drama. Even if he’s fuming with anger, which is a lot of emotion for a Virgo man, he won’t raise his voice. He stifles his feelings. He would rather solve the problem than make a scene.

When a Virgo man is struggling to keep himself in control, he would rather walk away altogether than make a scene and draw attention to himself. He never wants to jeopardize his reputation.

A Virgo man may withdraw in order to shut a conflict down. This is especially true if he is on the verge of losing his cool. He will do anything in his power to avoid bringing unwanted negative attention to himself.

He May Go Silent for a While

A Virgo man who is upset over something will be more quiet than usual. Given his already introverted nature, it can be hard to tell at first if he is mad or just busy. This is why it is important to know his normal routines.

If he usually goes a few days without talking or texting, but now that time frame is pushed out even farther, time to think back. What has happened recently? Did you tell a joke he didn’t laugh at? He may have found it offensive.

Did he threaten his sense of stability or security without intending to? Comb through your memory and try to recall his reactions the last time you spoke to or saw each other.

It’s possible he’s upset when he goes silent. How long will it take him to come around? That can depend on the issue at hand and his reaction to it. He’ll take as long as he needs to take to think things through and sort out his thoughts and feelings.

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If the Issue Isn’t Resolved, He May Just Walk Away

If a Virgo man takes a step back to de-escalate, then re-emerges, he’s looking for a chance to inform you about what went wrong. He won’t keep it secret. Instead he will be transparent and direct.

Yet if he explains himself to you and you don’t work with him to address the issue, he will become more determined to convince you of what you need to do to change the situation.

If nothing changes, a Virgo man will get frustrated. He’s patient, but only to a point. When it gets to the point that he feels you are taking advantage of him and really not willing to make the situation better, he will just walk away.

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