Virgo Man Traits & Characteristics

Virgo Man Traits & Characteristics

Understanding Virgo man traits can save your relationship. He can be confusing. You need to thoroughly understand his personality.

By taking the time to understand his inner motivations, you’ll be able to enhance your connection with a Virgo man.

Understanding a Virgo man can make all the difference between strengthening or sabotaging your relationship. If you don’t understand how he operates, you may become frustrated with him.

You may question his slow pace or become impatient waiting for him to make a commitment. You may wonder why he always criticizes you or focuses on tedious details.

Yet when you see these behaviors for what they are, common Virgo traits, suddenly it will all make sense. Instead of being annoyed by his aloof, methodical nature, you’ll see it as a blessing.

Virgo Information
Best matchTaurus, Cancer, Capricorn
Worst matchGemini, Libra, Aries
Wild cardsVirgo, Pisces
DatesAug 23 - Sep 22
Opposite signPisces

He’s Highly Intellectual, But in a Different Way

A Virgo man’s intelligence is legendary. Yet before you rush off to the library to brush up on your knowledge of philosophy and ancient civilizations, there’s a catch you should keep in mind. It’s what separates Virgo men from other brainy Zodiac signs.

Virgo men are intellectual but they ground their intellectual interests in practical matters. He is the combination of intellect and pragmatism. He may have an interest in ancient civilizations, but his primary concern is learning things that help make life better and more efficient now.

If you want to know what a Virgo man likes in a woman, one of the biggest points of attraction is sensibility and practical intelligence. Read “How-to” books. Impress him with your knowledge of nutrition, gardening and home fixes.

He doesn’t want to just get into philosophical navel-gazing. A Virgo man wants to learn about finance, repairs, home improvement, survival skills, first aid. Brush up on your skills and knowledge in these areas and you’ll have lots to talk about.

He Longs to Be of Service

One of the top Virgo male traits, when in love, is how far out of his way he will go to help you. He’s friendly and considerate to everyone. But one of the signs a Virgo man is falling in love is his willingness to be of service to you.

He’s married to his schedule, but he’ll adjust his plans to do things for you or help you when he’s really in love. He doesn’t seek praise or attention. He just loves to be helpful.

He may have a long list of errands to run on behalf of other people (and yes other women as well) however this isn’t a reason to worry. He’ll show his desire to be helpful to you in consistent ways when he’s in love.

He’s Thoughtful and Conscientious

A Virgo man notices everything about you. He’s thoughtful and conscientious. This can be a real blessing. Yet keep in mind that just as he is conscious of your needs, he’s also always thinking of order and stability.

This means he won’t lie. He won’t cut corners. If you’re in a hurry, he can be a bit frustrating. He won’t run red lights or speed to get to his destination. He would rather just be late and face the consequences.

He may not share his emotions from deep in his soul. Yet he will show you that he’s thinking of you. He’ll do practical things to make your life better. He’ll show that he’s been paying attention to your preferences.

A Virgo man will always live up to his promises. This means he makes promises sparingly. He may be slow to commit in a relationship because of his cautious nature. Yet his caution is not selfish.

Yes, he cares about preserving his own stability. But even more, he cares about making promises and commitments. He won’t tell you what you want to hear, no matter how much he wants to make you happy.

A key to understanding Virgo man compatibility is to balance his practical, committed, stable nature with a personality that is similarly stable but just a bit more emotional. Not too much or he’ll be overwhelmed. Just enough to balance his stoic nature.

He Can Forego His Own Pleasures

One of the things that make a Virgo man unique is that his passions and desires don’t matter as much to him as his integrity. This confuses many women. A woman in love will expect him to follow his heart.

If he professes his love, it is expected he will pursue the relationship no matter what. Yet this doesn’t take into consideration the amount of stoicism he can practice. He can easily set his desires aside.

A Virgo man values routines, rules and orderliness more than he values feeling good. He values security over pleasure. If he feels an attraction but also sees a lot of drama or chaos on the horizon, he’ll risk missing out on love to avoid trouble.

A Virgo man in bed is every bit as controlled, modest and methodical as a Virgo man in public. He’s not hiding a wild, passionate side. He’s reserved and cautious. Even in his intimate moments he’s not known for spontaneity.

He’s a Concrete Thinker

A Virgo man has a rigid mindset. This is not unique to Virgo men, it is also one of the key Virgo traits for females too. The difference is Virgo men also have the cultural conditioning of emphasizing thinking and doing over feeling.

When you plan things hypothetically or talk about abstract concepts, he may actually become frustrated. He will feel like you’re speaking a different language. A Virgo man is often called a “poor communicator.” This is not true. He’s just a concrete communicator.

He Notices Every Detail

A Virgo man will observe details and make commentary on everything around him. Yet he also can be observant and critical of every detail. This is a blessing and a curse for him.

He’s always prepared, yet his constant observation of what is wrong and what needs to be fixed can be misconstrued as constant criticism. Famous Virgo men like Bernie Sanders and Stephen King will try to improve society through their observations and social criticism.

Even a Virgo man who is not a celebrity still has this mentality. He wants to point out the problems so that he can try to help others make things better. He’s detail oriented so he’ll notice anything that is out of place.

He’s Organized and Meticulous

A Virgo man is famous for his organizational skills and meticulous attention to detail. The term “perfectionist” is often used to describe him. He is not only highly organized and orderly in his own life, but he looks to others to be orderly too.

Virgo men project their high expectations onto others. They like to act as role models for others. A Virgo man hopes that he will be a good influence, helping others to bring order from chaos.

Others may say he’s compulsive about hygiene, cleanliness and orderliness. He can be germophobic and overly cautious because he’s researched all the possible things that can go wrong and is always trying to be prepared.

He’s a Control Freak

A Virgo man often confuses people because he can be so mild and friendly but then suddenly become controlling. He keeps a low profile but he actually has a deep current of anxiety that motivates him.

He always feels this anxiety on some level. He’s driven to be a perfectionist to try to keep this feeling at bay. He tries to control his internal feelings by controlling events and people around him.

Usually he balances this with a friendly, helpful and modest nature. But if he’s got deeper emotional turmoil he’s not addressing things can really escalate. He may come to obsess or try to manipulate or control those around him to distract from this anxiety.

He’s Devoted, Once He Finally Opens Up

As an Earth Sign, he’s loyal and devoted to the people and tasks he cares about. A Virgo man may take forever to open up but when he finally does, he’s committed to you.

You don’t have to worry about him going astray. He will commit his time and energy to focusing on you and making your life better. The key is to be patient because he is so cautious.

He’ll test the waters a little at a time. When he’s finally convinced you’re the one for him, he’ll show you complete devotion and loyalty.

He’s Modest and Humble

A Virgo man can seem aloof and cold. A reframing of this would be to say he is modest. He prefers to be understated and doesn’t like to make a scene.

Virgo men appreciate it when you acknowledge what they do for you, but they don’t want to be praised and admired. A simple act of acknowledgement is enough for them.

Although he is humble and doesn’t require great gestures of thanks, he does take it personally if you don’t take his advice or follow through with his guidance.

He Doesn’t Understand the Big Deal with Emotions

One of the biggest complaints women often make is that they get frustrated with their Virgo man’s cold, detached nature. They don’t understand why their Virgo loved ones aren’t more emotionally present.

It isn’t personal. Virgo men really don’t get what emotions are all about. To a Virgo man, all the sentimental, emotional stuff is more a hindrance than anything.

They don’t see emotion as having any practical value and so can be dismissive of feelings. Try to look for evidence of his emotions through his actions. Don’t expect him to hold space for your emotions.

He Can Be a Nerd, and He Knows It!

A Virgo man is like a walking encyclopedia. Though he prefers to focus on practical knowledge and information that can be applied to improving daily life. Still, he loves to show off his inner Nerd.

He’s got an amazing memory and may be able to call up facts and trivia about numerous topics. He likely has a slightly unusual collection or fascination with sci-fi related shows or movies.

He loves to learn new things and is always reading several books at a time. He loves to research every detail of his interests. Some people compete by playing sports, a Virgo man’s athletics involve his mind. He’ll try to outwit others as friendly competition.

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