How to Flirt with a Virgo Man through Text

How to Flirt with a Virgo Man through Text

To a Virgo man, text may be the preferred method of communication. Understanding a Virgo man’s texting style will help you avoid common mistakes.

Though he is always friendly and polite, some traditional forms of flirtation will go over his head.

When it comes to the obvious signs a Virgo man likes you, one of the biggest indicators is he’ll text on a regular basis. Make the most of these messages.

Even a few words can convey so much meaning. Being detail oriented, nothing is lost on a Virgo man. You don’t have to spell it all out for him.

Yet you have to be precise and intentional if you want to flirt with a Virgo man through text. If you come on too strong, it’s a turn off.

What Texting Means to a Virgo Man

One of the biggest Virgo man crush signs is his willingness to send routine text messages. If a woman is waiting for elaborate displays of romance and love, these measures may seem meager. It may seem like he’s actually not interested.

What gives away his deeper feelings is the consistency and habitual nature of a Virgo man texting you on a regular basis. This is actually a big deal. Virgo men are efficient. They don’t take time to do something if it isn’t important.

To a Virgo man, texting isn’t only about what is being said. It’s also about the process of breaking his routines to include a message to you. When he does this consistently, it’s a great sign.

It means he has made interacting with you a part of his daily routines. Even if it is a quick message asking you how you’re doing or telling you what he had for dinner. He’s including you in his life through these messages.

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Keep it Short

One of the signs a Virgo man is falling for you is when he makes it a habit to reach out to you consistently. Especially when he initiates the communication.

How should you make the best of the situation and show your charm? The cardinal rule with a Virgo man is that less is more. Keep your replies brief and sweet.

Break yourself of old habits and expectations. If you’re used to Pisces texting habits, for example, you may be tempted to write him back with paragraphs of romantic and vulnerable messages in which you express your love for him.

You may go on about your fantasies and dreams, how you see yourselves together forever. You may even try to make him smile by ending your message with a picture of a cute puppy.

This will not be seen as endearing by a Virgo man. He’ll see paragraphs and cringe. He’ll wonder what the puppy had to do with anything. The outpouring of emotion will trigger a panic reaction in him.

Instead, opt for short, sweet and thoughtful. Flirt with him in modest ways that don’t reveal too much heavy emotion. Show respect for his time but also that he’s on your mind.

Even Flirting Should be Practical

Virgo men are more practical than passionate. If you send him a text with little hearts and kissy faces, he’ll be confused. He won’t find it cute. He doesn’t fully understand the purpose of flirting.

Instead of leaving him guessing, it’s best to make the flirty messages practical. Ask him for help with something and admire his strength or intelligence. Use an endearing nickname or reference to an inside joke that he will understand.

Share information with him but put some personal references into the message so he knows it is not just about passing along an interesting article. Give him data or useful information with a flirty, romantic spin.

If you’re planning to meet, you could send a quick message saying you can’t wait to see him, confirm the time and place and then drop a reference to a personal interest of his or an inside joke.

Like a Capricorn man’s texting habits, communicating with a Virgo man through text should emphasize tasks, business and helpful information. Occasionally mix in a more personal level to spice it up, but don’t be too suggestive.

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Keep Him Wanting More

Along the lines of doing more with less is the idea that you want to keep a Virgo man wanting more. At the same time, you don’t want your point to be so lost that he is confused.

Avoid dropping sexy or cute pictures with no explanation, unless the picture or gif specifically pertains to an inside joke or something he would recognize clearly.

When you communicate by text, don’t tell him the whole story of what went on in your day. Virgo men do enjoy mundane details, but save some of that for when you are together.

Let him know you learned some new massage techniques and you can’t wait to try them out on him. Tell him you had a great day at work and can’t wait to tell him the details at dinner.

Leave him excited to know what happens next. Flirting with a Virgo man is less about sexual or even romantic suggestiveness and more about intellectual connection.

Keep Photos Modest

This may seem to go against the rules of flirtation and sexting, but a Virgo man is not going to usually be a sexting kind of guy. He wants to remain in contact but to him, texting is about efficiency.

Keep photos modest to match his humble nature. Only when your relationship is super serious should you delve into any overly sexual photos and even then, tread carefully.

If he opens the text at work he may be embarrassed or he may feel like you’re emphasizing sex too much. If you want to send a flirty selfie, show modesty but pose as if you were kissing him or blowing a kiss.

Just seeing a picture of you smile will brighten his day. One thing that will definitely make him happy is seeing a picture of you doing something healthy, such as a picture of a salad you just made or working in the garden.

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Drop Hints, Let Him Imagine the Rest

If you’re wondering how a Virgo man shows interest, he does so by trying to be helpful to you in pragmatic ways. Use text to show gratitude for what he does to help you.

Then drop hints about how you plan to return the favor when you are together. Be discreet though, a Virgo man likes his flirtation to be mostly modest. Hinting about your time together can trigger his imagination.

This will also keep him from feeling like he is being pressured when it comes to sexuality. You’re not getting too graphic. You’re just mentioning the fact that you owe him for fixing your car’s tire and plan to make it worth his trouble.

Texting a Virgo man requires more grounding than, say, texting a Libra man who has a rich imagination. Yet you can still leave some room for a Virgo man to supplement your cues with his own imagination.

Don’t Reveal Your Deeper Desires and Secrets

Texting is not for deep conversations with a Virgo man. It’s for sharing practical information, asking for help, checking in with each other and occasional friendly flirting.

Don’t reveal your deep dark secrets and desires through text with a Virgo man. He will feel completely overwhelmed and it will come across to him as needy.

In fact, it is generally a good idea to parcel out deep emotional conversation in small doses with a Virgo man even face to face. He isn’t comfortable with deep emotional conversations. He may be puzzled that you’re sharing deep personal secrets through text.

Boundaries are a big deal to a Virgo man and if he suspects you don’t have strong boundaries he will start to pull back. He won’t see deep personal disclosures as endearing or even as intimate but as a potential red flag.

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Choose Your Timing Carefully

Timing and routines are important to a Virgo man. He generally tends to follow the same system and routine almost every day. Once you’ve known him for a few weeks, you should have his schedule down.

He seldom changes it. When you text a Virgo man for anything that is nonessential, choose your timing carefully. He sees texting as being summoned for a practical reason. If this is not the case and you’re flirting with him, he’ll get annoyed.

Be cautious with when and how frequently you contact a Virgo man just to be playful or flirty. He’ll take it personally if he feels you aren’t respecting his boundaries.

Don’t Text Him While He’s Working

Texting a Virgo man at work to send flirty pictures or suggestive messages will not make his day. He’ll see it as annoying. He may also conclude that you don’t respect him.

A Virgo man may stop once or twice to respond to your texts while he’s working but it won’t make him look at you favorably. You may think it is sweet to keep in touch throughout the day.

Yet a Virgo man is always focused on the business at hand. Whatever project or work he is involved with gets his full attention. After a while he’ll resent being interrupted.

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Make Your Flirtation Friendly and Practical

Think of practical questions to ask a Virgo man, but be sure you really want the answers. He’ll take it personally if you don’t follow his guidance. If you’re gauging his interest and flirting when you ask his advice, follow up anyway.

If you’re wondering how does a Virgo man test you, know that he really doesn’t. He will always analyze a relationship and will observe who you are by your texting and communication style. This doesn’t mean he’s testing you though.

Be friendly and playful but show him you are also a mature professional person. Don’t overstep his boundaries and don’t go too far into the personal, emotional and sexual when you flirt with a Virgo man through text.

Take advantage of times when you would already naturally text him to ask for advice or arrange meeting details and insert some discreet flirtation. Keep your messages modest and polite, however. A Virgo man is subdued.

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