How Do You Get a Virgo Man to Text You?

Updated September 19, 2022
How Do You Get a Virgo Man to Text You?

Texting back and forth with your crush is fun, but how do you make a Virgo man text you?

Once you know the typical Virgo man texting style, you can figure out how to get him to text you back.

Some guys just don’t like texting. You can look at the traits of his zodiac sign to predict whether or not Virgos like to text, and what kinds of messages you should send him.

Virgos are ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication, so knowing how to have a conversation with him via text is important.

Learning more about Virgo male personality traits and how they engage in texting will help you know how to interact with him better, and specifically how to keep his texts coming.

Make the First Move

If you’re wondering, “Should I text a Virgo man first,” the answer is yes, definitely! Some guys like it when you make the first move, and Virgos certainly fall into that category.

Although Virgos tend to be introverted, they love to talk on the phone. He probably prefers talking to texting, so even if he has a crush on you, he might not text you first.

But once you send a message, if he is into you he will keep the text conversation going. In fact, one of the obvious signs a Virgo man likes you is when he turns your text conversation into a call.

Virgos are also quite shy and insecure. If he’s not sure you are interested in him, he could be too intimidated to send the first message.

If you’re wondering how to tell if a Virgo man is interested when he has your number but doesn’t contact you, don’t think it’s because he doesn’t like you. He’s probably just hoping you’ll be the one to text first.

Virgos like when their partners make the first move. Go ahead and send him a text asking him how his day is going, and he will happily respond.

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Send Practical Messages

Virgos are very reasonable and sensible. If you want to craft a message that he has to respond to, send him a question about a practical matter.

Maybe you forgot the title of the book he was talking about on your date earlier in the week, or you need directions to a park you went to together.

Sending him a message with these questions will not only almost guarantee a response, it will remind him of a pleasant time you shared together.

Virgos also hate big emotional displays, even in text form. Keep your messages with a Virgo pleasant, and save any important talks about feelings for a visit or a voice call.

Ask His Opinion

Virgos love stimulating, intellectual conversation. You are sure to make a Virgo man attracted to you and engage his interest if you text him asking for his opinions and recommendations.

Virgos are perfectionists, so they feel strongly about their likes and dislikes. They will make thoughtful, compelling arguments about what makes something good or bad.

For example, if you text your Virgo man asking for a movie recommendation, he will gladly give you a list of his top favorites with the reasons why they are great films.

One of the Virgo man crush signs is when he texts to ask for your opinion, too. He’s not just making small talk – if he likes you, he really wants to know what you think.

Asking his opinion is flattering, but also meaningful. It shows that you value his point of view and trust his judgment. Go ahead and ask his opinion on just about anything, and he will surely text you back.

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Be Thoughtful

Although they are quite practical, Virgos are thoughtful and considerate, too. They appreciate when you show your own thoughtfulness through text, as well.

A simple “Good morning!” text, or “Hope you’re having a great day!” will go a long way towards showing a Virgo man how kind you are and how much you think of him.

One of the signs a Virgo man has a crush on you is when he sends you these kinds of thoughtful texts out of the blue. If you send him cute texts and he likes you, he will keep the messages coming.

Don’t Be Too Aggressive

The zodiac sign Virgo is ruled by Mercury, the communication planet. They crave consistent communication, so if a Virgo guy isn’t texting you, it’s probably for a good reason.

He could be busy at work (which is highly likely, as Virgos are conscientious and diligent workers), or out with friends and not looking at his phone.

Many Virgos prefer voice calls or seeing you in person rather than texting. Him not texting you back could just mean he is going to respond in a more direct way.

One of the signs a Virgo man is falling for you is if he talks to you on the phone regularly, so if he’s doing that then don’t sweat the lack of texts from him.

The final reason that he doesn’t text you is because, unfortunately, it’s one of the signs a Virgo man doesn’t like you. If he doesn’t make up for it with other communications, it might be time to let him go.

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Be Honest

Virgos appreciate and respect honesty, so never, ever lie in a text to your Virgo man. If he catches you, he will call you out and it will be embarrassing. Or worse, he’ll lose interest in you.

Virgos are honest and direct to a fault, and they expect honesty from those close to them. A text lie, even a seemingly innocuous white lie, will raise red flags in your Virgo man’s mind.

Remember that technology can sometimes reveal your text lies, too. Things like location trackers built into your phone and “read” receipts could show the recipient of your messages more than you think.

A Virgo will always be honest with you, including in his text messages. Give him the same truthfulness in return, and he won’t have a reason to stop texting you.

Don’t Play Games

Virgos are very straightforward and no-nonsense people. They don’t like to play games in relationships, and they hate when you play hard to get.

Don’t try to manipulate your Virgo man in any way through text. Silly tricks like intentionally waiting for hours to respond or trying to make him jealous through text won’t work; it will only push him away.

If you try to use reverse psychology in your texts with a Virgo man, it won’t work. Neither will hinting at other dates you might have, or any other sort of sneaky tactic.

When a Virgo man senses competition or gets jealous, he is far more likely to retreat than to want to fight for your affections. Don’t toy with his emotions through texts, or you might not hear back from him.

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Reassure Him

Because Virgos can get anxious and insecure, it’s important that you remind him on a regular basis how awesome you think he is. Showing your admiration of him can be as simple as shooting off a quick text.

When you’re thinking about him, send your Virgo man a text that says something like, “I just wanted to let you know how incredible I think you are!” It will brighten up his day and he’ll want to respond.

Boosting a Virgo man’s confidence will also make him more comfortable and self-assured with you, and he will want to open up more.

Once you’ve shown him how highly you regard him and how much you care, you’ll find that his texts are much more frequent and romantic than ever before.

Be Reliable

Virgos crave stability, and interruptions to their routine are quite challenging for them. Do what you say you will do in a text, otherwise a Virgo won’t want to deal with your flakiness.

When you text a Virgo man that you will be somewhere by a certain time, then you had better be on time (or at least send another message to let him know you’re running late).

Don’t make empty promises or prove yourself unreliable, or you will find that your Virgo man no longer texts you to make plans.

If you’re wondering will a Virgo man miss you if you’re not around and don’t call or text, the answer is yes! Don’t keep him anxiously waiting; text to check in with him and put him at ease.

Virgos crave communication with their loved ones. If you normally send him a text first thing in the morning or during your lunch break, you can bet he’s looking forward to those messages.

Keep any sort of texting routine you have going with your Virgo man. He needs this consistency from you, and it guarantees he will keep texting back just as regularly.

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Make Him Laugh

One of the things a Virgo values most of all in a partner is the ability to make him laugh. Virgos can be very serious and anxious, so they need partners who can offer them some comedic relief.

For a Virgo man, having a partner who can get him to loosen up is important. Help him reveal his goofy side, and he will love you even more.

It’s not that Virgos aren’t funny themselves – they just need someone else to help draw this out of them. Text him a funny joke, a pun, or a meme that made you laugh.

Virgos love stimulating, intellectual conversation – and it’s even better if that conversation is hilarious, too. Engage in witty banter through text with your Virgo man, and he’ll keep texting you back for more.

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