11 Seduction Techniques When Texting a Virgo Man

Updated October 26, 2022
11 Seduction Techniques When Texting a Virgo Man

Virgo man text seduction requires you to know how a Virgo man shows interest. You need to know how to talk to a Virgo man.

When you see signs a Virgo man is falling in love with you, try enticing him through text.

When you see common Virgo man crush signs, you’ll know it’s time to take flirting to a new level. Signs a Virgo man is falling for you include his willingness to text more.

Though Virgo men are more practical than sensual, when he really likes you he’ll be open to more flirtation and seduction. You’ve got to know how to appeal to his nature.

When a Virgo man is attracted to you, he’ll be more interested in seduction and flirtation if you keep your attempts minimal. Modesty is key for him.

1. Understand His Texting Habits

You need to understand that a Virgo man doesn’t text like other men. He looks at texting as strictly a way to convey pertinent information. He’s not usually interested in conversing and small talk.

This is also true when it comes to seductive texting. A Virgo man is very particular about how he wants to be contacted and for what reasons. Even if your intentions are good, texting him seductively needs to be handled with care.

A Virgo man is cautious and likes to use texting to convey only the most important information. Where are you meeting? What time? He only wants to text to plan or inform you.

When it comes to seductive texting, you’ll have the best response if you use flirtation and seduction sparingly. Pepper your practical texts with some light seductive statements or questions for example.

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2. Slip Seduction in Unexpectedly

Virgo men aren’t usually much for sexual texting or small talk through text. When you have to text him for a practical reason, slip something seductive into your message.

If you’re wondering what to text a Virgo man to get his attention, focus your messages on things you need help with. Also asking his advice gets his attention right away. He loves to be helpful.

Take his feedback seriously. Don’t jump to be flirty and seductive too soon or he will think you’re playing games with him or wasting his time. Be subtle with your seduction. Text him for a rational reason and throw in some seductive undertones.

3. Keep Messages Brief

Don’t text a Virgo man paragraphs of information. If you want to know how to make a Virgo man chase you, leave some questions for him to ask. Give some room for him to pursue you.

Keep your messages brief and to the point. Put seductive tones into otherwise useful information. Don’t go overboard with seduction.

A Virgo man is modest and humble. Even when you’re not texting, he doesn’t want to focus too much on sex. He gets embarrassed easily and will want to keep his focus on other things. Brief seductive texts will pleasantly surprise him.

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4. Be Playful and Flirty but Not too Wordy

If you want to know how to compliment a Virgo man, be seductive and playful but keep it brief. Don’t blow up his phone with suggestive texts. How does a Virgo man test you? He doesn’t. At least not exactly.

He sticks to his strong boundaries. But even a Virgo man’s staunch rules and boundaries leave some room for playfulness. He’s more likely to be receptive to seductive texts when he’s already in a playful mood.

If he’s already serious or going through a stressful period, he doesn’t want to be distracted by pursuing flirtation and seduction. He’s going to be completely focused on his current tasks.

Yet he does have a playful, fun side. He does want to relax and enjoy flirtation with you. Keep it brief and try to gauge his mood. If you send a seductive text just after he’s had a tense meeting, he won’t appreciate it.

5. Give Him Polite Hints

When you see signs a Virgo man is falling in love with you, try to hint at seduction. Keep it light and not too intense. He doesn’t like flamboyant displays of affection or sexuality.

Send him the kind of seductive texts he could open around his family. The kind which are polite enough that if someone happened to notice, he wouldn’t be embarrassed but seductive enough that he gets the hint.

He’s intelligent and loves word play for just this reason. Try to tiptoe around the seduction and give just enough to leave him wanting more. This will also keep him coming back to you.

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6. Keep Your Messages Discreet

Virgo men are busy and efficient. You can be assured when he reads your text, unless you send it late at night, that he isn’t at home with his feet up. He’s at work.

He’s helping someone, He’s running errands. When a Virgo man reads your message he likely is in a serious state of mind. He won’t want to turn red and become embarrassed in by reading your text in front of his boss, neighbor or grandmother.

Keep your messages discreet. Hint at inside jokes or references he will understand but the average person may not. Don’t give him a reason to feel embarrassed if he reads your message in public.

7. Use Selfies Strategically

Generally speaking, Virgo men aren’t really in to revealing pictures. He may initiate this kind of text seduction, but if he doesn’t don’t be the one to start sending explicit photos.

If you do send him seductive selfies, be strategic. A Virgo man doesn’t like receiving random texts just because you’re thinking about him. He sees this as a waste of time. He doesn’t need to know you’re thinking of him.

Don’t send him random cute pictures. Instead, wait until there is a practical reason to send a photo and make it a seductive yet playful and tasteful picture. You may do this when you’re showing him where to meet you.

Also if you’re buying a new outfit and want to send him a picture of yourself all dressed up, if you are eating and want to show him the healthy meal you prepared and so forth. Make sure the picture fits with a practical message.

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8. Don’t Overdo It

When you send seductive messages to a Virgo man, don’t overdo it. Don’t load him up with seduction. Keep ninety percent of your texts practical and logical.

Sprinkle in another ten percent which are playful and flirty. He doesn’t want to think you focus only on sex. This will be a turn off for a Virgo man. His sign is the Virgin of the Zodiac.

This doesn’t mean he doesn’t like sex. It does mean he doesn’t like to make it his focus. He can be puritanical and likes to see that you are modest as well.

9. Hint at Seductive Plans

When you send him a text to make plans, drop some hints about how you will seduce him later. Mention you’re going to give him a massage. Tell him you’ll pay special attention to him.

Hint at your intentions but let his imagination kick in to fill in what you aren’t explicitly saying. He likes this more than being given too much description.

A Virgo man likes to tiptoe around sexuality. Give him the idea that he’s in for a hot night of erotic romance. Let him think about this and anticipate it through the rest of his day. Don’t tell him exactly what your plans are.

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10. Tell Him What You Plan to Wear Later

One specific way to do this is to tell him what you’re planning to wear for a certain date or event. This is especially potent if you know there is an outfit of yours that he finds especially seductive.

Make mention of a piece of lingerie or underwear that you know he likes to see you wear. A Virgo man is detail oriented. This one detail will set the stage in his mind.

He’ll know exactly what you’ve got in mind when you mention your intended outfit. Let his imagination run wild with this. The more he can picture you in his favorite outfit or underwear, the image in his mind will be worth a thousand words.

The key to being seductive with a Virgo man is to use references and details like this to “anchor” him in a fantasy about you. You don’t have to spell it all out for him. In fact he likes it if you don’t.

11. Remind Him of Intimate Encounters

On a similar note, reminding your Virgo man of intimate times you’ve already had together can be very seductive. Just mentioning the name of a song that was on the radio or a film you watched together can bring to mind the whole scene.

Let these hints do the work of putting seductive scenes into his mind. He will feel aroused and excited to be reminded of what you did last Christmas or the sexual encounters you had after the trip to the beach.

Use these sensory anchors to help put him back in a seductive scene from the past. He has an excellent memory and will put himself right back into the seductive scene from the past. He will look forward to seeing you.

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