What to Expect Sexually From a Virgo Man?

Updated December 1, 2022
What to Expect Sexually From a Virgo Man?

A Virgo man’s sexuality can be hard to figure out. He can be a shy, secretive person. He’s not an open book.

It can take some time for a Virgo man to open up sexually. You’ll need to be patient.

What can you expect in bed from a Virgo man? First, don’t expect him to be an entirely different person once you get him into bed. He’s still the detail-oriented, neat, talkative person he always is.

Talking is one thing many people enjoy from Virgo. He’s great with words. He’ll have you worked up before he even touches you in many cases.

Don’t expect him to be too adventurous. He will do what he can to please you, though. He gets pleasure out of pleasuring his partner and he loves foreplay.

He Might be Shy

Are Virgo men shy in bed? Some Virgos are shy in general and this shyness can extend into the bedroom.

If he’s hesitant to jump into bed with you, don’t worry. It’s probably got nothing to do with you. He’s just not sure if he feels comfortable with that yet. That’s okay!

He might have trouble opening up at first. It might take some time for him to become comfortable enough to have sex with you in the first place. Just be patient.

His shyness will eventually fade away as he gets to know you better. He’ll become more comfortable with you. He’ll start telling you what he likes and doesn’t like without being embarrassed.

Is Virgo kinky? Some are, surprisingly. He won’t immediately admit to any kinks he has when you first start having sex with him, though. That might take a while.

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He Loves Foreplay

Are Virgo men good in bed? One thing people tend to like about their Virgo partners is their love of foreplay.

He isn’t the type of person who uses foreplay as a means to an end. He’s not just going through the motions until he gets to the “main act”.

He actually loves foreplay. It’s just as exciting for him as any other part of sex. This is great for you! Most women have a hard time enjoying sex without at least a little bit of foreplay.

You can expect oral sex, dirty talk, and a lot of flirting before you two even get into bed together. He’s not usually the type of person who likes quickies. He wants the whole experience.

He’s a hardworking man. He’ll make sure you’re having a good time the whole time, from start to finish.

He’s Detail-Oriented

Virgo is observant. He pays attention to minor details. He’s meticulous.

He’ll figure out what you like and what you don’t like without you needing to tell him most of the time. If he does something and you respond positively, he’ll make a note to keep doing it.

If you tell him you like something, he’ll remember it. Likewise, if you mention not liking something, even in passing, he’ll make note of it and avoid doing whatever it is.

His detail-oriented nature can also make for some interesting bedroom experiences. If you convince him to try a new position or kink out, he’s going to research it down to the most minute of details.

He likes to make sure he’s doing something right before he even attempts it. It might take a while to actually get him to do something, even after he’s agreed, because he’s busy researching and making notes.

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He Aims to Please

Sex with Virgo men is often enjoyable because he cares about your needs and wants to make sure you’re having a good time.

He’s a people-pleaser, in and out of the bedroom. He likes it when the people around him are comfortable and cared-for. He likes to be the one to make that happen as well.

He gets pleasure out of your pleasure. When you’re happy, he’s happy. It’s not that he ignores his own needs in favor of yours. He gets just as much out of pleasing you as you do.

If you want him to do something, just tell him. He’ll likely try to accommodate you. If he can’t or won’t for some reason, he’ll tell you why and offer to do something else you like.

You can expect that he’ll often be a selfless lover. He’s not all about his own pleasure. Sex is better for him when his partner is enjoying herself.

Environment Matters

A Virgo man’s likes and dislikes regarding sex can be very specific. He might even have preferences as to where he has sex.

He’s not the most adventurous person. He might not want to have sex in a hot tub because he thinks it’s unhygienic.

He also doesn’t like public or semi-public sex because he’s easily embarrassed and will be too worried about getting caught.

He needs to be comfortable to enjoy sex. If he’s in a cramped car or you’re at his parent’s house and he’s worried about them hearing you, he’s not going to have a good time.

Environment is very important to Virgo. He needs to be in a clean, comfortable location or else he might get too distracted to actually have sex with you.

If something is off, even if it’s something small that you wouldn’t notice, it could potentially ruin his experience.

He’ll likely want to focus on fixing whatever the problem is or move to a different location before having sex.

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He’s Talkative

What does Virgo like in bed? Dirty talk is one thing he enjoys.

Some people find this surprising but for whatever reason, many Virgos enjoy dirty talk. It’s one way he spices things up.

He’s good at it too. Virgo is well-spoken and many Virgos are verbose. His talent for speaking definitely shines through in his dirty talk.

Virgo talks a lot in general and he’s no different in bed. Dirty talk isn’t the only way he talks in bed either.

He’ll tell you all the things he wants to do to you. He might narrate what he’s doing as he’s doing it. He might even get sappy and tell you how much he loves you.

He’ll be talkative after sex as well. He loves pillow talk. He’ll gladly talk your ear off while the two of you lay together and cuddle following sex.

He’ll Listen to You

If you want to join in on the dirty talk, Virgo will definitely not stop you. He loves to listen to his partner talk.

He’ll be attentive while you two are having sex. If you say you like or dislike something he’s doing, he’ll respond accordingly. If you ask him to do a particular thing, he’ll at the very least hear you out.

He’ll gladly talk to you about sex prior to having it. He likes to make sure you two establish boundaries before getting into bed together.

He’ll listen to any concerns you have. He’ll pay attention to anything you feel comfortable sharing with him.

Virgo has a good memory. If you tell him something in passing that’s sex-related, he’ll remember it. He likely has a whole file in his brain on what your sexual fantasies are.

After sex, he won’t just ramble away, he’ll listen to you too. This is often a great time to have intimate conversations because he’ll be more receptive to them than usual.

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He Takes His Time

A Virgo man in bed is just as meticulous as he is in other aspects of his life.

He’s not usually in any rush to get somebody into bed. He has needs and desires but he’s willing to wait for the right person or the right opportunity.

If you don’t want to have sex, he’s not going to push the matter. If something doesn’t feel right about the situation and he doesn’t want to have sex, he’s not going to.

He’ll take his time teasing you and getting you worked up before sex as well. He might start the sexy talk while you two are still out on a date (discreetly, of course).

He’s in no rush. He doesn’t have sex just to have a few minutes of pleasure. Taking his time allows you both to have a more enjoyable experience.

He’s Clean

Are Virgo men boring in bed? Some people think they are. He hates messes and that can get in the way of spontaneity and passion.

If your room is messy, he’s going to want to tidy up before having sex. He often doesn’t enjoy sex outdoors because it’s dirty. He might not enjoy certain sex acts because he finds them unhygienic.

What is Virgo attracted to? He tends to like people with neat, clean appearances. He enjoys dirty talk but he doesn’t always like the mess that comes with sex.

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He Makes Love

Sex with Virgo can be an emotional affair if he loves you. He won’t just have sex, he’ll make love to you.

Virgo isn’t the most emotional of signs but his feelings come through when he’s having sex with a person he cares about.

He’ll be gentle with you. He’ll be attentive. He’ll tell you how much he loves you and shower you with affection.

You’ll be able to tell that sex isn’t just about the physical pleasure for him. It’s about showing you how much he cares.

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