Virgo Men in Relationships – What You Need to Know

Updated June 13, 2022
Virgo Men in Relationships – What You Need to Know

Virgo man relationships can be baffling if you don’t understand Virgo man characteristics.

When you understand how he thinks, you’ll know exactly how to nurture a solid relationship with a Virgo man. You’ll know his love signals.

The signs of a Virgo man in love with you are often understated and go unnoticed. This can set the stage for a complicated relationship.

You may have heard dating a Virgo man is difficult. A Virgo man is slow in relationships. This can make it seem he isn’t interested when he is.

When a Virgo man hugs you, he is trying to show you he cares. But then he acts aloof, leaving you guessing if he really was just being nice.

Even in Love, He’s Subtle

You won’t see obvious signs a Virgo man likes you. He is aloof and plays it cool no matter how attracted he is. He won’t profess his feelings verbally. Signs a Virgo man is serious about you can include efforts to help you.

He’ll try to guide you, give you advice and fix things for you. This is his way of showing you he loves you. You’ll need to gauge his interest by looking for physical signs a Virgo man likes you.

A Virgo man doesn’t let his passions run amok. Instead of being dramatic and outwardly expressing his love and emotion, he would rather keep a low profile and show you subtle signals of how he feels about you.

This may make you second guess his intentions. The courtship phase lasts so long because a Virgo man is slow and takes his time. You may be left wondering “Is my Virgo man in love with me?”

That’s because he’ll show you subtle cues long before a Virgo man says “I love you.” He would rather let his actions speak for themselves. Yet his actions don’t yell, they whisper.

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He Prefers to Work Behind the Scenes

A Virgo man doesn’t seek the spotlight. This can also make it hard to tell exactly how he feels about you. He’ll keep his behavior discreet. He prefers to work behind the scenes to make your life better.

He doesn’t need your praise and admiration. A Virgo man is humble. Even when you have a solid commitment, he doesn’t boast about your relationship. If you’re expecting him to announce his love for you on social media, he won’t.

In his mind, his feelings and his relationship are none of anyone’s business. He would rather work behind the scenes to establish a foundation than put himself in the spotlight to show his feelings.

On that note, he won’t promise you the world and whisper sweet nothings in your ear. He would prefer to work diligently to create the life he knows you dream of.

He Loves to Help You

What he lacks in sentimentality and affection, a Virgo man makes up for in commitment and helpfulness. A Virgo man loves to be of service. He wants to know how to help you.

If he doesn’t know exactly what you need, his next move will be to assume he knows what is best for you. He may upgrade apps on your phone without your permission or repair things around your home or car.

You may find this endearing or annoying. Either way, know that his intentions are good and he is approaching this with love. This is his way of showing you he cares about you.

A Virgo man loves to do things to make your life better and to improve your life. This means he’ll try to show his affection by fixing problems in your life.

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He Always Worries About Your Health

When a Virgo man loves you, he’ll worry about you. He’s health conscious and so in relationships he’s always going to worry about your health.

A Virgo man may suggest dietary changes or improvements that could help you stay healthy or recover from health issues. If you don’t get all your vitamins or get enough exercise, your Virgo love will get anxious and concerned.

He’ll want to make sure you are making the best choices. He may be direct and bring up observations and issues that you wished he didn’t notice. He’s not trying to embarrass you. Instead, he’s trying to help you manage a health issue.

He’ll also nag you. This is because he cares about you and wants to encourage you to make better choices.

Even When He Loves You, He Keeps his Schedule

This is one of the most baffling aspects of relationships with a Virgo man. Even when he’s in love with you, he won’t budge from his routines and his schedule. You can set your clock by a Virgo man.

Yes, he wants to spend his time with you, but he is also on a tight schedule. He will become greatly overwhelmed by the prospect of running late or missing an appointment. His agenda is close to his heart.

So are you. But don’t compete with his schedule or you’ll lose. This is because he expects you to be more flexible than he is. He knows he’s concrete. He also secretly thinks his plans are slightly more important than everything else.

This sounds cold, but he’s not trying to be harsh. A Virgo man is going to become frazzled if he feels like you’re interfering with his plans and his schedule. He would rather work with you around his routines. He can be inflexible.

He still loves you, but he needs to keep himself on track in all things. A Virgo man needs to feel secure and his schedule and routines help him to feel grounded.

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He Criticizes You Because He Cares

A Virgo man in bed can be efficient, humble and gentle. Yet he can also be efficient and methodical in other areas of his life as well. As a result, a Virgo man has whittled every aspect of life down to a succinct routine.

This gives him the idea that he has a better way to do everything that can be done. It leads him to give feedback freely. This is part of how a Virgo man shows you he loves you. To you it may seem like criticism.

That is actually exactly what it is. Yet to a Virgo man, this criticism is a means of showing love. He wouldn’t give you feedback or try to help you advance and improve if he didn’t really believe in you. If he didn’t see your best potential.

The key to a long, happy and successful relationship with a Virgo man is to hear his criticism without taking it as a personal insult. He needs to be able to express his ideas for helping you succeed, even if it involves unsolicited advice.

The more you can hear him as being concerned and not take his feedback as an insult, the better you will be. You’ll be able to take or leave his suggestions, while not reading into them personally.

He Tries to Help You Improve

A Virgo man will do things to improve your life. He’ll also make suggestions and give you guidance to help you improve yourself. His ultimate goal is to see you succeed and be healthy.

He may not always have the best bedside manner, he can be abrupt at times. Yet he is not trying to bring you down. He’ll be as diligent about helping you be your best and live up to your best potential as he will work to make your external life ideal.

A Virgo man is a perfectionist. He wants to make sure your life is safe and secure and that you are living up to the highest potential. He has high standards and will expect you to live up to his expectations.

A Virgo man will take it personally if you don’t follow his guidance. If you don’t show him you take his suggestions seriously, he will start to think you don’t value his input. This will feel insulting to him.

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He Loves to Do Things For You

When a Virgo man is serious about you and really loves you, he’ll go out of his way to do things for you. A Virgo man is likely to never ask for anything in return.

He’ll think of you when he’s at the store and pick up your favorite snacks. A Virgo man will research and find healthy alternatives to your favorite meals, then cook you a delicious organic vegan dinner. He loves to do practical things to show he loves you.

He’ll drop by with tools to fix whatever needs repairs on your car or house. He’ll apply his skills and resourcefulness to make your life better and help you in any way he can.

He Won’t Show Passion Openly

The most important thing to remember is that a Virgo man will not show his passions outwardly. He is going to keep his emotions bottled up and will focus his energy on practical things.

A Virgo man will avoid drama at all costs. He will subdue his emotions and try to not cause excitement and bring attention to himself. Instead he prefers to keep a low profile.

You may be disappointed or confused if you are looking to a Virgo man to be more demonstrative and expressive about his romantic feelings and love for you. Don’t project your ideals of love and romance onto him. Instead, let him show love in his way.

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