Do Virgo Men like Public Display of Affection?

Updated August 10, 2022
Do Virgo Men like Public Display of Affection?

Understanding how much PDA is right for a Virgo man can be tricky. How the Zodiac signs show affection differs so much from one sign to the other.

Even among earth signs. The degree of comfort with public affection can vary.

If you’re used to the constant PDA of, say, a Cancer man for example, but your new love is a Virgo, you’re in for a surprise. A Cancer man falls in love fast.

He wants to show the world that you’re his partner and he’ll be openly affectionate in public. A Virgo man’s physical touch preference is markedly different.

Even a Virgo in love is reserved and polite in public. He doesn’t like to cause a scene and may have rules about kissing, holding hands or cuddling in public.

What “Personal Space” Means to a Virgo Man

To get just the right balance of physical touch in your relationship with a Virgo man, you have to understand his preference for personal space. He can be affectionate and may like to kiss and cuddle.

Then it may seem like he suddenly clams up and turns cold. He still cares about you and enjoys affection. He needs some degree of space though. He keeps some distance for a few reasons.

One is very practical, he’s analytical and health conscious and knows all about the threat of germs. He may be conscientious about holding hands, touching surfaces or physical contact out of concern for health and cleanliness.

He’s also likely to remain attentive to his surroundings even on a romantic date. To avoid offending anyone or causing a scene, he may keep his public displays of affection minimal.

If he’s lost in kissing you or affectionately walking arm in arm, he’ll be distracted from surveying the details of his surroundings. He doesn’t like to be distracted in this way, he needs to observe and take in information about the world around him.

To a Virgo man, personal space doesn’t mean he doesn’t like you. It means he respects your wellbeing, hygiene and need to stay alert to surroundings. He hopes that you will give him space out of this respect as well.

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What Affection Means to a Virgo Man

A Virgo man in love will occasionally show his warmer nature though he’ll be slow to do so in public. When he does show affection it may begin as a light and brief hug or a brief kiss.

Remember, Virgo is the Virgin of the Zodiac. This doesn’t mean he never has sex. It does mean he is concerned with purity in mind, body and spirit. He likes to keep an image of purity and also doesn’t like to create scandal.

Even if you are in a setting where some affection is normal, a movie theater or romantic dinner, he may be cool. This is because he’s watching the movie. He’s not thinking about affection and intimacy.

A Virgo man has to think of these things because his instincts are intellectual. He has to think about everything. It won’t occur to him to lean over and kiss you during a romantic dinner. He’s too busy eating.

You don’t have to read every article online to learn that a Virgo man is much more practical than he is romantic. He prefers to save the affection for your private time together.

Signs Your Virgo Love Interest is Open to PDA

Do Virgos say “I love you” when they fall in love? You may ask yourself this question if his lack of obvious affection is confusing you. You’re not alone. He’s hard to read at first.

A Virgo man says “I love you” through his actions. Yet this isn’t always in the form of affection. When he wants to show he cares, he would rather do things to make your life easier than write poems and whisper in your ear.

To understand a Virgo man’s affection comfort zone, you’ve got to reset your barometer. What is common affection among friends could mean something much more serious for a Virog man.

Positive signs a Virgo man is open to public display of affection include the willingness to hold your hand. Don’t be offended if his affectionate displays are brief and sporadic at first.

He may be testing you to see how you’ll respond. He’s also testing himself to see what feels right to him. Always researching, even when it comes to PDA, Virgo has to try something slowly and measure the results.

He’ll find excuses to touch your hand, shoulder or other less sexualized areas first. If that is comfortable for him, he’ll hug you in public. He may even lean in closer when talking to you.

These signs may seem benign, but remember, a Virgo man is naturally quite reserved. If you’re not sure if he’s into affection and he doesn’t show obvious signs that he likes small displays of affection in public, it’s best not to make first moves.

Wait for him to initiate physical contact. When he does it will probably not include dramatic kissing or even walking with arm around your shoulders. He doesn’t want to become clumsy or awkward.

Sometimes, if he’s holding your hand, he’ll let go if people are around. Its his instinct toward privacy.

This simple secret about Virgo men puts you first in his mind and makes him fall deeply in love with you.

Does He Show More Affection over Time in a Relationship?

He starts out slowly showing affection, but does it ever progress? This may depend on the specific Virgo man. Other nuances in his chart can point to more or less tolerance for PDA.

Generally speaking, a Virgo man will become more affectionate with you in time. Virgo men break the world down into little rules and regulations. They place these regulations on themselves and others so some variance may exist.

He may have rules like not kissing in front of family, or no PDA in front of grandma because she’s old fashioned. He may have a rule about no PDA at his company picnic or around his boss.

If this is the case, don’t panic. He’s not trying to hide you from anyone. This is just a variation in his personal boundaries. He’s showing you that he doesn’t feel comfortable bringing his private, romantic, affectionate life out into the open in certain settings.

Other promising signs include leaning in closer, wanting to sit beside you or close to you. When it comes to words of affection he may falter. Poetic and expressive words aren’t his strong point.

He’d rather show than tell. But even when it comes to displaying affection, he’ll take things slow. Less is more. He may put a hand on your knee when sitting together at a park but he won’t likely go to dramatic lengths to show his feelings.

If you are just entering into a romantic relationship or are still just friends, good indicators would be his level of affection with friends. If he hugs you when he sees you, or is more physically demonstrative as a friend, that is a good sign that he’s open to romantic affection as well.

Forms of Public Affection Most Virgo Men Love

Most Virgo men are comfortable with forms of public affection that are subtle, warm and still allow him to maintain some personal space. He’s more likely to want to hug than hold hands for long periods of time.

If he is a hand-holder, he is likely to prefer this to walking with arms around each other. He doesn’t want to feel suffocated or confined. He’s also likely to show affection during certain times.

When you first see him, he’ll hug and kiss you if he’s comfortable with PDA. But then he may step back a little. He may take more personal space while walking, talking, focusing on a task, driving, eating and so forth.

Yet when you are sitting together enjoying a park scene, concert, movie or lecture, he’ll show some affection. He’ll hold your hand, put a hand on your knee occasionally or in some cases put his arm around your shoulders.

He may even lean close so your sides are touching or so his feet are close to yours. Even still, he probably won’t show affection in ways that take his or your attention off of what is going on around you.

He also feels comfortable showing affection as a way of helping you. He may move a section of your hair the wind has blown so it doesn’t cover your face. He may spontaneously clean your glasses for you.

This doesn’t sound affectionate but for a Virgo man it is a big step in terms of getting close, having physical contact and being in your space. He may also use similar gestures like adjusting your necklace if it is crooked.

He may rub your neck when you’re tense. Massage is practical and sensual so to him this is a “safe” way to show affection in public.

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Forms of Public Affection Virgo Men Rarely Tolerate

A Virgo man definitely doesn’t want to get lost in a deep, passionate kiss in public. He doesn’t like being groped or grabbed, so keep hugs and affectionate displays gentle and benign.

He may love your enthusiasm for him, but he doesn’t like to feel crowded. Try to give him space. When you walk together, keep some space between the two of you unless he shows clear signals that he is ready to bridge the distance.

Virgo men don’t like to stand too close or to have someone speak too close to their face. They need distance not only for security but also so they can observe your signals and observe what is going on around them.

How to Get Him to Be More Demonstrative

If you find your Virgo man’s lack of affection frustrating, you’re not alone. This is a common complaint many women have. First, be patient. You may see that as time goes on his level of affection and care becomes more obvious and consistent.

Set the tone for the amount of affection you like without going overboard. Don’t act dominating. Simply respond favorably when he does show affection. Think of this as positive reinforcement.

A Virgo man is completely honest. You can ask him casually about his comfort with PDA when you’re talking privately together. He’ll be happy to explain his rules and limitations to you.

As you work through positive reinforcement to help him become more comfortable showing affection, you could also bring up the subject of holding hands in public, cuddling or showing affection in front of family and so forth.

When you do, try to phrase it as curiosity about his comfort, not a demand that he change. Try not to create the impression that his efforts aren’t sufficient.

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