How do You Get a Virgo Man to Open Up?

How do You Get a Virgo Man to Open Up?

Will a Virgo man open up when he falls in love? Not to the extent you may expect.

Even when you see signs a Virgo man is serious about you, he may still seem distant. He will relax but doesn’t easily show vulnerability.

A Virgo man hides feelings. You’ve got to look for physical signs a Virgo man likes you. He’ll remain detached even when he’s falling in love.

If you’re wondering how to tell if a Virgo man is in love with you, you’ll have to look at his actions not his words. He may not open up about his secrets.

Instead, he’ll want to keep composure and control at all times. Virgo men don’t like showing vulnerability. He will act kind and generous but will keep his feelings subdued.

Understand His Boundaries

Will a Virgo man lead you on? No. He will be clear about his feelings. Yet even when you know he cares about you, he may still act surprisingly distant. This confuses many women who expect his walls to come down.

Yet just because a Virgo man shows you he’s interested doesn’t mean he’s going to get into his deeper emotional vulnerability and share his feelings. It really comes down to his style being practical.

His ability to push his emotions aside is just a way a Virgo man sets boundaries. He may be in love with you or deeply attracted, yet he is going to remain reserved. He prefers to keep a low profile.

A Virgo man uses boundaries to keep his focus grounded and practical. He doesn’t know how to get carried away by his passions. He will instead keep himself anchored and may approach a romance the same way he would approach a business merger.

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Virgo Men Need to Feel in Control

Among the signs a Virgo man is falling in love with you, he’ll start to make a steady effort to show up in your life. He’ll try to help you and be extra friendly toward you. He’ll give advice and help you solve problems.

Yet he will only give to a point. A Virgo man needs to feel secure and for him this means staying in control as much as possible. This is the main reason he steers clear of heavy emotions.

A Virgo man doesn’t want to get swept away by the tide. He knows that emotions are irrational and illogical. He won’t want to surrender his grip on all the things that make him feel in control of his life and his destiny.

Relationships by nature require vulnerability. A Virgo man will shy away from this as well. He’ll try to have the best of both worlds. A Loving relationship with you and full control over his time and routines.

When it becomes clear he has to take some risks he’s going to exercise great care and caution before he makes any major moves that bring him out of his comfort zone.

He Needs to Feel Relaxed

As you get to know what a Virgo man likes and dislikes in a woman, you’ll see that he prefers a woman who is more nurturing than he is but also not emotionally smothering.

He likes to keep his emotions low key but can get too disconnected from them. He likes it when his partner is more emotionally savvy than he is but also not an emotional tidal wave.

A Virgo man will open up more if you can help him feel relaxed. He doesn’t know how to slow down and relax on his own. He’ll also resist any attempt to interfere with or change his schedule.

Yet if you show your nurturing side, he’ll ease up. At the same time he doesn’t want to drown in displays of emotion. He would rather be reminded of the benefits of pleasure, recreation and relaxation gradually.

Help him soften up his strict routines and create balance between his high anxiety, perfectionist mode and his deeper desire for pleasure and fun.

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Show Him You’re Consistent

If you ask yourself “Is my Virgo man in love with me?” chances are you are expecting a dramatic display of affection to show you his interest. Don’t project your style of love and affection on to him. He’s more subdued.

Yet he still may be deeply in love. Look for signs that he shows up routinely and is making you a part of his life. Even if you think things should be farther along by now, show him you are patient and consistent.

It goes a long way with a Virgo man if you are willing to be steady. Don’t pressure him for more. Instead show him you are reliable. He’ll feel more at ease and know he can trust you. Less may be more but consistency is key.

Let Him Set the Pace

Sometimes, leaving a Virgo man alone for a bit is the best thing you can do. It gives him peace of mind and freedom to set the pace for himself. A Virgo man needs to feel in control of his surroundings.

If he feels he is being pushed to move faster than he is comfortable, he will completely shut down. A Virgo man is methodical and consistency is more important to him than following his emotions.

He would rather take his time and ensure a solid foundation than rush into commitment. Just because you have told him your deepest secrets doesn’t mean he will feel compelled to respond in kind. He will appreciate your candor but will maintain boundaries.

This can be confusing to women who expect that if they role model vulnerability he will naturally follow their lead. He won’t. He will relax and open up as he feels secure and comfortable around you.

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Pay Attention to Him

There is a particular way a Virgo man wants to receive attention from a woman when he’s interested in her. It’s not the same as courting other guys. He’s not passionate and avoids the spotlight.

He generally doesn’t like it when extra attention is drawn to him. Yet if he is thinking you are girlfriend material, he’ll want you to pay attention to him. When you’re with him, don’t check your phone.

Even if it’s a habit and you do it out of boredom or by reflex, he’ll assume you’re distracted and flighty. Don’t jump from topic to topic. A Virgo man wants to explore everything down to the finest details.

Show him that you have the fortitude to really take interest in some of his hobbies. This isn’t always easy. A Virgo man can have a rather dry and modest list of interests. He may be interested in tedious details of things that you aren’t as interested in.

Do your best to be present and attentive. Make eye contact. Show him that you are attuned to what he’s feeling and interested in what he’s saying. Ask about his day. He’ll be surprised that you’re taking an interest in him.

Notice the Details of His Preferences

Along the lines of being attentive to a Virgo man is the need to notice the details of what he does and doesn’t like. Don’t make any assumptions when it comes to a Virgo man.

Zero in on his favorite foods, his favorite brands, where he buys his groceries, his favorite sport’s teams. Notice his schedule, it will tell you all about his priorities.

Show him you’re paying attention to details. This will really impress him because he, too, is detail oriented. Even if you usually aren’t it is in your best interest to take a closer look at the details of his life.

He’ll open up on a deeper level (as much as he can) when he sees you’re interested enough to notice what shows he likes, what music he listens to and what he likes in his salad.

If you notice his love of birdwatching or some aspect of his personal preferences, he’ll be amazed. He’ll see you as someone whose standards are as high as his and will feel a deeper bond with you.

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Keep Your Emotions Grounded

If you keep asking yourself how to know if a Virgo man is done with you, chances are something has caused him to fall way into the background.

It may not have been a big falling out. In fact, the trigger may be so subtle you don’t even recognize it. But something made him feel the relationship wasn’t secure. Sometimes this happens when a woman comes on too strong.

This is why it is so important to keep your emotions grounded. A Virgo man has no tolerance for drama and rather than opening up to you, if he thinks you’re not stable, he’ll shut right down.

Don’t Put Pressure on Him

A Virgo man is meticulous and methodical. The key to getting him to open up is like trying to get a cat to follow you. If you pursue the cat head on, he’ll hide and act uninterested.

Don’t put any level of pressure on a Virgo man to open up. He will need to take his time and work through his sense of caution to gradually come to accept his feelings.

Once he’s accepted his feelings, he’ll be cautious all over again, carefully evaluating to see if the relationship with you can really work. Is it really worth the risk? He’ll take his time to figure this out.

If he feels like you’re too direct or pushing too hard to get him to let go and be vulnerable, it won’t reassure him. His walls will instead go back up.

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Work with Him on a Project

One way to ease the tension and get the pressure off is to collaborate with him on a project. When you’ve got a common goal, a Virgo man will bring out the best in you and in himself.

He’ll do this by helping you and teaching you how to do things perfectly and efficiently. He’ll put his focus into the project but align with you as he does this.

This is a great opportunity to get to know him better. Conversations will inevitably open up between the two of you. He will talk more casually about himself because he’s busy doing something.

It puts his mind at ease to be busy and so this makes it easier for him to talk. Plus he won’t feel like he’s in the spotlight because you’re both working away.

Meet Him in His Comfort Zone

You may want a Virgo man to take risks and trust you. Yet you’ve really got to meet him in his comfort zone. This means you’ve got to be willing to slow your own pace down dramatically.

Adopt his style of caution and let him set the pace for how soon he opens up. Match his energy by keeping your emotions grounded and subdued.

He loves to work and fix things so connect with him around interests like this. Ask for his help with a repair or offer to help him with a project at work. Meet him on his turf, the rational, intellectual world of practical tasks and routines.

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