10 Online Dating Tips to Attract a Virgo Man

Updated September 23, 2022
10 Online Dating Tips to Attract a Virgo Man

Meeting a Virgo man online can actually be an asset if you’re serious about a relationship. Dating a Virgo man is difficult.

When you meet him online, the distance he loves is already established. He may be more comfortable this way.

A Virgo man is slow to open up in relationships. Online dating is often preferred because he can pace himself and keep his feelings at bay. He likes the partial anonymity and control.

Online dating helps a Virgo man to set the tone he wants to set. He can interact on his own terms and in his own time. Meeting him online shows you what he values.

If you’re wondering how to date a Virgo, the key is to take it slow. Enjoy the built in separation and objectivity of an online romance. It gives the best of both worlds.

1. Make Your Dating Profile Look Like a Resume

How does a Virgo man test you? He doesn’t, at least not exactly. A Virgo man in love will still treat a budding relationship like a business proposition. A Virgo man attracted to you will analyze your compatibility.

A Virgo man opening up in a relationship is testing the waters to see how well you fit together. He’s analyzing how your ideals match and how you respond to his high standards. He’s going to be careful and move slowly.

Though it sounds unromantic, you’ve got to treat online dating like a job search. When a Virgo man sets his boundaries, he’s outlining his romance “job description.” He’s trying to outline his rules of engagement.

He’s also making it clear what he looks for and what he expects. Be honest with him but also stay somewhat professional. Make your dating website profile look like a resume. Show your skills and strengths.

Let him see why you are the best candidate for him. Don’t bring up drama. Emphasize your accomplishments. Show him that you are mature, responsible and conscientious.

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2. Choose a Modest Photo for Your Profile

Will a Virgo man lead you on? No. He won’t waste his time or yours if he isn’t interested. When it comes to setting up your dating profile photo, keep it polite and family friendly.

He’s going to analyze whether you fit together but he won’t make this decision based on your appearance. He is health conscious and meticulous but he is not superficial. He is humble and is easily turned off by overt sexuality.

A photo that is too suggestive may impact your chances with a Virgo man. He will get the wrong idea about you and think you are looking for more of a sexual relationship. He may also think you aren’t serious about commitment.

Show him you are humble, modest and conscientious. A professional photo goes farther with a Virgo man than a photo of you out at karaoke night with a beer in your hand. Opt for a photo of you gardening or with family.

If the picture would seem out of place or too dicey to hang in your office at work, then it is probably not the best selection for him to see when he’s looking at your profile.

3. Keep Your Communication Polite and Discreet

The signs a Virgo man is falling for you are often subtle and discreet. He will engage you in practical conversation and want to know all about the details of your life, your work and your routines.

He’ll try to figure out if you have shared priorities and goals. He’s also gauging your level of discretion and maturity. Keep your communication with him polite and discreet. He is not going to feel good about a relationship that becomes too personal too fast.

He also doesn’t want to jump to the dramatically personal. Even sexual or suggestive talk too soon can be a turn off for him. Remember, Virgo is the sign of the Virgin. He likes sex but it is not as important to him as it is to other guys.

He wants to make sure your relationship has substance and not just sexual chemistry. If he thinks you are too sexually motivated he may not trust you to be serious about the relationship. He’ll also check to see if you gossip or are into drama.

Virgo men avoid drama at all costs. Keep drama and controversy to a minimum when you’re dealing with a Virgo man online.

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4. Show Your Intelligence

He won’t fall for you showing off your appearance or sexuality. What he will be impressed by, though is your intelligence. A Virgo man will want to see that you are intellectually on the same page as him.

He wants to know he has found a good fit when it comes to logic and rationality. Show him your intellectual skills. He’s smart but not snobby. Be polite and friendly but definitely check your spelling and grammar.

Interacting online means you’ll have a chance to impress him with your vocabulary. You can send him information about topics you are studying or books you are reading. Tell him about the interesting things you’ve learned about and about work you are doing.

He’s fascinated by all these aspects of your life. Indulge him when he wants to talk to you about his brainy interests and hobbies. If you don’t know about a topic he’s interested in that is ok. Let him teach you. He loves to do this.

A Virgo man loves to show his high standards and intellectual interests but he also likes to help others learn new things and improve their lives. Show him that you are smart and also teachable.

5. Don’t be Too Quick to Respond

Virgo men love to be in control and so you’ll notice that he communicates on his own terms when you first connect online. He loves being able to analyze your messages to each other and get comfortable planning what he’ll say next.

Let him take his time responding. Don’t overwhelm him with too many messages too soon. If you seem too eager, he’ll pull away. He may also feel like you’re trying too hard and that is a turn off for him.

This is also a good opportunity for you to make sure you are grounded and centered before you respond. Nothing turns a Virgo man like receiving an impulsive message followed by ten additional messages trying to do damage control and overexplain the original message.

It’s far better to take your time and really be clear so you can convey your meeting precisely. Only then will you avoid this unfortunate situation. He’ll be relieved to know you are busy and waiting to hear from you will stimulate his interest.

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6. Show that You’re Interested in Volunteer Activities

Virgo men love to be of service. In addition to being hard workers they are also conscientious and often involved with a number of community organization activities. Show him you are socially responsible as well.

A Virgo man likely has many skills and is quite resourceful. He can be very generous in sharing his knowledge base with others. Show him that you are also open and generous with your time and energy.

The more he sees that you are a kind, conscientious and helpful person, the more he’ll open up to you. A Virgo man will be turned off by any signs of selfishness or stinginess. Even though he’s known for being aloof.

The difference is, his aloof nature is more about his ability to detach from his emotions and not about being self-centered. He’ll want to see that you are emotionally grounded but socially conscious.

7. Be Patient

Virgo men know good things come to those who wait. Be patient with him. He doesn’t want to rush into anything. This is why he loves the online format. He can establish a connection and discern who he really likes before meeting in person.

Give him time to come to this conclusion. He may even take months of regular, consistent communication before he decides it is time to meet face to face.

If ample time, more than three months, go by and distance is not a factor, he should be making plans to meet. If he isn’t, this can be a red flag, or he may be extra cautious. Give him time.

If he’s not even receptive to making plans to meet, he may be too comfortable online. This can be a signal that he really isn’t ready for a serious relationship and it is best to move on.

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8. Don’t Pursue Him

If you’re wondering how to know when a Virgo man is done with you, consider whether or not he is still making a regular effort to contact you. He may not message you daily but consistency is key.

When he stops communication altogether and some time goes by with no reconnection, it’s a sure sign he is not interested. At that point it is best to move on. Don’t pursue a Virgo man, less is more with him.

If he feels you are chasing him, he’ll lose interest and be turned off by your efforts. He doesn’t find it flattering. Instead he finds it intrusive. Keep a slight distance and let him approach you more often than not.

9. Act Mildly Interested Rather than Overenthusiastic

One of the ironic things about a Virgo man is that even when he is really in love with you, he’ll act like he isn’t that into you. He keeps a low profile most of the time. He’s carefully evaluating you.

Virgo men aren’t good at expressing deeper emotion. If he can’t tolerate his own emotions well he won’t want to tolerate your intense emotions. Instead he will want to keep a detached distance as much as possible.

He will be intimidated and turned off by a woman who is too excitable. It’s not that he doesn’t like your enthusiasm, he’s flattered by it. But excitability leads to irrationality and he has no tolerance for this.

He will want to make sure any woman he is with is grounded and stable. He won’t want to draw unnecessary attention to himself. This also means he won’t want to be involved in grand displays of emotion. It’s best to keep a low profile.

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10. Be Charming but Don’t Focus on Sex

A Virgo man is one of the least sexually motivated signs of the zodiac. This doesn’t mean he’s asexual. It just means sex isn’t going to be a primary concern for him. He approaches sex with practicality and rationalism.

He will need to get to the heart of who you are as a person and knows better than to get distracted by his emotions or passions. A Virgo man will invest in getting to know the real you.

Show him that you are charming and intelligent, beautiful, considerate and kind. When things reach a more intimate level he will already feel a solid connection to you.

A Virgo man is going to be attracted to you for many reasons but sex is usually not top on his list. He will need to feel secure with you and feel that you are mature, responsible and down to earth like he is.

Online dating is conducive to letting him see these sides of who you are. He’ll be glad you gave him the chance to warm up to you and get to know you over time. He’ll also be relieved that you aren’t superficial.

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