How to Play Mind Games With a Virgo Man

How to Play Mind Games With a Virgo Man

To a Virgo man, mind games can be the ultimate deal breaker. He is practical and honest and has no tolerance for games.

If you play with his head, be subtle. If he catches on to your manipulation, he’ll be gone for good.

Will a Virgo man lead you on? Never. He is too straight forward and direct. He sees no reason to waste his time or yours.

For this same reason, he never plays with your mind. But you can easily play with his mind. He assumes others are as honest as he is.

If you really want to mess with his head, you will have to understand what he responds to. When you know his motivations and strengths, you’ll be able to get into his psyche.

Disrupt His Sense of Control

A Virgo man hides feelings in order to stay in control. His sense of autonomy is so important, that even when you have signs of a Virgo man is falling for you, he won’t break up his schedule.

He maintains the status quo because it keeps him in control. If you really want to get to him, mess with his sense of control. Of course, you’ll only want to do this at the risk of losing him forever.

A Virgo man won’t want to surrender his control even if he really loves you. If you try to take control of his time or get him to change his schedule, you have to be subtle.

Tell him you’ve had a last minute emergency and really need to change your date with him to another time. Do this sparingly. If you do it too much, he’ll just stop making plans with you altogether.

When you’re together, take too long to get ready. This frustrates his sense of control over his timing. Be as picky as he is. The more he has to adapt to things outside of his control, the more he may get frustrated.

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Get Him to Second Guess Himself

Will a Virgo man test you? Not really. He would rather be direct and straight forward. If you want to make him doubt himself, you have to get up pretty early in the morning.

He’s a natural born researcher and has facts and data on many subjects committed to memory. He also isn’t afraid to research a topic you’re discussing. If you want to suggest that his information is wrong, you need to have compelling information.

He’ll fact check you. You’ll need to make sure you have substantial information that you can point to in order to prove your point. You may try to question his facts. At the least, he’ll re-research but it will cause him to second guess himself.

Change Plans Frequently

If a Virgo man acts uninterested and you want to check to see how much he is willing to take to pursue you, change your plans. Only if he really loves you will he tolerate last minute disruptions.

It messes with his head if you change plans frequently. As much as you may want to play mind games with him, know that if you do this continually, even the most devoted Virgo man will eventually move on.

However if you want to see if he really likes you, try this once or twice. If he is interested in you, he’ll adapt to see you. Don’t overuse this technique unless you want to lose him.

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Alter Your Opinion and Stance on a Subject

To a Virgo woman, mind games may be a way to analyze or test him. Yet a Virgo man has no patience for such games. If you really want to upset him, mess with his mind.

Another way to do this is to constantly alter your opinion on a subject. This drives him crazy because he will already have a complete, detailed, researched list of talking points to either support or dispute your opinions.

When you turn around and change course, it completely turns the tables on a Virgo man. He may be patient enough to excuse this once or twice. Yet if you do this repeatedly, he will become upset with you.

Why does a Virgo man withdraw? Because he loves consistency. If you’re not consistent and change your opinions and beliefs, he will feel dizzy. He won’t want to continue to engage.

Dispute Obvious Facts

On that note, if you dispute obvious facts, you’ll mess with his head. For this to work he has to know you well enough to trust your judgment. If you’ve just met, this won’t work.

He’ll just dismiss you as being unstable or a conspiracy theorist. Yet if he knows you and trusts your judgment and intelligence, he’ll be baffled and confused if you start to calmly dispute known facts.

He’ll start to question his own knowledge. He won’t take you at your word. He always does research to verify details. Any gains that you can make from using this technique will be short lived.

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Embarrass Him in Public

If you’re wondering why does a Virgo man ignore you, know that either he’s busy or you’ve done something to really upset him. One of the biggest ways to upset him and mess with his mind is to embarrass him.

A Virgo man takes his reputation to heart. He protects his good name by being a purist with high standards. If he trusts you, he assumes you won’t betray his secrets and humiliate him.

If you want to play with his mind, do what he doesn’t expect you to do. Slip up and reveal his secrets. Say or do something that draws negative attention to you or him.

Even if you vicariously draw negative attention to yourself through controversy or embarrassing public actions, it will also humiliate him. You’ll definitely mess with his mind but you also may lose him.

Show Up Late, Repeatedly

If you’re wondering how to tell if a Virgo man is interested, show up late a few times. This is a subtle mind game that he is not likely to detect. He will instead show patience with your tardiness if he’s really interested.

When you show up late and he still trusts you and plans future dates, you’re in good standing with a Virgo man. He won’t want to lose you and will forgive lateness a few times.

If your goal is not to test him but to annoy him and possibly lose him, show up late repeatedly. The more you test his boundaries with timing the more he will start to feel you aren’t stable or dependable.

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Try to Get Him to Break His Schedule

Leaving a Virgo man alone for long periods of time won’t get under his skin in the way many expect. He’s fine on his own. Even when he loves you. He doesn’t need to always be around you.

A Virgo man hates to break his routines and alter his schedule. If you really want to mess with the mind of a Virgo man, break his routines and try to edge him into changing his schedule.

Even the slightest disruptions in his plans and his routines will deeply disturb a Virgo man. If you do this and he succumbs to this pressure and changes his plans, he will do so with a great deal of anxiety.

He will break his schedule but proceed as if he’s on edge. He may feel uncomfortable during your time together because he’s obsessing about what he postponed to make time for you. This may ruin his time and possibly also put a damper on your experience.

Try to Convince Him His Plans are Wrong

When you want to play games with a Virgo man’s mind, you’ll have to make him doubt or second guess his intellectual strength. A Virgo man is a perfectionist and if you make him doubt the perfection of his plans, he’ll feel anxious.

A Virgo man will go back to the drawing board and obsess over his plans if you plant the seeds that he may be missing important information. If he suspects that he’s making a poor judgment call, he’ll rearrange all his plans.

He’ll spend hours scouring over details so that he will be assured that he’s making the best decision. This can cost him time and energy. He will become anxious and it may cost you time with him but you will succeed in messing with his head.

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Hide His Belongings

Another way to mess with a Virgo man’s mind is to hide his belongings. He’s fanatic about being organized. He knows where everything is at all times.

If you want to mess with his mind pretend to accidentally misplace or hide something. This will again take time out of his schedule and will strike him where it hurts because he’ll waste time looking for something.

It will also make him feel personally intruded on because he keeps his space organized as a means of keeping control. As far as a Virgo man is concerned, when you hide or misplace his belongings you may as well have keyed his car.

Promote Eccentric or Extreme Ideas

A Virgo man is mild and middle of the road. He avoids controversy and doesn’t like to draw attention to himself. It will mess with his head if you become zealous about your ideals.

If you promote eccentric or extremist ideas, your Virgo man will feel disoriented and confused. He will tolerate this for a short time. Yet in the long run he may become so frustrated that he moves on.

He may come to feel you are too incompatible and reconsider the relationship altogether. But if you use this technique sparingly it can make him confused and will plague his mind. He’ll feel conflicted about the relationship.

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