How to Make a Virgo Man Fall in Love with You

Updated July 18, 2022
How to Make a Virgo Man Fall in Love with You

To a Virgo man, love is more practical than it is emotional. He falls in love when he feels secure.

When a Virgo man says “I love you” he sees you as his perfect match. You meet his high standards.

Dating a Virgo man is unlike dating any other sign. It’s hard to get through to him because he’s practical and not emotional. He keeps emotion out of his relationships.

Understanding a Virgo man and knowing the key Virgo man characteristics that fuel his attraction is essential. You need to know how to think like him.

Signs a Virgo man is in love with you can be hard to read at first. You’ll have to appeal to his pragmatic nature in order to get to his heart.

Be Patient

When a Virgo man is attracted to you, he’ll keep a low profile. He won’t rush into a romance and he also won’t show his passions openly. Instead he takes his time and acts with caution.

You’ll also need a great deal of patience when courting a Virgo man. He won’t respond well to pressure. If you’re already in love, try to stay grounded, you don’t want to overwhelm him with emotion.

Will a Virgo man test you? No. He doesn’t need to. First of all, to a Virgo man, tests are a mind game and he has no time for games. Also, a Virgo man doesn’t test you because his pace is so slow.

Just going through his analytic process is a test enough. Whether he intends to or not, he’ll weed out any love interest who isn’t perfect simply by taking his time and waiting for just the right connection. This in itself provides all the filter he needs.

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Strive for Perfection

If you’re asking yourself “Is my Virgo man in love with me?” you may be surprised to know the answer is yes. Even when he isn’t acting like it, a Virgo man may be in love.

He’s so good at hiding his feelings that he can easily keep others guessing. Yet if you want to be absolutely sure, strive for perfection. A Virgo man is a perfectionist. He can’t resist someone who matches his high standards.

He’s humble yet he always analyzes his surroundings. He proceeds with caution in relationships. A Virgo man will continually evaluate to see if you are meeting his standards and matching his high criteria.

When he is reassured that you are a prize worth risking some vulnerability, he’ll open up about his love for you. Until then, he’ll constantly observe and analyze, looking for evidence that you are his ideal match.

Let Him Help You

A Virgo man doesn’t fall for flattery. He’ll fall in love with you when he sees that you’re an ideal match for him. He also will be more attracted to you when he sees that there is a productive role he can play in your life.

He loves to feel like he’s needed for practical things. Always efficient and practical, a Virgo man needs to feel like he has a job to do. When you enlist his help, you give him a chance to fulfill this purpose.

He doesn’t like emotional neediness. Instead, a Virgo man likes to feel like he is needed because of his skills and ability to do things, solve problems and fix things for you. A Virgo man needs to feel like he has a purpose in your life.

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Reward and Praise Him for His Strengths

Do Virgos say I love you? You may wonder this if you’ve heard what a challenge it is to get them to share their feelings. Yet a Virgo man will open up emotionally when he feels secure.

One of the most important ways to get a Virgo man to feel comfortable with you is to show him realistic praise. He will sense flattery a mile a way and feel you’re manipulating him if your praise isn’t genuine.

Yet he is modest and humble. When he does things to help you, he’s acting behind the scenes with little expectations of anything in return. When you do actually show gratitude and appreciation, he takes notice.

Also, he loves it when you compliment him on his intelligence, resourcefulness, self-restraint and other skills. He’s not proud and can downplay his own capabilities. Yet when you notice what he’s good at, he feels respected.

Respect His Time

A Virgo man is married to his schedule. He may be falling in love with you but he will stick to his agenda. If your relationship starts to become too consuming of his time, he’ll get frustrated.

A Virgo man in bed may seem efficient and less affectionate than many other signs. This is because he’s trying to stay on task. He doesn’t lose himself in love making. He doesn’t lose himself in anything for that matter.

A Virgo man will seem blunt and unemotional when he suddenly checks his watch and announces he has to leave. You may have thought things were going well.

His ability to shift gears on a dime and go from affection and intimacy to planning his day and heading out the door is baffling. Yet when you understand his deeper desire to stay in control, this orderliness and detachment makes sense.

If you want to make sure a Virgo man falls in love with you, show him that you respect his time and schedule. Don’t overstay your welcome and don’t try to get him to linger longer when he has somewhere to go.

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Don’t Overstep His Boundaries

On that same note, don’t overstep a Virgo man’s boundaries. One of the great things about a Virgo guy is he’s so honest. He’ll make his boundaries clear. He’ll tell you directly what he’s thinking. He’s good at communicating boundaries.

You won’t have to guess at his desires and wants. He lays out the rules very clearly. All you have to do is respect his limits. Even if you’re yearning for more or craving a chance to get underneath his controlled exterior.

Trying to move too fast too soon is a huge mistake with a Virgo man. Yet it is a common mistake. The more you can be patient, move slow and let him settle into the relationship at his own pace, the better off you will be.

Show that You Have High Standards

When a Virgo man sees that you are a perfectionist like he is, he’ll feel at ease. This is one of the easiest things about getting a Virgo man to fall in love with you.

Of all the signs of the Zodiac, Virgo men are one of the few that will actually like you more if you play hard to get. The more you stick to your high standards, or raise your standards, the more he’ll love you.

You don’t have to worry about him losing interest if you hold off on sex, for example. In fact, if you do hold off and set very firm boundaries around sex, he’s going to fall for you even more.

He’s fine with you having your own place, your own money, your own hobbies. The more independent you are, the more he will fall in love with you. A Virgo man loves to see that you value yourself enough to be picky.

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Show Off Your Intelligence

A Virgo man is one of the most intelligent signs of the Zodiac. He loves to connect with you intellectually. One of his biggest pet peeves is when a woman pretends to be unintelligent.

He doesn’t find it attractive if you act uneducated or naïve. Instead he’s impressed to see that you have an eye for detail and research just like he does. He’ll love your intellectual nature.

Show him that you have intellectual interests, share trivia with him and talk about the books you’re reading. Talk about the classes you’re taking and languages you’re learning.

More than anything else though, make sure you show him that you have much practical knowledge. He isn’t interested in philosophy in the way he’s interested in learning to make and fix things and self-sufficiency.

Let Him See Your Modest Side

A Virgo man is humble and he loves to see your modest side. Show him that you don’t have a proud streak. He loves to see that you’re demure and calm.

When he gives you a compliment thank him but then be sure to attribute some of the credit to your past mentors or others who helped you develop the skills you have. He loves to see that you’re successful as long as you aren’t grandiose.

A Virgo man needs to feel like you care about others more than your own ambitions. If you’re too eager to succeed or if you’ve bent the rules to get ahead of others, don’t let a Virgo man know this.

Instead, show him that you are a team player who is willing to share credit where it is due. Don’t let pride or ego take center stage when dealing with a Virgo man.

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Don’t Take Unnecessary Risks

Virgo men are attracted to stability and security. Don’t act carelessly or a Virgo man won’t trust your judgment. When it comes to finances, career or other life choices, show him you’re stable and patient.

You may love to gamble with the stock market, speed or drive without a seat belt but these things will set him on edge. He will shy away from you if you don’t take caution seriously.

Act with caution and responsibility and minimize any risky behavior. This is also true of sexual activity. He won’t want to jeopardize his health for the sake of a relationship.

Respect His Talents and Opinions

A Virgo man is not one to seek praise from others. He may have a modest sense of his accomplishments or opinions. Yet when you take his advice seriously, he’ll feel closer to you.

He’ll fall in love with you when he sees that you respect his wisdom and guidance. Follow his advice. Respect his opinions. If you have a disagreement, be respectful.

He’s not proud, but he hates it when someone tries to “one up” him. Instead of trying to beat him in a debate or discussion, try to learn from him. Respect his expertise but also present your own opinions as well.

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Show Him You Are Teachable

A Virgo man can be quite patient. Though he has high standards, he is not likely to hold mistakes against you if he sees that you are teachable. When a Virgo man thinks you’ll be able and open to learning from mistakes, he’ll feel at ease.

A Virgo man loves to be a mentor and teacher to others. Show interest in his hobbies. Let him show you how to find easier and faster ways to get your tasks accomplished. Take his recommendations seriously.

Be Helpful and Friendly to Strangers

One of the best ways you can get a Virgo man to fall in love with you is to show him that you have a selfless, considerate and thoughtful side. Be as friendly to strangers as you are to friends.

Avoid gossip. He doesn’t like that kind of petty negativity. Act kind and charitable to those in need. He has high standards but isn’t an elitist.

He’ll feel your compassion and admire your willingness to be kind to others. Show him you kind and helpful to people even if you don’t have a personal connection to them.

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  1. I just read up on Virgo man. I want to say your expose on Virgo man is spot on, 99.999%. You are sooo correct! I met one awesome one, but I already made all the mistakes there could be and they already fully backfired. I made the mistakes because I’ve not been in any relationship for 3.5 years. So when I saw what I liked (I hardly do) I was ready for it. Did it backfire? Oh yes! With lots of tears and pain.

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