10 Signs a Virgo Man is in Love with You

Updated November 6, 2022
10 Signs a Virgo Man is in Love with You

A Virgo man’s love signs can be easy to miss. He’s practical rather than passionate.

When a Virgo man’s attracted to you, you will have to see it in his actions rather than wait for his words. He shows his love over time.

“Is my Virgo man in love with me?” If you ask yourself this question, you’re not alone. He’s hard to read when it comes to emotions.

Yet if you’ve noticed the obvious signs a Virgo man likes you, you’ll know you have to be patient. He moves slowly and proves himself over time.

The signs of a Virgo man in love with you aren’t much different from the early signs a Virgo man has a crush on you. The difference is a matter of degrees.

1. He Wants to Spend More Time with You

Long before a Virgo man says “I love you” he’ll feel it. He’ll also show it in practical ways. For starters, he’ll want to spend more time with you.

Don’t get too excited, this may still not mean he hangs out with you every day and spends the night at your place. For a Virgo man, things move slowly. It could mean he spends two days each week with you instead of one.

Yet this move forward is a big deal for a Virgo man. When he’s in love with you, he’ll go to some measures to fit more time with you into his schedule.

Yet he won’t drop everything to devote all his time to the relationship. That’s just not a Virgo’s style. He maintains control of his other priorities.

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2. He Finally Starts Making Eye Contact

To a Virgo man, eye contact can mean different things. He could be serious, pensive or in love. One of the obvious signs a Virgo man likes you is his willingness to make eye contact.

He can be shy at times and this can lead him to avoiding eye contact during his crush stage. But when he really starts to fall in love, this will change. He’ll look into your eyes for longer periods of time.

A Virgo man will become more comfortable opening up to you after he sees that you match his standards. This will also enable him to feel confident looking you in the eye for longer periods of time.

3. He Tells You Details About His Life

Will a Virgo man test you? No. However he will remain aloof when he’s getting to know you. As he starts to relax, though, he’ll tell you more about his life.

A Virgo man is usually quite private. He doesn’t like to chat endlessly about his past. He views the past as only helpful if you’re trying to recall a lesson. He doesn’t understand the point of emotional bonding by talking about the past.

Instead he focuses on the present and mostly on his “to do” list. A Virgo man is likely to become more open about the details of his daily life as he falls in love with you. Be prepared this can include quite mundane details.

He thinks of every tedious aspect of life. He’s not trying to bore you. He’s just trying to bring you deeper into his world by sharing all the details of his plans and routines.

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4. He Acts Helpful Even When You Don’t Ask

A Virgo man does this even when he’s got a crush on you. Yet when he’s more seriously falling in love, a Virgo man will show up more frequently. He’ll do things to help you and make your life easier.

Even when you don’t ask for his guidance, he’ll volunteer it. He’ll also volunteer his opinions and advice. It’s best to take his advice at least some of the time. A Virgo man loves to feel needed and useful.

A Virgo man will show that he loves you by trying to make your life perfect. He’ll also try to make sure you have the best resources and greatest chance for success. He does this by being useful to you.

5. He Criticizes You

When a Virgo man compliments you, it’s a very positive sign. He doesn’t give praise openly and is hard to please. Ironically, even when a Virgo man criticizes you, it’s a sign he’s in love.

He does this because he wants to help you to become the most perfect version of yourself possible. A Virgo man has high standards. He wants to help you live up to his ideals.

He’ll point out all the flaws he observes so you can fix them. He’ll make suggestions for how you can work on what he sees as your shortcomings. This is really his idea of being helpful.

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6. He Tries to Encourage You

A Virgo man tries to help you succeed in any way possible. He’ll help you study, show you how to improve your career or fix your credit. He’s not what some would consider a cheerleader.

Instead, a Virgo man is more like a mentor. When he loves you, he’ll put even more time into trying to help you be your best. He tends to do this in an aloof way even when he’s in love.

You may feel like he’s just being friendly. Yet though a Virgo man is friendly he will be much more outwardly kind and helpful when he’s in love. When he’s in love he’ll show up to help rather than sending suggestions through a text.

7. He Talks About a Future Living Together

A Virgo man is likely to show his love in practical ways. He’s not a big dreamer. His motto is “I’ll believe it when I see it.” Still, he will talk about his dreams with you.

Not in idealistic terms but in terms of a future living together. This is a huge step for a Virgo man. He doesn’t talk about these kinds of milestones lightly. He needs to be secure and sure of you.

When he is, he’ll talk about plans to blend your lives together including living together. He may even talk about your prospective plans for marriage and family.

It may seem like this comes out of nowhere. One minute he just seems to really like you, the next minute he talks about moving in. Yet in his mind, he’s been evaluating these prospects the whole time.

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8. He’ll Tell You His Plans and Dreams

A Virgo man will also tell you his own personal plans and dreams when he gets to the point where he’s in love. Again, this can be subtle and less passionate than you would expect.

When he tells you about his thoughts on the next car he’s going to get to replace his existing car, your eyes may glaze over. You may think this is the most boring conversation or that he’s making small talk.

He’s not. He’s sharing his ideas and dreams with you. This is about as passionate as a Virgo man usually gets. It’s an important decision and you’re an important person to him.

In his mind it makes sense to tell you about his thoughts. He’ll share his plans for a career change, vacation, a new diet, anything he thinks is important. This is his style of bonding with you. It’s his way of trying to be intimate.

9. He’ll Risk Getting Emotional Around You

A Virgo man will take greater risks with emotion when he falls in love with you. Yet this may not mean he’ll melt into a puddle before your eyes. He won’t likely cry or become too vulnerable.

He may tell you more personal memories from his childhood. He may take greater risks to tell you when he’s hurt by something. He may also become more vocal about what he desires in the relationship.

He is not likely to become too sentimental. Yet he will start to include emotions into his communication with you. He may show more happiness as well, in contrast with his typical serious nature.

You may see his eyes water if he’s deeply touched by something or is truly saddened. This is a big step for a Virgo man as usually he keeps any vulnerability deeply suppressed.

Yet when he loves you he will start to show this side of himself. Likewise, he may even show his silly side, a break from his typical sober attitude. He may make jokes, goof around and show you his playful side.

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10. He Becomes More Openly Affectionate

Just as a Virgo man is becoming more emotionally centered in the relationship when he loves you, he’ll also become more affectionate. He will look for more opportunities for physical contact.

He generally doesn’t like public displays of affection. He may, however, try to hold your hand more frequently. A Virgo man will also try to initiate more open affection. He’ll hug you, kiss you or try to hold you more.

This is a very positive sign of his comfort with you and his love for you. A Virgo man can be standoffish. Yet when he really falls in love with you, he’ll let his guard down more. He’ll want to have more intimacy and affection with you.

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