How do You Make a Virgo Man Laugh?

How do You Make a Virgo Man Laugh?

A Virgo man’s laugh is contagious. It’s a welcome relief as he’s usually serious and somber.

When you can get a Virgo man to crack a smile, you’ve hit gold. It’s a good sign you’ll be able to reach him emotionally.

It’s not too hard to figure out what a Virgo man wants to hear if you scale back your expectations. One of the most common Virgo man traits is his intelligence.

If you want to break through his defenses and get him to relax, you’ve got to learn how to trigger his sense of humor. He has a particular sense of humor.

This should come as no surprise since a Virgo is particular about everything. He’ll either find a joke hysterical or offensive. You’ll want to make sure not to offend him.

A Virgo Man has a Unique Sense of Humor

If you’re wondering how a Virgo man shows interest, he does so by trying to be more personable and casual with you. He’ll feel more comfortable sharing laughs with you. A Virgo man will give you clues to his sense of humor. Pay attention to the details.

A Virgo man’s eye contact with you will give you clues to his mood. He’s not generally a moody person. Yet it is important to note that he doesn’t always want to make jokes and show his sense of humor.

When he’s working on a project, studying or otherwise concentrating, a Virgo man doesn’t want to lose his focus. He’ll stay in serious mode and this is not the time to joke with him. He won’t appreciate it.

In fact, your sense of humor may go right over his head if he’s not in a playful mood at a given time. This isn’t because he’s not intelligent, he is. It’s because he is so detail oriented.

He Doesn’t Find Slapstick Funny

When a Virgo man is attracted to you, he’ll want to spend time with you and become more casual and relaxed. He’ll want to share jokes and laugh with you.

Yet you’ll have to know what he does and doesn’t find funny. One big genre of humor to avoid with a Virgo man is slapstick humor. Deep inside, a Virgo man is a healer. He may understand that a movie is a fictitious comedy.

If it contains too much slapstick, he’ll be turned off. He doesn’t think it’s funny when people get hurt, even if the hurt is fake. Old shows like the Three Stooges or more recent comedic shows that focus on people falling, tripping, or in any way getting hurt for laughs will seem nonsensical to him.

He won’t find it funny and will only question your mindset if he thinks you are entertained or amused by situations that would be painful, if they were real. To a Virgo man, even the fake scenario in a fictitious setting, is offensive.

Yes, he’s got a strong sense of propriety. Virgo is the symbol of the Virgin. This doesn’t mean he doesn’t like sex. It does mean he is concerned with modesty and purity.

When a Virgo man just wants to be friends, or if he is just becoming attracted to you, he will gradually reveal his interests. He’ll show you his boundaries and it is best to take his limitations and expectations seriously. He’s basically telling you the rules he lives by.

He Laughs at Intellectual Humor

When a Virgo man shows you he’s relaxed and in the mood for humor, aim for the intellectual, not base, slapstick humor. He’s a witty guy and he’ll love puns and other word plays.

He likes jokes that challenge his intellect. He will both laugh with you and admire your intelligence if you are able to come up with witty quips and one liners.

Ironically, as smart as a Virgo guy is, if a joke is too long winded and requires too elaborate a set up, he won’t get it. He doesn’t always read the nuances in communication. If he thinks you’re telling him a story, he’ll miss the punch line.

No matter how outlandish it is, if the joke is set up as a story or an actual event, he’ll stumble on whether the punch line was intended to be funny or just ironic but serious.

You’ll then have to explain it to him which ruins the fun for both of you. Make the jokes direct but intellectual, yet make it clear from your tone and facial expressions that you are joking so he doesn’t mistake your meaning.

Laugh at humorous quotes from famous thinkers and intellectuals. His serious and sometimes sour nature can make him lean toward satire and sarcasm but again you will have to take care to choose your timing wisely so your meaning isn’t lost.

He Doesn’t Like Jokes at Other People’s Expense

Even with his love of satire, irony and witty humor, one thing a Virgo man doesn’t appreciate is when a joke is made at another person’s expense. He is conscientious and friendly and prefers to keep his humor clean.

A Virgo man is humble and modest. He won’t gossip and will never find another’s misfortune or pain humorous. It’s best to steer clear of jokes that are made at others’ expense. He’s modest enough to joke about himself, but leave that for him to do.

If you try to crack a joke at his expense he’ll likely take it the wrong way and feel offended or criticized. When a Virgo man wants a casual relationship, he’s testing the waters to see how well you fit together.

If he thinks your sense of humor is aggressive or mean, it will turn him off. He’ll stop considering you as a potential serious partner and instead will see you as a bully if you joke about other people.

He Doesn’t Like Controversial Humor

If you’re wondering how to tell if a Virgo man is interested in you, he’ll lean in and really listen when you speak. When it comes time for fun and games, keep it moderate.

Save the hypersexual jokes, he doesn’t find these funny or see this as a form of flirtation but as an intrusion. Keep controversy out of your jokes. He may not show his political leanings because he likes to avoid conflicts.

So if you make an innocent joke about politics or about something even more dicey, you’ll run the risk of offending him and completely shutting him down. It’s best to stick to simple, polite humor.

Don’t make offensive, racist, sexist or other forms of demeaning jokes. He will never find this humor funny and will rule you out as a potential partner if he thinks you are cruel and insensitive.

It’s far better to err on the side of caution with your humor. Your Virgo man treats every subject with caution and expects that you are just as considerate.

His Sense of Humor is Family Friendly

A good litmus test for whether or not a Virgo man will find a joke funny is to imagine sharing the joke in front of his family. If it’s too controversial for Grandma and too sexual for young kids to understand, skip it.

You’ll be much better off in the long run if you save the humor only for stories or jokes that pass the family friendly test. If its not something you would feel comfortable saying in front of several generations of his family, he won’t usually like it.

If you disregard this rule and make an off color joke or dicey comment intended to be funny, he’ll usually let you know flat out he is not amused or does not like those specific types of jokes.

Take him at his word, he is fair about his boundaries and would rather give you a warning so you can correct your behavior, rather than give up on an otherwise good relationship because you made a mistake and told a joke he didn’t like.

If he feels like you are disregarding his warning, though, it will be a different story. He may give up on trying to correct you and reinforce his boundaries. When this happens he will just go silent or step back from the relationship.

He Finds Witty Details Funny

A Virgo man is detail oriented and so he will laugh at jokes that really require him to pay attention, assuming you wait for the right timing. He will find humor in stories or jokes that have subtle nuances to them.

This is why puns and double entendre work so well with a Virgo man, as long as he can tell by your body language that you are joking.

He will be tickled to know that the littlest detail makes the punch line and that others may not have gotten the joke. He’ll also be glad to see you are an intelligent person who can pick up on such nuances as well.

He Has a Silly Side

Many women are surprised to know that their serious, practical Virgo man actually does have a silly side. He can get down to the level of a child and can be amazed by how things work.

He finds wonder in the world around him and is fascinated by gadgets and machines. His mind is analytical and so he loves to play with data, words and numbers.

Intellectual games or play on words fascinate him. He really does have a silly side and may enjoy jokes and funny stories that have to do with the absurdities of life.

Comedian George Carlin would likely offend a Virgo man mostly. But his routines in which he asks why we park in a driveway and drive on a parkway will have a Virgo man in stitches.

There is a Time and Place for Humor, to Him

A Virgo man needs to be relaxed and open for humor to be effective. There is a time and place for joking and humor when it comes to getting a laugh out of a Virgo man.

He’s not going to think outside the box while he’s otherwise consumed with a task. It’s best to judge his mood by his facial expression and eye contact and then add to his relaxed mood by joking around with him.

When a Virgo man stares at you, you’ll be able to tell if he’s stressed or if he’s open to playfulness. One of the top Virgo man crush signs is when he is able to take a break from his serious demeanor to show his humor.

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