How Does a Virgo Man Like to Kiss?

Updated February 22, 2023
How Does a Virgo Man Like to Kiss?

A Virgo man kiss is more polite than passionate. If you’re used to more dramatic and intense kissing, brace yourself.

A Virgo man’s style of kissing is more like a friendly kiss. Even when he’s madly in love with you.

Of the many signs a Virgo man is falling for you, his willingness to show affection tops the charts. Yet he still keeps his affection reserved. He doesn’t get carried away.

This is especially true in his style of kissing. For a variety of reasons, a Virgo man in love is far less passionate than many other guys.

Even a Virgo man in bed is methodical and aloof in some ways. He won’t let his emotions and impulses rule him. He prefers to be in control. His kissing reflects this.

He Keeps the Passion Turned Down

Dating a Virgo man has many perks. He’s always reliable, follows through on his promises and you know you can count on him. Yet when it comes to showing passion and affection he may surprise you with his cool demeanor.

The physical signs a Virgo man likes you include practical things. He’ll make time for you and show up consistently. He’ll try to be helpful and show his patient side as he shows you how to do pragmatic things.

Yet even when he starts to loosen up and show his affectionate, casual side, you won’t see him get swept away by passions. If you see signs a Virgo man is interested in you, be prepared, you’ll still likely wait a long time for him to kiss you.

His passion is a slow simmer, not a blaze of fire. He will evaluate you over time and make sure he really feels secure with you. He’s also making sure you live up to his high standards. He takes his commitments seriously.

Before he gets to the point of vulnerability, including kissing, he will make sure he sees potential in a relationship with you.

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He Likes to Kiss in Private

When he invites you into his home, it’s one of the signs a Virgo man has a crush on you. He likes to explore his attraction to you in private. He’s modest and shy.

When he’s ready to kiss, he’ll also make this a private affair. Don’t expect him to dramatically embrace and kiss you in a restaurant or crowded theater. He won’t make a scene out of your first (or any other) kiss.

He feels more comfortable out of the watchful public eye. He prefers to show affection, including kissing, in private. He doesn’t like drama and will avoid anything that seems like he’s making a scene.

The good news is, the more he asks to see you in private locations, such as his place or yours, the more likely he is getting ready to become more intimate. He may be working up his courage, deciding when it is the right time.

He is likely setting the stage for when and how he will make the next moves in the relationship. The more time he spends alone with you, the closer he is getting to kissing you when he feels ready.

He Prefers Brief to Passionate Kisses

A Virgo in love doesn’t melt into a more passionate version of his organized, self-controlled image. When he tries to show passion and intimacy, he’s still reserved and controlled.

He doesn’t like passionate kisses and may prefer to keep his tongue mostly to himself. The reasons for this are practical and have nothing to do with his feelings for you.

Virgo men are notoriously health conscious and germophobic. The idea of touching tongues may seem gross to him, regardless of his feelings for you. He’s also practical. He only feels compelled to kiss at all because of social conventions.

Deep in his psyche he may wonder what the big deal is. He’s likely analyzed this act a million times and really doesn’t understand the rationale behind it. Yet he’s not a completely cold fish either.

He’ll warm up and kiss you but he prefers to keep it short and sweet. Don’t try to grab him and not let go. He’s definitely into breathing room and you don’t want him to feel like he’s suffocating either physically or emotionally.

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He’s a Stickler for Hygiene when Kissing

This is actually true for everything a Virgo man does, not just kissing. He’s all about cleanliness and order, control and tidiness. He’s not one to wake up in the morning and want to make out.

At least not until you’ve both had a chance to brush your teeth. Also, a Virgo man is very much into hygiene and cleanliness as he is very health conscious. He won’t want to kiss you if you’ve had a cold.

This makes him seem unromantic but he’s just a pragmatist. He doesn’t want to share germs when he’s sharing intimacy. Keep up oral care and bring a toothbrush and floss with you when you go on dates.

In the worst case scenario at least be prepared with gum. Though this is not much of an appeasement to a Virgo man because he sees it as a shortcut. He knows gum may make your breath smell better, but it doesn’t kill germs.
He’s as concerned about germs (if not more) than he is concerned about surface level issues like morning breath.

He Likes to Kiss Your Entire Body

A Virgo man is attentive to detail and when it comes to intimacy, this is a real bonus. He may not always want to get passionate when kissing open mouthed, but he will enjoy kissing the surface of your body.

Not only this, but a Virgo man is likely to kiss every part of you and enjoy the process. He’ll take his time and make sure he kisses your ear, neck, shoulders and even your arms and hands.

He’s practical and polite so he won’t be one to leave hickies everywhere. Instead of gnawing and biting he’ll give brief but tender kisses. He likes to be kissed this way as well.

He doesn’t want to get too involved in passionate open mouthed kissing. He will however enjoy it if you take your time and kiss him attentively. Kiss his back, neck, shoulders even legs and hands.

For obvious practical reasons, he’ll probably want to avoid kissing your feet unless you’ve both taken a romantic bath together. Still, a Virgo man will explore the landscape of your body both caressing and kissing you when he’s really in love.

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He Prefers to Initiate Kissing

Is a Virgo man dominant? Not in the conventional sense. He’s not out to dominate you but does like to control himself and his surroundings. He’ll want to initiate any kissing that goes on. Wait for him to feel comfortable Don’t make the first move.

Be patient and wait for him. He doesn’t like surprises, even pleasant ones. If you’re wondering will a Virgo man lead you on, rest assured he won’t. Give him time to make up his mind. When he’s definitely committed, he’ll kiss you. He is waiting for the ideal time and ideal setting.

A Virgo man in love will kiss you when he is ready and then may have a routine for kissing you at certain times. For example he may kiss you when he first sees you and then before you part ways.

If this is the case, he’ll expect to kiss on schedule rather than being spontaneous. Though it may seem romantic to be suddenly and unexpectedly swept into a passionate kiss, understand this simply isn’t a Virgo man’s style.

He has rules about everything. This can include rules about kissing. He may have a “No kissing at work” rule or a “No kissing in front of family” rules. Respect his boundaries or he’ll be deeply offended. He doesn’t like drama or embarrassment.

Virgo Man Kissing Turn-offs

Virgo men are perfectionists and this also means they are quite particular. He has definite likes and dislikes in every conceivable category. Kissing is no different. A Virgo man has strict rules and boundaries and it is best to follow this.

There are some definite turn-offs you’ve got to keep in mind. A Virgo man is turned off by dramatic displays of affection. He doesn’t want to make a big scene, kissing in public and drawing attention to himself.

He also may have a pet peeve about noisy or obnoxiously intense kissing. He prefers to be discreet and subtle. He isn’t going to try to remove your tonsils with his tongue while kissing and hopes that you catch on to his style.

He’s not into anything rough and this includes rough kissing. He won’t want to be bitten or passionately dominated while making out with you. He likes to come up for air frequently.

For a Virgo man, less is more. This means he prefers smaller kisses for brief periods of time with great discretion. Be tasteful and demure, don’t try to win him over with dramatic displays of passion.

If you’re too eager this is also a turn off. Show him that you enjoy kissing him but that you are also aware of and respectful toward his personal space.

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