How to Turn On a Virgo Man in Bed

How to Turn On a Virgo Man in Bed

If you want to know how to turn on a Virgo man in bed, you need to know his sexual preferences.

Just as the different signs of the zodiac have different traits, they also like different things in bed.

Because Virgos are so selective about who they sleep with, they are unlikely to be interested in casual hookups or one-night stands. In fact, the very idea of it makes him nervous and uncomfortable.

Don’t seek out a Virgo if you’re looking for a passionate fling. Virgos cherish commitment and true intimacy over meaningless sex.

Once you understand more about how a Virgo man thinks, you will be better equipped to turn him on and amaze him in bed.

Take Your Time

The sign of Virgo is symbolized by the virgin, and with good reason. This cautious and reserved sign is probably the most comfortable abstaining completely from sex.

This doesn’t mean your Virgo guy is a prude or that he isn’t interested in sex. It just means he is patient and careful, and that sex is meaningful to him.

A Virgo man in love takes his time before jumping into bed with you. He will want to know everything about you first before he’s comfortable enough to be intimate with you.

Don’t take a Virgo man’s slow pace as a sign that he isn’t interested in you. Take it as a compliment that he respects you and wants to get to know you before rushing into anything.

Don’t Fake It

One of the most important things to a Virgo in any relationship is honesty. If you fake it in bed and your Virgo man finds out, he will see this as dishonesty and will lose trust in you.

Furthermore, a Virgo man pays careful attention to the sexual likes and dislikes of his partner. He seeks your honest feedback so that he knows best how to please you.

If you fake it with a Virgo, this sensitive and observant sign can usually tell. Besides dishonesty, he may also view this as his own failure to please you, which can make him insecure and want to retreat from you.

One big difference between Virgo man and Virgo woman is that a Virgo woman may put her need to please ahead of her honesty. But a Virgo man prefers honesty, every time.

While both male and female Virgos value honesty, the ideal Virgo woman fantasy is a man who claims she’s the best lover naturally. A Virgo man wants your tips and pointers so that he can really become your best lover.

To make a Virgo man attracted to you in bed, be open and real. Don’t fake feelings or sensations that aren’t there. He would much rather take his time getting it just right than have you fake it.

Give Positive Feedback

Just as it’s important for you to be honest in bed with your Virgo man, it’s important for you to be sensitive and tactful. If he’s doing something you don’t like, try to frame it in a positive way.

Instead of laying there quietly or complaining, tell him something else he does that you really like. Then guide him, either verbally or physically, to what else you really like.

This sign thrives on communication, so verbal affirmation on his sexual prowess is a huge Virgo turn on. Complimenting him and giving him genuine positive feedback is an aphrodisiac for him.

Talk Dirty

Again, the emphasis for a Virgo is on communication, especially verbal communication. While some signs are more visually stimulated, your words can go a long way in turning on a Virgo man.

If you’re comfortable with dirty talk, great! Put those skills to use. You might be surprised at how much your shy, reserved Virgo man loves it when you tell him exactly what you want him to do to you.

If you’re new to dirty talk, or it’s not your thing, ask your Virgo man to talk to you first. Let him take the lead, and build off of what he says.

You can also start by choosing a few go-to phrases you’re comfortable saying in bed. Then work your way up to more naughty, exciting stuff.

Focus on Technique

As with every other aspect of life, Virgos are hard workers in bed. They have studied sex, anatomy, and the likes and dislikes of their partners to know what to do.

Virgos are unlikely to be spontaneous or overly passionate in the bedroom. He will get the job done, but don’t expect a big display of emotion.

One of the common Virgo man traits is that he is methodical, and he will want to get pleasing you down to an exact science. Show him what you like, and he will remember and perfect it for the next time.

And your Virgo man expects the same focus on technique from you, too. Instead of bringing drama and emotions into the bedroom, bring your focus, attention, and desire to please.

Be A Giver… and Let Him Be a Giver, Too

Although a Virgo man may not be the most passionate lover, he is a giver by nature. A Virgo man when he likes a woman will do anything, anything at all, to please her.

Don’t be surprised if your Virgo man prefers to take care of you first in bed, before turning attention to his own pleasure. Nothing turns him on more than using his skills to turn you on.

Virgos are highly observant and nurturing, so it makes sense that he watches to see what you like, then gives it to you ten-fold. Let him be generous and spoil you in bed; he loves doing it!

On the other hand, your Virgo man expects for you to be a giver, too. He expects back just as much as he gives, and it’s a turn off for him if things feel one-sided in the bedroom.

Enjoy how giving your Virgo man is in bed, but make sure that you’re being just as generous and eager to please, as well.

Choose the Right Environment

Where you make love is just as important to a Virgo man as the deed itself. Because he is a shy perfectionist, he will want the setting for your intimacy to be just right.

But what is the perfect setting for a Virgo? As always, cleanliness is of utmost importance to a Virgo, at any time. Make sure your bedroom is tidy and the sheets are clean.

Messiness and dirtiness are not sexy to a Virgo man. If your environment is unclean, he won’t be able to focus and will be turned off by his surroundings.

Another way to honor his desire for cleanliness is to get down and dirty… in the tub or shower. That way, you’re actually getting clean while being intimate – your Virgo man could love nothing more!

Because Virgos tend to be so shy, he will also prefer dim lighting, or no lighting at all. Of course he wants to see you in all your glory, but at the same time he is self-conscious.

He wants to be able to focus on pleasing you, not worrying about how he looks under harsh lighting. Set the mood with candles or soft lamps, and turn the overhead light off.

Put Him at Ease

Virgos have a tendency to live in their heads, and it can be difficult for them to put their worries aside enough for them to enjoy sex. As his partner, there are a few things you can do to help him relax.

Virgos are insecure, even when they have no reason to be. Boosting your Virgo man’s confidence will go a long way towards getting him in the mood.

Because they can be so self-conscious, Virgos need a partner who is more open and confident than themselves. This is why a Virgo and Virgo friendship is more likely to work out than a Virgo and Virgo relationship.

One of the signs a Virgo man is falling for you is when he feels secure enough to make the first move. The more you stroke his ego, the more he’ll want to take the lead or get experimental.

Sincere compliments, undivided attention, and expressing your love and affection can help your Virgo man relax and feel comfortable in bed. Reassure him that you think he’s the sexiest man in the world, and he’ll be ready to go.

Take Care of Your Body

Virgo men are like any other men in that they admire the beauty of women. Although he is more attracted to your words and your brain, he appreciates your appearance, too.

If you’re wondering what does a Virgo man look for in a woman, it’s not that he expects you to look sexy for him; it’s more that he wants you to care for your health and fitness, like he does.

When you plan to get busy with your Virgo man, make sure you are well-groomed. Wash your hair, shave, and be as clean and presentable as possible. To him, this is just as sexy as lingerie.

But feel free to wear the lingerie, too! Spring for a matching set that is sensual and classic, rather than something flashy or complicated. He appreciates a coordinated set and nice fabrics, but not sequins or complicated straps.

If both you and your bedroom are fresh, clean, and tidy, you will be the ultimate Virgo man fantasy.

Admire His Physique

Although a Virgo man is not particularly vain (leave that to the sign preceding his in the zodiac, Leo), he does take pride in his fitness. Virgos are typically healthy eaters, and like to exercise and stay in shape, too.

This is more for the practical reason that Virgos like to take care of their health and their bodies than for the sake of personal appearance. But that doesn’t mean a Virgo man doesn’t want praise for his efforts.

Your Virgo man works hard to keep himself fit, so make sure you let him know you appreciate it! Compliment his body, his muscles, and his healthy cooking.

Tell him how sexy it is that he takes good care of himself. After all, you’re the one benefitting from his hot body and stamina in bed!

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