What Kind of Humor Do Virgo Men Enjoy?

What Kind of Humor Do Virgo Men Enjoy?

If you think Virgo man humor is a contradiction in terms, you don’t fully understand Virgo traits.

He has a sense of humor. Yet Virgo men are very particular. They have specific preferences in jokes and don’t find some things funny.

When a Virgo man is attracted to you, you can use humor to help him relax. Yet you’ll have to know his exact sense of humor so you won’t offend him.

When you know what a Virgo man likes and dislikes in a woman, you’ll see he likes modesty. He isn’t into drama and avoids people who are raucous.

His sense of humor is similar. He prefers subtle humor to slapstick or controversial jokes. He prefers jokes to be family friendly, he doesn’t like offensive humor.

Virgo Men Invented Dry Humor

If you’re wondering how a Virgo man shows interest, you’ve got to know the typical Virgo man crush signs. He’s always high strung, but a Virgo man who likes you will ease up. He’ll show his more casual side around you.

He’ll also let you see his sense of humor. You may miss it at first. That’s because his sense of humor is dry and subtle. He’s used to making jokes that go over people’s heads. Both because his tone usually remains stoic.

When a Virgo man stares at you after making a joke, it’s because he’s waiting for you to catch his dry humor and laugh. If you don’t laugh, he’ll let it go and try again with a different joke.

The last thing a Virgo man wants to do is to step back and explain the joke to you. He’ll do this if he has to but it ruins the mood as far as he is concerned. He prefers to see that you understand his humor.

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His Humor Depends on His Mood

When you’re trying to make him laugh, it helps to first understand his mood. There is a difference in what a Virgo man wants to hear to relieve stress at work or to have a good laugh in his free time with you.

When he’s totally relaxed, he’ll be more open to joking around. Yet if he’s stressed because of a work issue, he just may not be in a laughing mood. Even if you’re trying to help him relax. It may backfire.

A Virgo man’s eye contact will show you if he is relaxed enough to be in the mood for joking around. When you see his eyes twinkle and a smile on his face, you’ll know he can be relaxed and even silly.

When he’s in the mood for humor, a Virgo man may surprise you with some hearty belly laughs at even the silliest jokes. The key is to not use humor that violates his sense of propriety.

He Doesn’t Appreciate Slapstick

One form of humor a Virgo man will never find funny is slapstick. When it comes to humor based on people slipping, falling, tripping or hurting each other, he won’t even crack a smile. A Virgo man takes wellness seriously.
He won’t laugh at anything, even jokes, having to do with people being harmed. Even if he knows it’s only make believe, he doesn’t want to watch videos or funny movies where people are being harmed.

The same goes for any jokes or silly videos that go viral online featuring harm to animals or children. He will find these images or videos offensive and troubling and not in the least bit funny.

Avoid jokes, movies or funny videos that involve misfortune befalling others as well. A Virgo man is so practical he’ll definitely put himself in the shoes of whoever is the subject of the joke. He won’t find these topics funny.

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He Likes Jokes that are Clean

A Virgo man prefers clean and family friendly jokes. If a Virgo man just wants to be friends after a period of more serious interest or dating, it could be that he was offended by your sense of humor.

You may even offend a Virgo man and not even know it. If you think back, however, recall jokes you’ve made or funny movies you’ve watched together. If the humor was too controversial or even slightly offensive, it could be to blame.

If you find a funny movie or video that you would feel comfortable sharing with your grandmother, chances are it is safe to share with a Virgo man. Also if a joke could be told at your job without violating your professional boundaries, it’s likely ok.

He Won’t Laugh at Offensive Humor

He’ll be turned off by anything offensive or outrageous. If you draw attention to yourself, and him, in public with an eccentric sense of humor, he won’t want to be associated with you.

Instead, make sure your jokes or even funny movies or videos are family friendly. Keep your humor as non-offensive and neutral as possible. A Virgo man has high standards, even for humor.

When a Virgo man wants a casual relationship, he may be taking his time to really get to know you before getting more serious. When he starts to open up more, he’ll feel relaxed if he can trust you to have a moderate sense of humor.

A Virgo man won’t fully trust a woman who is always joking around. Even if your intentions are good and you’re just trying to lighten his day, a Virgo man will assume you aren’t serious enough.

He’ll also look carefully to see what you laugh at. You may turn him off or put yourself in the “Friend Zone” permanently if he hears you make jokes at the expense of others or use crude or offensive humor.

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Virgo Men Like Witty Jokes

A good way to endear yourself to a Virgo man is to match his intellectual power. Match his intellect by making witty jokes. He loves word plays in particular.

He has to be in a particular mood to enjoy this kind of humor. However when he is in the right mood for humor, he can be subtle, ironic, sarcastic and use other forms of intellectual humor to lighten the mood.

Ironically, when he’s stressed or tired, this same form of intellectual humor may go over his head. That’s because he’s going to take everything at face value. If you tell him a witty, funny story he’ll take you seriously.

This may lead to miscommunications if he’s tired or distracted. He’ll be too focused on the details and the subtle humor will be lost on him. Generally, though, he gets a kick out of humor that shows off his intellect.

He Likes Puns and Intellectual Humor

A Virgo man’s enjoyment of intellectual humor extends to things like puns. A Virgo man may drop puns into conversation randomly when he’s in a mood for humor.

If you catch the double meaning in his jokes, he’ll be thrilled. If a Virgo man can show off his brainy interests by making jokes pertaining to technology, word meaning, or insider knowledge from any of his intellectual interests, it adds to the fun.

If he is in a playful mood he may interject word play into the day and share his witty sense of humor. He may take pleasure in taking you by surprise with intellectual jokes.

He’ll love to see that you can get on his wave length and laugh along with his nerdy references. If he doesn’t feel like you understand his intellectual humor it can be detrimental to the relationship over time.

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He Laughs at Innocent Jokes

The sign Virgo is symbolized by the symbol of the Virgin. This doesn’t mean he doesn’t like sex, but it does mean he is a purist and has high standards. He’s got an innocent sense of humor.

A Virgo man is also attracted to jokes that are good, clean and innocent humor. Though he won’t find harm to others funny, he will find innocent mistakes to be good impromptu jokes.

A simple blunder, a mix up in communication or a misunderstood idea that produces some light confusion, but no serious consequences are things a Virgo man can easily laugh at. To a Virgo man, these are innocent mistakes that can be comical.

He’ll Notice Funny Details and Life’s Absurdities

In addition to finding simple pleasures in life’s little mix ups and mishaps, a Virgo man loves to notice details. This can help his sense of humor. He will find ways to laugh at the absurdities of daily life.

This definitely shows up in his love of word plays. He gets a kick out of the idea that a car is parked in a driveway and ridden on a parkway, as comedian George Carlin pointed out.

Though a Virgo man’s puritanical ways can leave little interest in most of this comedian’s routines. Yet he loves the absurd details of daily life. He’ll find amusement in paradoxes and irony in people’s routines and even in society.

While he still follows along with social norms, he’ll point out the humor in what people prioritize, especially when it seems to go against logic and reason. He may have an eye for social satire though he prefers to keep his humor clean.

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