How Do You Win a Virgo Man’s Heart?

How Do You Win a Virgo Man’s Heart?

A Virgo man’s heart can be a mysterious code. Take the time to get to know his attraction style.

Signs a Virgo man is falling for you include a shift in his rigid boundaries. He’s subtle and won’t show his passions.

It’s essential to know what a Virgo man likes and dislikes in a woman. If you miss his cues and don’t follow his expectations, you’ll miss the chance to open his heart.

If you want to know how to win the heart of a Virgo man, you’ve got to look at his style of showing love. You’ve got to understand his unique characteristics.

When a Virgo man is attracted to you, he will still be reserved emotionally. He will take an analytical and logical approach to the relationship. You’ve got to show him your practical side.

Impress Him with Your Knowledge

If you want to know how to make a Virgo man chase you, understand you have to be aloof to an extent. He won’t be impressed by a passionate display of vulnerability.

Instead he wants to fall in love with aspects of your personality you wouldn’t think are romantic. He wants to know all about your intelligence and productivity. When a Virgo man says “I love you” he’s going to be understated about it.

He mostly is in love with your mind and your resourcefulness. What a Virgo man wants to hear is that you are as much a perfectionist as he is. He wants to know you can match him intellectually.

He wants to see that you are as efficient and productive as he is. Impress him with your knowledge. Especially your knowledge of DIY subjects. Show him you know how to fix things, cook, garden, make your own resources.

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Melt his Heart with Patience

An absolute must in a relationship with a Virgo man is patience. You’ve got to be able to wait out his calm, tedious, detailed and methodical personality.

A Virgo man, when he likes a woman, will want to be as cautious and careful as possible. When he’s really serious, he will start to consistently show up in your life. He’ll show you physical signs a Virgo man likes you.

He’ll start to go out of his way to help you. But he won’t flirt. He won’t stay over night. He won’t say “I love you” or show affection. You may start to wonder what’s up with him.

Why is he so confusing? Why does he send so many mixed signals? He’s being careful and doing his typical Virgo slow dance forward. This is normal for a Virgo man.

He knows the rest of the world works at a far faster pace than he does. Yet he sees his slow and steady stance as superior. His heart will melt when he sees how slow and patient you can be.

Show Your Integrity

A Virgo man in love needs to see that you have standards as high as his. He’ll wait it out until you show him. He won’t look just for one incident. He will look for you consistently show him your integrity.

A Virgo man is a perfectionist and he sees you as an extension of his idealism. He wants to know that you share his values. He can be patient and tolerant of many differences but he won’t tolerate lack of values.

He also won’t tolerate dishonesty or mind games. He needs to see that you take life, work and rules as seriously as he does. He has many of his own rules and boundaries and will watch to see that you respect them.

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Don’t Rush Him

Once you recognize the signs a Virgo man has a crush on you, play it cool. Enjoy the subtle, gradual and prolonged courtship. That’s certainly what it will be.

Luckily, you won’t have to second guess him and wonder if he really is serious about you alone. He doesn’t play the field. It’s too complicated for him. He would rather focus on one person and build a strong foundation.

A Virgo man will take his time so don’t rush him to make a solid official commitment. You don’t have to worry about him suddenly disappearing. He doesn’t do anything suddenly and without good reason.

A Virgo man will enjoy the process of easing into your life more if there is no pressure and no hurry. He knows that building something good takes time. He’ll construct the relationship with the precision and care as if he was building a house.

Show Him You’re Health Conscious

You’ll definitely get a Virgo man on your side if you show him you are health conscious. He loves this in a woman. He may be quite health conscious. If he goes to the gym or just watches his diet, match his enthusiasm.

Show him that you, too, care about making healthier choices. He’ll immediately take an interest in helping you make choices that add to your wellness and make you healthier.

A Virgo man works out not to get buff but to stay healthy. He may opt for organic or vegan food. Show him that you also care about your consumer decisions and you’ll make a good impression on him.

This is especially true if you show him that your health goals aren’t fueled by vanity but rather are a result of a deeper desire to stay healthy. Added points if you show him you’re motivated to make environmentally conscious health choices too.

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Give Him Lots of Thanks and Appreciation

A Virgo man is so helpful to everyone and especially helpful to you when he’s in love with you. Yet he never asks for anything in return. He’s humble and modest.

You can win a Virgo man’s heart by doing what few other people do, ever. Thank him. Show him gratitude and appreciation for his efforts. He never asks for this. He keeps track of whether you respond to his advice.

But he doesn’t keep tabs on what he does for you. The only reason he pays attention to how you respond to his advice is because he won’t waste his time repeatedly encouraging you to do the same things you aren’t going to do.

He isn’t vengeful and doesn’t seek praise. He prefers to take care of the tedious details of his life and solve mundane problems in your life. If you lavish a Virgo man with praise and appreciation, he’ll soften up.

The key is to show him thanks and gratitude. You’ll have a special place in his heart. He’ll see you as special and genuine. He’ll hold you apart from the crowd.

Show Interest in His Hobbies

A Virgo man can be an introvert. He surrounds himself with busy work and tasks to do, interests and projects. He’s used to people brushing off his hobbies or interests as too nerdy.

He’s also used to people thinking his interests are boring because they are intellectual and methodical. Yet in addition to showing a Virgo man gratitude, you can stand apart from the crowd by showing interest in his hobbies.

You may have no interest at all in some of his hobbies but if you try to immerse yourself in his world and show curiosity, you’ll be able to get him to feel comfortable and confident with you.

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Show Him You Take His Advice Seriously

A Virgo man will generously give his time and expertise to try to make your life better. He’ll go out of his way to try to solve problems for you and to show you that he cares. Sometimes he does this by offering unsolicited advice.

Even if you don’t follow his suggestions or aren’t interested in hearing his critique, at the very least take his feedback seriously. If you confuse his feedback for criticism you’ll miss important opportunities.

If you make the mistake of dismissing his guidance or repeatedly not listening to advice even after you asked for his help, he’ll start to get frustrated. He’ll feel like you’re wasting his time and energy and he will start to turn cold.

It’s hard to make a Virgo man angry because they are so friendly and thoughtful. Yet he takes pride in his intellect and willingness to share resources. If you ignore it, he’ll take it personally. This says a lot since he doesn’t take much personally.

Be Nurturing but not Smothering

Virgo men nurture in practical ways. He’ll help you find healthy food. He’ll fix things to help ease your daily routines. He’ll help you get organized. Yet when it comes to emotional nurturing, he’s at a loss.

One of the gifts he looks to you to provide in the relationship is this nurturing energy. He needs you to provide the emotional connection he struggles to convey. He grounds you in practicality yet you bring him into his own heart.

He’s looking to you to be caring and compassionate but there is one important key to remember. You’ve got to walk a fine line between showing him emotional compassion and nurturing while also not smothering him.

If he’s working too hard, give him a back rub. Don’t try to convince him to take time off, that is a no-win argument. Instead try to pamper him in the time you’re together without blocking him from his tedious tasks.

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