How Do Virgo Men Play Hard to Get?

Updated February 22, 2023
How Do Virgo Men Play Hard to Get?

It seems a Virgo man is hard to get. This leads to the misconception that dating a Virgo man is difficult.

A Virgo man acts uninterested because hej’s not ruled by passions. Being patient with a Virgo man will allow this relationship blossom.

True to his reputation, a Virgo man is slow in relationships. This is both because he’s cautious and because he often misses subtle social cues.

How does a Virgo man test you? He doesn’t need to. All he has to do is be himself and he’ll see if you are patient and prudent enough to keep his interest.

Leaving a Virgo man alone will help you keep pace with a Virgo man. He doesn’t play hard to get but he does show great discretion.

A Virgo Man Takes His Time

Will a Virgo man lead you on? You may ask yourself this when you see him show interest and then seem to go cold. It’s important to note a Virgo man is not trying to lead you on.

If he’s not interested at all, he’ll let you know. A Virgo man will be very clear about his boundaries. If he wants to just be friends, he’ll tell you. He has no sentimentality about not hurting your feelings if he’s really not interested.

A Virgo man, after a first date, goes into full on analytical mode. You may be lying awake replaying the evening and fantasizing of the love brewing between the two of you.

Yet a Virgo man is lying awake replaying every detail with a critical, analytical eye. He’s sizing up every detail of what you ate, worse and discussed. He’s thinking of how he will fit a relationship into his schedule.

He’s thinking of all the things that could go wrong and slightly considering what could go right. He just has to play the tape form the worst case scenario view first. He’s not cynical, he’s over cautious.

Notice the big difference. Passion, emotion and desire aren’t featuring in his analysis. He’ll consider how compatible you are with him and how much he likes you, but he doesn’t get swept off his feet and carried away.

Though a Virgo man definitely takes his time, this doesn’t mean he’s trying to play hard to get. He’s uniquely gifted with the ability to disconnect from his emotions. He will forsake his passions in order to follow logic.

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Why He’s So Cautious

If you wonder how to know when a Virgo man is done with you, you may be surprised by his slow pace. Surely it means he’s not interested, you may wonder.

After all, you know that you are trustworthy and he will never have to worry about you being disloyal or unfaithful. Why would he need to be so careful? This view doesn’t take his style of thinking into consideration.

Whether you are faithful, loyal and loving is only the very tip of the iceberg to a Virgo man. He is a perfectionist and will analyze every aspect of the relationship. He’ll notice your attitudes toward work, family, health and money.

He’ll pay attention to whether you keep your commitments. Do you show up on time? Are you orderly and organized? Is your car always a mess? Do you gossip about others or are you friendly and helpful?

He’ll analyze all these factors and add in compatibility. On top of that, he’ll also consider his schedule and goals and will analyze how best to put your daily routines together. He’ll wonder if your obligations with childcare and his obligations caring for his parents.

He takes his commitments seriously. This means he won’t make a commitment at all rather than make a careless effort. He isn’t interested in taking risks unless he’s analyzed them thoroughly.

Signs He’s Really Into You

If you wonder how to make a Virgo man miss you, you’ll have to dramatically tone down your passions and interest. Be patient and wait to see if he shows signs of interest.

A Virgo man won’t show interest in the typical ways. He won’t go out of his way to bring romance and affection into your life. He just doesn’t operate that way. Instead, he shows he loves you by doing helpful things for you.

A Virgo man in love will try to fix things around your house or fix your car for you. He’ll listen to you carefully. When he hears you talk about a problem you have, he’ll store it in his memory.

He’ll research to give you the best solutions to your problems. He’ll go out of his way to follow details of your life and notice every thing you like and don’t like. He’ll try to give you advice as well.

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Hard to Get? Or Just Normal Virgo Behavior

A Virgo man is so understated that women often jump to the incorrect conclusion that he’s playing hard to get. He’s too straight forward to get into games, even flirtation and attraction games.

Instead he’s likely just being a Virgo man. It’s in his nature to keep a distance and keep even those he loves most at an arm’s length. A Virgo man takes a more practical approach to relationships.

If you expect him to be emotionally deep and connected, you’ll be disappointed. He is emotionally sensitive but he gives greater emphasis to his logical analysis than he does to his intuition and passions.

A Virgo man will take his time to gradually assess the potential for your relationship. He’ll use his analytical skills to evaluate the potential and will be patient and cautious before showing his interest.

Then he’ll be patient and cautious again before making a more definitive commitment. Each step of the way he’ll have to figure out and analyze. He’ll have to reason through his insecurities and fears before really accepting his emotions.

His Flirting Style

A Virgo man is awkward when it comes to flirting. He doesn’t fully understand how to do this. He prefers to be subtle and he’s not one to be seductive. He’s a purist and prefers to be vulnerable in private and in very small doses.

He prefers to be practical and doesn’t always get the double entendre and coy body language that accompanies flirting. Instead, he prefers to be direct. His style of flirting is to do everything perfectly to help you.

He may also use a traditional approach. Bringing your favorite coffee or taking you to your favorite places, being a gentleman and showing you how thoughtful he is. He may show you chivalry and courteousness but in practical ways.

A Virgo man has a perfectionist mindset. He will keep a clean cut image and won’t let drama or public displays of affection take away from this image. He takes great measures to avoid controversy and so will remain modest even when he’s flirting.

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What it Means When He Doesn’t Call

When a Virgo man goes quiet, you may panic and wonder if it is a bad sign. Is it over? You may ask yourself if he’s lost interest in you. Yet often women jump to unnecessary conclusions that cause more heartache than necessary.

When a Virgo man doesn’t respond, most of the time he’s simply busy. He’s always busy. He keeps himself busy on purpose. Love doesn’t stop his busy schedule. He’s like a train engineer who will stop for no one, always making sure the trains leave on time.

A Virgo man who doesn’t respond is usually in the midst of a project, working or busy focusing on a his long to-do list. Yet if you don’t realize this, it would lead you to assume, incorrectly, that he may be mad at you.

A Virgo man doesn’t go silent when he’s angry. He clearly and methodically will state what he is upset about. He will explain it as a matter of constructive criticism.

The last thing he will do is avoid a problem because he knows that won’t help it get resolved. The best thing to do is be patient and wait for him to respond. He will in time.

Why He’s So Slow to Open Up

A Virgo man is slow to open up in romance and relationships. This is because he is cautious by nature and wants to make sure everything will be perfect. He will take his time to build a solid foundation.

Virgo men would rather take their time than rush in to a relationship based on their passions. It may seem stressful, but don’t let this put pressure on you.

Be yourself. He’s actually quite forgiving as long as he sees that you are rational, reasonable, logical and teachable. A Virgo man will set a solid baseline for a relationship no matter how much time it takes.

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He Acts Uninterested, but He’s Not

A Virgo man is modest and his actions are usually understated. When he really loves you, he’ll act friendly more so than romantic. Give him some time to show that you’re patient and down to earth.

In time he’ll show you his thoughtfulness and consideration. He will be relieved that he doesn’t have to rush to make you feel secure and won’t feel pressured to make a commitment.

In the space of friendship, an attraction with a Virgo man can flourish. This will make it easier for him to get to know you better and really see if your compatibility can withstand practical issues.

Know His Rules of Engagement

Virgo men structure their lives around rules that they find in logic and rationality. When you understand that he sees the world as a series of rules and tries to make life orderly, his hard to get techniques make more sense.

Virgo men are easily attracted to rules and order. If you are confused about where you stand, look at how he changes or modifies his rules to fit you into his life. Don’t expect too much too soon. Virgos are slow to adapt.

Virgo men will make their boundaries clear and explain their rules directly. The key is to listen and take them seriously. Often, women in love with Virgo men try to run roughshod over his rules and boundaries because they associate passion with spontaneity.

Virgo men don’t show their passions and don’t follow impulses. They take their time and make sure all their terms and conditions are met by a potential partner.

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