In The Virgo Man Friend Zone? Some Tips For You!

Published April 14, 2023

If you’re stuck in a Virgo man’s friend zone, you’ll want to figure out why before doing anything else!

How to get out of the friend zone with a Virgo man can depend on why you’re there in the first place.

A Virgo man might put you in the friend zone for many different reasons. He might still pursue a strictly platonic relationship even if he is interested.

A Virgo man might think you lack a trait he’s looking for in a partner, so you may need to show him that you possess that trait.

Your Virgo man might also put you in the friend zone if he thinks you’re not interested in him or are not ready to commit. Show him you want to commit to him. He might be open to a relationship!

Be Mature

A Virgo man’s ideal woman is mature and responsible. She might know how to have fun and loosen up, but she never neglects her responsibilities or acts childishly when she needs to act like an adult.

A Virgo man might be friends with you if you’re someone he can just have fun with, but he won’t date you if he thinks you’re not mature. He can put up with childish behavior from a friend but not a partner.

Show your Virgo man you are the responsible partner he’s looking for. Show him that you’re also emotionally mature. That might get you out of the friend zone!

Part of being mature is accepting that your Virgo man doesn’t want a relationship, no matter how “perfect” you are for him. Don’t get upset if your Virgo man turns you down, or you’ll never have another chance to be with him.

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Be Neat & Tidy

Being neat and tidy is essential when attracting a Virgo man. A Virgo man likely won’t be attracted to you if you’re overly messy or disorganized.

There are many ways to show your Virgo man that you’re neat. He’ll find you far more attractive if you always have a clean, well-kept appearance!

If your Virgo man visits your home, make sure it’s clean! Clean up after yourself when you visit him or are at a friend’s house. Show him that you respect everyone’s spaces, not just your own!

Being neat might not be essential to a relationship, but Virgo men can be picky. A Virgo man might not like the idea of settling down and potentially cohabitating with you if he thinks you’re messy!

Be Goal-Oriented

If you want to know how to attract a Virgo man, you need to be goal-oriented. You should know what you want in life. You should be able to make your dreams into reality.

Your Virgo man isn’t looking for someone who has all the same goals he does. He just wants to see that you have goals in the first place!

Ideally, your goals should be compatible with your Virgo man’s goals. Openly discuss your goals and plans for your life with him. If he sees that your goals align with his, he might consider a relationship with you.

If you don’t have any goals, your Virgo man won’t want to be in a relationship with you. He’ll be wary of anyone just coasting through life without a plan!

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Show Him You’re Ready To Commit

Sometimes when a Virgo man just wants to be friends, he doesn’t think you’re ready for a committed relationship.

A Virgo man doesn’t typically do casual relationships. If your Virgo man is dating you, he sees a future together. He might not consider you a potential long-term partner if he just wants to be friends.

Show your Virgo man that you are ready to settle down and commit to someone. Open up to him and tell him you’re ready for a serious relationship.

If a Virgo man was just not interested because he thought you two wanted different things, he might reconsider this once he hears you’re ready to settle down. That might be the push he needs to take you out of the friend zone.

Support Him

If you eventually want a romantic relationship with a Virgo man, you need to show him that you can support him the way he needs.

Virgo men often rely on their partners for a lot of emotional support. They don’t open up to people easily, so they likely have very few people they can go to for the support and reassurance they need.

Your Virgo man might put you in the friend zone if he thinks you’re not reliable or supportive. He won’t consider dating you if he can’t go to you when he needs someone to talk to!

A Virgo man might fall for you when he sees you’re the loving, supportive partner he needs. He’ll see you in a new light and might want more than friendship.

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Connect Intellectually

You should connect intellectually with a Virgo man if you want him to consider you a potential partner. Virgo men need to bond with their partners on many levels, and intellectual bonds are often the most important to them.

A Virgo man might be friendly with you if he doesn’t feel intellectually stimulated by you, but he’ll never date you. He wants someone who values intelligence the same way he does.

Show off your mind to your Virgo man. Have exciting and intellectually engaging conversations with him as often as possible.

One of the ways to tell if a Virgo man is friendly or interested in you romantically is to see if he tries to connect emotionally, not just intellectually.

Once you two have that intellectual connection and he realizes you could be the one, he might open up more. You have to establish that intellectual bond first!

Be Patient With Him

Patience is essential if you want to date a Virgo man. He might not always go at the pace you want, and you need to be okay with that!

You might not always be able to tell if a Virgo man likes you as more than a friend if he’s hiding it. He will likely show some signs if you’re paying attention, but he tends to hide his feelings well.

Be patient with your Virgo man, even if you think he’s not telling the whole truth about how he feels about you.

A Virgo man might not be ready for a relationship right now. Even if he genuinely likes you and could see a future with you, he won’t start something if he’s not ready.

Show your Virgo man that you’re willing to wait for him. Ensure he knows you don’t want to settle down with just anyone. You want to settle down with him!

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Respect His Routine

One of the signs a Virgo man likes you more than a friend is that he’ll start incorporating you into his routine more and more. If you don’t respect his routine, though, he might only ever be friends with you.

When a Virgo man likes you, he’ll be more flexible with his schedule. He’ll be more likely to move things around or cancel plans if you genuinely need him to be there for you. You can’t expect him to always drop everything for you, though.

A Virgo man might be casual acquaintances or friends with someone who doesn’t respect his need for routine, but he won’t date them. He wants a partner he can establish a routine with!

Show your Virgo man that you can follow his routine. Ensure he knows you can stick to a schedule if you want to get out of the friend zone!

Be Independent

A Virgo man doesn’t want a partner who will be overly dependent on him. Some Virgo men do end up in relationships like that, but it’s not something they desire at all!

Your Virgo man won’t want anything more than friendship if he thinks you’re too reliant or clingy.

If he’s been in a relationship where his partner depended on him too much, he’ll be especially wary if it seems like you might do the same thing.

Show your Virgo man that you are independent and can handle yourself. A Virgo man wants to know that his partner might not need to be with him but that they want to be anyway.

A Virgo man will gladly help you when you genuinely need it. Show him that you can be independent and self-reliant, and he’ll be more likely to want a relationship with you.

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Be Secure & Stable

Like all earth signs, Virgo craves stability and security in their life. A Virgo man might put you in the friend zone if you’re too chaotic or unstable.

A Virgo man doesn’t want a partner who is wild and unpredictable. He can appreciate someone with an adventurous side and might enjoy getting out of his comfort zone sometimes, but he still wants to feel secure!

Show your Virgo man that you are at a stable place in your life. Help him feel secure when he’s with you. If he feels comfortable and safe whenever you’re around, he might start to think of you as more than a friend.

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