Flirt With a Virgo Man by Making Eye Contact

Updated November 20, 2022
Flirt With a Virgo Man by Making Eye Contact

To a Virgo man, eye contact can mean a lot. He uses this as an indicator that you’re paying attention to him.

He’s also into details and will notice the sparkle in your eyes. This is one of his favorite ways of flirting.

When a Virgo man is attracted to you, he may become bashful at first. When you can catch his eye. A Virgo man avoids eye contact initially.

But little by little, when a Virgo man stares into your eyes, it will be a sign he is confident. He’s looking to gauge your mood and seriousness.

One of the big Virgo man crush signs is his subtle flirtation. Eye contact is important, it gives him a way to show emotion without verbally expressing his feelings.

What Eye Contact Means to a Virgo Man

One of the obvious signs a Virgo man likes you is that he’ll break out of his serious demeanor and start to flirt and show his casual side. He usually avoids body language that is too intimate, such as looking into your eyes.

Yet if you’re wondering how to tell if a Virgo man is interested in you, it’s best to notice how his body language changes. As he gets more comfortable with you, he’ll start to look into your eyes for longer periods of time.

Eye contact, to a Virgo man, is a sign of vulnerability. He usually avoids his emotions but prolonged eye contact makes that difficult. He looks into your eyes when he is willing to be open to showing emotion through body language.

Yet when you make eye contact with him, he likes this. It’s reassuring to him. It shows him that you are modest and also vulnerable and sensitive. The key to eye contact with a Virgo man is to be sensual but subtle.

If you come across too strong or intense he may back down or even become confused. He may wonder why you aren’t blinking or why you’re blinking so much. It’s best to be subtle and soft when dealing with a Virgo man.

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A Virgo Man Has an Awkward Way of Flirting

If you’re wondering will a Virgo man test you, remember he usually won’t. It may seem like he is because he has an awkward way of socializing. This includes an awkward style of flirting.

He doesn’t really understand the need to flirt. He’s efficient and productive. When he likes you, he’ll show you by trying to help you to accomplish your goals and fix things for you. He doesn’t understand the point of subtle social cues or playful flirtation.

He may enjoy it when you initiate it, but it is best to do so in very small doses. He does a lot of subtle things to show you he’s thoughtful and cares for you and he assumes you know these things translate in your mind.

Flirting Signals He’s Attracted to

Though he can trip over his own feet when it comes to initiating flirtation, there are some flirtation signals he likes more than others. A general rule with a Virgo man is the more subtle the better.

That is why eye contact appeals to him. It’s intimate because it’s something you both share in the moment. It doesn’t draw attention to him. He doesn’t like it when women are too forward or too suggestive with their flirtation.

He prefers subtle, romantic and classy forms of flirting that don’t focus too much on sexuality. You may wonder if a Virgo man flirts with everyone. He’s friendly with everyone but he flirts sparingly, even when in love.

He likes intelligent ways of flirting. Quote literature, love poetry or make flirtatious statements that involve puns or references to his brainy interests.

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Flirting Signals He Will Avoid

There are certain flirtation styles that will turn a Virgo man off. He doesn’t want to focus too much on sexuality. If you flirt in a way that is too sexual he won’t take you seriously and will think you are only interested in sex.

Furthermore, he’ll assume you aren’t interested in him specifically. In his efficient and pragmatic mind, sex can be accomplished with any partner, to focus on sexuality doesn’t emphasize his unique traits and gifts that he brings to the relationship.

He also won’t like it if you flirt with him in dramatic ways in public. He gets embarrassed easily. This isn’t because he is embarrassed by you specifically. It is because he doesn’t like a lot of attention to be drawn to himself.

Remember, Virgo is symbolized by the Virgin. This doesn’t mean he doesn’t like sex. It does mean he is focused on the idea of purity. When it comes to flirtation he also wants to see this perfectionism and sense of purity expressed romantically.

If you wonder will a Virgo man lead you on, know that he won’t. Ever. He is too practical, serious and mature to play mind games like that. Though if you’re flirting with him in ways he isn’t receptive to, it may seem like he’s leading you on.

This is because he will keep in contact with you but then become periodically distant. It can be confusing to see this occur. You thought you were doing all the right things yet his interactions with you cool off.

If this is happening it can be a signal that he loves you but doesn’t like the way you are flirting with him. He’s still waiting to let the connection develop but he’s also hoping you’ll change your style of flirting with him.

Make the Best of Your Seductive Gaze

If you’re leaving a Virgo man alone and trying to see if he’ll chase you, you may be disappointed. Virgo men don’t chase. They assist, help and even lovingly criticize. But they don’t fight to get your attention.

When you have his attention, make the most of it. Play up the beauty in your eyes and face but don’t overdue it. Virgo men prefer a natural look to heavy makeup.

Show the friendliness, compassion and playfulness in your eyes. Trying to look too dramatic or too sexy will confuse him. He may interpret it as a sign that you are not feeling well rather than picking up on the clue that you are being seductive.

Try to focus on your intention when you gaze into his eyes. Your eyes will reflect your emotions naturally. You won’t have to say a whole lot in order to convey how you’re feeling when you look into his eyes.

Whether brimming with happy tears, vulnerable sorrow, sparkling with mischief or dancing playfully, your eyes show a lot of your inner world and emotion to him. He prefers this because he can see the feelings you have without being asked to discuss feelings.

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Other Ways to Flirt

There are other ways to flirt with a Virgo man but it is best to keep flirtation light and playful, friendly and easy for him to understand. If you flirt by text, be very clear.

He may mistake a double entendre and without your tone of voice and body language he may miss your meaning. If you send subtle flirtatious signals and he doesn’t get it right away, don’t worry. He doesn’t always get the cues.

Try other ways to get the message across and most of all, have fun. That is what he’ll pick up on. It means more to him that you enjoy being around him.

If you bat your eyes, he may assume you’ve got an eyelash stuck. Don’t get discouraged. Instead, find things to laugh and joke about. It will help him feel relaxed to see that he makes you feel relaxed.

Physical Signs He’s Interested in You

Though a Virgo man isn’t the best for subtle cues and social innuendos, he’ll definitely show you signals when he’s interested in you. It may not be the charming, romantic, flirty style you’ve seen with other guys.

He’ll be there for you consistently. He’ll text you daily to check in with you. He’ll let you know when your favorite cookies are on sale at the store and will even pick a few boxes up for you.

He’ll help you change the oil in your car. He’ll research the perfect vitamins to boost your health and when you’re feeling unwell he’ll research home remedies for you.

He’ll fix the tire on your bicycle and then invite you to go riding with him. He’ll show up with a picnic packed with all your favorite foods and want to spend the afternoon hiking and then picnicking with you.

When a Virgo man is interested in you he won’t try to overload you with affection or romantic messages of love. He’ll want to spend time with you and do things with you. He’ll want to help you to make improvements in your life.

He’ll give you advice and even criticize you. This is because to a Virgo man, criticism is always constructive. He thinks it is the best way to help you move forward on your path and reach perfection.

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