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Do Virgo Men Like to Cuddle?

Do Virgo Men Like to Cuddle?

Will a Virgo man cuddle when he’s in a relationship with you? The answer, like everything about a Virgo man, is complicated.

One of the physical signs a Virgo man likes you is his increase in affection. Yet he may still be aloof.

If you’re waiting for a Virgo man to become more affectionate, you may wonder will a Virgo man test you. He won’t, but he is cautious.

When a Virgo man hugs you, he’s letting you into his personal space. This is a big step. Though it may be the most affection he shows for a while.

Even a Virgo man in love can be shy about physical contact. He likes to share special moments cuddling, but usually for short periods of time and not right away.

Virgo Men Cuddle on their Own Terms

Are Virgos affectionate? Yes, but they need to also maintain their standard of control. A Virgo man has to be in a specific mood in order to enjoy cuddling. He has to feel relaxed and his mind needs to be at ease.

A Virgo man in bed won’t want to cuddle after sex. He doesn’t want to cuddle after work or in any other situation in which he’s gotten sweaty and dirty. He needs to take a shower first. He is mindful of hygiene at all times.

A Virgo man won’t cuddle when he’s sick, nor will he want to be close to you when you are sick. He’s not trying to be mean, but Virgo men are germophobic. He doesn’t want to risk his health or yours.

When a Virgo man is calm, clean and healthy and you are as well, he will enjoy cuddling. He prefers wholesome cuddling and can feel comfortable holding you or snuggling on the couch while watching movies.

Since he is efficient, he prefers to cuddle while doing something rather than just spending long periods of time cuddling in bed, for example. He’ll cuddle while you watch your favorite shows together or at a concert or while talking with you.

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Cuddling is a Safe Gateway to Intimacy

For a Virgo man, cuddling is an easy way to build more intimacy into the relationship. He does prefer a wide range of physical space and usually has the reputation of being cold.

This is in some ways an unfair assessment of his style. He is standoffish at first and takes a long time to open up in a relationship, but when he does, he enjoys physical contact. He doesn’t like it when intimacy interferes with practical tasks.

He doesn’t want to cuddle while fixing the car or reading his email, for example. But a Virgo man does enjoy cuddling and affection as a gateway to more intimacy. This is a much safer way for him to explore physical contact when he’s not in the mood for sex.

Also, since a Virgo man is slow to embark on a sexual relationship, cuddling can be a precursor to him getting more comfortable with sexual intimacy. He will still take his time, but cuddling is a good sign that he is preparing for more physical intimacy.

Affection Helps Him De-Stress

A Virgo man always maintains a low but steady level of anxiety. He doesn’t call this anxiety. Most of the time he calls it being prepared for life. Yet he’s always calculating what could go wrong and what needs to be fixed.

All of this stress builds up before he even realizes it consciously. A Virgo man can overlook his own stress because he’s always keeping himself busy and distracted. When he’s comfortable with you, however, cuddling becomes a great outlet for him.

A Virgo man can relieve his built up stress and anxiety through affection. Pay extra attention to his mood. If he is too stressed out, he may not want affection at all. He’ll make this clear by closing himself off through body language.

But if he is able to slow down and has time in his schedule free to spend with you, giving him a massage and then cuddling can go a long way. He can feel refreshed and relieved. He may not even realize how stressed he was.

When a Virgo man says “I love you” you know he means it. He doesn’t lie. Yet he also speaks through his body language. When he is willing to spend time cuddling, it is his way of saying he loves you.

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He Tolerates Affection in Low Doses

A Virgo man has a particular style of showing affection. Of the Zodiac sign’s best cuddle buddies, a Cancer, Taurus or Virgo will best understand his needs. Though he can be quite affectionate, he needs lots of breathing room as well.

He doesn’t want to be smothered by someone, even when cuddling. He needs to be able to breathe, to see what is going on around him and to move freely. He may prefer discreet, minimal contact to all out entanglement with another person.

A Virgo man treats cuddling as if he were swimming under water. He enjoys it, but he also needs to come up for air. He prefers affection in moderation and even in lower doses than many other signs.

Even though some of his best romantic matches prefer a lot more affection, his true compatible partner will intuitively sense when he has had enough. When you notice him shifting around and acting uncomfortable, for example.

Don’t Try to Cuddle in These Situations

Even though an Virgo man is consistent, he doesn’t always like to cuddle. He needs to be in the right mood and the situation needs to also be appropriate. He doesn’t want to cuddle on the couch if he’s visiting family. He’s too modest.

He’s also a purist and may be discreet in public. In public gatherings, he may opt for holding your hand or giving a brief hug rather than cuddling. He’ll save his more affectionate moments for when you two are alone.

A Virgo man doesn’t like to be distracted when he’s focusing on any task. Whether he’s building something, working on a work project, or washing the dishes, he doesn’t want to be clung to.

In these situations, it is best to let him finish what he’s doing. He also doesn’t want to be cuddly and affectionate if he’s in a serious mood. Though affection helps him to destress, he has to be open to it. You won’t ease a tense Virgo man by lavishing him with affection.

Instead, look for cues that he’s relaxed enough. If his arms are crossed, for example, it is not a good time to initiate affection. A Virgo man who is under pressure or has a tight schedule will prefer to wait until he can enjoy the time with you as well.

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Virgo Men Prefer to Work First and Cuddle Later

Virgo men have strict priorities. Work and being useful by doing things for others always tops their list of priorities. He wants to work first and cuddle later. A Virgo man will not be deterred from completing his tasks.

Even if you think what he is working on is silly or tedious and can wait until later, don’t make this assumption. He values even the most mundane and boring tasks. He values you as well, but he will easily bypass romantic time with you to get work done.

He feels good about himself when he has accomplished something. Don’t try to talk him out of tending to his list of chores in favor of something fun like cuddling. He has a strict rule about working first and playing later.

In fact, a Virgo man won’t even be able to enjoy romantic and affectionate time with you if deadlines and tasks are weighing on his mind. No matter how much he loves you, he won’t let himself be distracted from his work.

His sense of duty and the stress of unfinished work will actually haunt him if he tries to take a break before finishing his tasks. This will take away from any benefit you may have had from cuddling with him and may make him resent you.

Virgos Like the Innocence of Cuddling

When he’s ready and the timing is right, a Virgo man enjoys cuddling. He likes that he can show his love in a physical way while still maintaining an innocent image. He values the time connecting with you.

He’s a purist and loves that cuddling allows him to enjoy feeling close to you without becoming sexually intimate. If you are too focused on sex and think that cuddling always has to be a precursor to sexual connection, he will lose interest.

On the other hand, a Virgo man who sees that you can appreciate the benefits of cuddling with him without making it about sex will feel an even deeper connection to you. He will see you as pure and innocent and that increases the attraction level.

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Affection is a Safe Way for Him to Show Emotion

For a Virgo man, showing emotion and vulnerability are not only scary, he is so disconnected that his feelings often don’t make sense to him. He struggles to explain how he feels because he’s used to suppressing his emotions.

Yet cuddling helps him sow affection and emotion without verbally expressing his feelings. He likes cuddling because it is less vulnerable. He still maintains control and that is a must for a Virgo man.

By encouraging a Virgo man to cuddle, you are giving him space to express how he feels through his contact with you. Rather than pressuring him to reveal his deep emotions through dialog, which he will stumble on, you are giving him a safe way to make an emotional connection.

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