10 Signs a Virgo Man Has a Crush On You

Updated March 16, 2023
10 Signs a Virgo Man Has a Crush On You

Signs a Virgo man has a crush are often fairly obvious if you know what to look for.

He might try to hide his crush but honestly, he’s not the best at hiding how he feels. You’ll be able to tell.

Signs a Virgo has a crush may be different than signs a Virgo wants to be in a relationship with you.

If he’s just showing a few small signs, like staring at you or seeking you out at parties, that doesn’t mean he’s in love with you.

When he has a crush, he’ll message you more often and try to spend more time with you. He’ll want to be around you as much as possible.

Just be careful not to take all of these signs too seriously. It takes time for a crush to develop into something more.

1. He Stares at You

If you want to know how to tell if a Virgo man is interested in you, pay attention to how he looks at you.

If you are constantly catching his eye from across the room, that’s a sign he might have a crush. When he can’t keep his eyes off you, there are definitely some developing feelings there.

Virgo can have an intense gaze. Some people find it intimidating or concerning. He’s not trying to be aggressive, his eyes are just extremely expressive.

When a Virgo man stares at you, you can see how he feels. He tries to hide his feelings but he often can’t keep them off his face.

If he’s avoiding eye contact with you, that’s not a sign he dislikes you. He might just be trying to hide a crush. Pay attention to what he does when he thinks you’re not looking.

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2. He Notices Small Details

A sign a Virgo man secretly likes you is that he’ll notice minor details about you.

You might mention off-handedly that you enjoy macarons. The next time you see him, he might give you a small box of them.

If you say you’re interested in reading a particular book that he likes, he’ll bring you his copy.

He’ll also notice details you don’t tell him. If you wear a specific color all the time, he’ll notice. If you avoid a certain person, he’ll make a note not to invite both of you to the same group outing.

Virgo is an observant person. He notices things about everyone around him. If he’s noticing things about you, remembering them, and then showing you that he noticed, that’s a sign he has a crush.

3. He Messages More Often

One of the signs a Virgo man likes you more than a friend can be seen in how often he texts you.

Virgo can be talkative. He has a lot to say and he loves to share his knowledge with other people. He isn’t always chatty over text, though. He prefers to speak in person when he can.

You can see signs a Virgo man likes you through texting when he replies right away, texts often, and has long conversations with you via text.

Virgo is notorious for taking forever to reply. If he is always replying to you immediately after you text him, that means he’s watching his phone for your messages.

If he spends all day long texting with you, he must really like you. He rarely does that with even his closest friends.

If he starts having serious conversations with you over text, that’s another sign he might like you. He typically keeps text conversations light and laidback.

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4. He Seeks You Out

You might know Virgo because you two share friends or you frequent the same places. You might work with him or have a class with him.

If you two end up in the same place often and he’s always gravitating toward you, that’s a good sign.

You might run into him at parties often. If he finds you and strikes up a conversation immediately after you arrive, that means he was waiting for you to show up.

If Virgo doesn’t want to see somebody, he’s not going to see them. If he’s the one approaching you at group events or when he happens to see you out in public, he’s not just being polite. He actually wants to talk to you.

When you see him at a friend’s dinner party, wait to see what he does. Does he approach you as soon as you arrive? Does he cut another conversation short so he can come to talk to you? If so, he likes you.

5. He’s Bashful

A Virgo man might act bashful when he likes a woman.

Virgo can be shy. He is a social person but he can have a hard time coming out of his shell at times.

If he’s making an effort to talk to you despite being shy, that’s a sign he wants to get to know you.

He might seem a little awkward at first. He’ll be polite and friendly, though. Just keep interacting with him and he’ll open up more eventually.

If he’s stumbling over his words, that’s definitely something you should pay attention to! Virgo is usually well-spoken. If he’s so nervous he’s speechless, that means he might have a crush.

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6. He’s Silly

Most people think Virgo men are serious 24/7. They might appear this way to people they don’t know or to coworkers.

When he likes somebody, though, he lets loose a little. His friends and loved ones see a different side of him than the rest of the world does.

If he frequently tells jokes or acts silly around you, he at the very least likes you as a friend. If he actively goes out of his way to make you laugh, he probably likes you more than that.

Pay attention to how he acts with you compared to other people who are around. He might act more formally with other acquaintances.

This is especially obvious if you work with Virgo. He’ll be all business around everyone at work but you.

7. He Spends Time with You

Virgo is a busy person. He doesn’t always have a huge circle of friends but he has enough that he has to work to make time for them all.

He also has work, alone time, hobbies, family, etc. to take into account.

When he makes time for somebody, that is one of the ways he shows he cares. He could be doing so many things but he wants to hang out with you.

He won’t make plans with somebody just to be polite. If he doesn’t like you, he’ll decline offers to do things together.

Pay attention if he is suddenly spending a lot of time with you. This can be a sign a Virgo man is serious about you and doesn’t just have a fleeting crush.

This is one of the more obvious signs a Virgo man likes you. He has a lot going on! If he’s making time for you, he likes you.

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8. He’s Helpful

Virgo can be very helpful. Some even see him as a selfless person who is always willing to lend a hand to somebody in need.

This is partially true. Virgo is often only helpful and giving when it comes to people he cares about.

This doesn’t mean he’s always a selfish jerk. If he’s always the first one to offer help when you need it, however, pay attention to that.

If he takes time out of his schedule to help you move, help you tidy up your apartment, or work on a project you’ve been meaning to get around to, he’s not just doing all that to be polite.

Virgo is far more helpful when it comes to people he likes. He might help out now and then if you’re just a casual acquaintance, but he’ll nearly always be available if you’re somebody he cares about.

9. He’s Emotionally Open

Virgo is closed off normally. He only opens up to the people closest to him and even then it can be difficult for him to do that.

If he starts opening up to you, that’s a sign that he cares about you deeply. He is showing that he trusts you. Often, this is a sign of more than just a simple crush.

If he has a crush, he might be more physically affectionate as well. Affection and intimacy are two other things that can be difficult for Virgo. When a Virgo man hugs you, that’s one way he shows you he cares.

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10. He’ll Try New Things

A Virgo man’s likes and dislikes can be specific and rigid. He often finds things he likes and sticks with them. He doesn’t always see the point in trying new things outside of his comfort zone.

If he’s always willing to try out a new restaurant or take a random class with you, he’s comfortable with you. He likes you and he’s opening himself up to new experiences because he wants to spend time with you.

This is one of the best ways to see if a Virgo likes you. He won’t come out of his comfort zone for just anybody.

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