10 Things That Make a Virgo Man Complicated

Updated July 21, 2022
10 Things That Make a Virgo Man Complicated

A Virgo man is complicated because his style of interacting with others is so different. He truly is more focused on principles than emotions, for example.

You may ask yourself “Why are Virgos so difficult?” Understanding his psyche makes his personality easy to understand.

A Virgo man is territorial but will also be thoughtful and conscientious. He may leave you wondering why he’s so complex. You just need to know how he thinks.

Virgo man characteristics give the clues to help you understand why he’s such a complicated guy. A Virgo man is slow in relationships. He’s slow to open up and slow to make commitment.

Yet when you understand what he values and are being patient with a Virgo man, you’ll be well rewarded for your efforts. His inconsistencies will begin to make more sense.

1. He’s Sensitive but Practical

Even the signs of a Virgo man in love with you are hard to read. This is because he’s sensitive but also pragmatic. He doesn’t get swept away in emotions. He’s not the one to write poetry or stare into your eyes for hours.

He may love you and feel a connection but he’ll focus his energy on how he can help you and improve your life. He may even be critical. He points out flaws because he wants to help you improve.

Leaving a Virgo man alone, if you wait patiently and observe, you’ll see him make efforts to show he cares about you. He’ll go out of his way to make you happy by fixing things for you.

Not quite the average woman’s idea of romantic. Yet he feels better when he can be useful, not when he’s making you feel good emotionally. When he cares about you, he’ll run errands and repair things but he won’t talk about feelings.

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2. He’s Obsessed with his Schedule

If you’re wondering “How does a Virgo man test you?” chances are you’re not really thinking like a Virgo man. He doesn’t think of his actions as tests. Yet he’ll definitely know what he likes and doesn’t like.

He doesn’t give you tests and he doesn’t play with your mind. The fact of the matter is, a Virgo man is obsessed with his routines, obligations and schedules. It sounds cold but order comes before emotion to him.

This is why he’ll invest a lot of time and energy in you during one moment and then go quiet for a few days or a week. He’s not testing you to see your response. He’s covering his obligations.

He’s tediously working away at the numerous tasks on his to-do list. It may leave you feeling baffled. Wondering what went wrong and why he suddenly went cold. Yet this thinking is a projection of your emotions and mindset, not his.

3. He’s Observant, but Doesn’t Always Get Social Cues

This leads to another perplexing thing about Virgo men. They are detail oriented. A Virgo man will notice everything about you. He’ll notice your appearance, your favorite foods, he’ll notice if you seem to be in pain or sick.

Yet for all his keen observation skills, he blunders when it comes to social cues. This is because he is completely efficient and practical. He doesn’t get social cues. He picks up on data and objective information.

He knows if your cheeks are flushed you may have a fever. But he won’t stop to consider that it could also mean you are feeling anger or embarrassment. He’s not in tune with his emotions. They baffle him.

He’ll also overlook things like tone of voice. He may speak matter of factly about very sensitive issues rather than softening his tone. He may bring up an embarrassing topic without sensitivity to where you are and who is around you.

He thinks the way a computer analyzes. Factual, objective, not based on his feelings. He assumes others operate this way as well and it confuses and sometimes frustrates him when they don’t.

Women often mistakenly call him a poor communicator. This isn’t true. He’s a very direct and assertive communicator but he lacks social graces and can come across as tone deaf. He gets right to the point instead of engaging in polite small talk.

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4. He’s Hard Working but wants to be Nurtured

A Virgo man is one of the most diligent and hard working signs of the Zodiac. He’s unstoppable when he’s working on a project. He will put all of his effort into the most tedious of tasks and never complain.

He can get tunnel vision, though. He focuses so much on planning, organizing and doing things. As a result he can then forget or overlook the importance of nurturing. He needs to be nurtured but doesn’t know it.

You’ll know it, and he’ll remember it, when you do start to nurture him and see his positive response. Be sure to balance your efforts so he doesn’t feel smothered or overwhelmed.

He actually forgets that pleasure exists, overlooking the importance of fun, release and recreation. That’s one of the gifts you bring to a Virgo man in the relationship. He needs a partner who is different from him but has enough common ground to understand him.

A Virgo man’s harsh edges and dry personality can be softened and warmed through the generosity and compassion of a loving, caring partner. You are likely to see him melt and relax around you. Don’t be surprised, though, when he snaps into his all-business, serious demeanor as well.

5. He’s Caring but Wants to Control Everything

Will a Virgo man lead you on? No. He’s too honest and direct for that. He really does care about people. He takes his role of helper so seriously. He cares very much about you but he’s not one to give a shoulder to cry on.

It makes no sense for him to do that. What does make sense, to him, is to try to fix and solve every problem. This makes him a huge control freak. He feels like the more he is in control of his surroundings, the more he will be able to fulfill his mission to you.

He’s loving and compassionate yet he will need to have the final say. He won’t tolerate it if you change plans on him. If you need to be flexible and if you try to be open and go with the flow, it will confuse him.

He won’t be able to let little details go and may resort to nagging. To him, this is a way to show he loves you and cares about you. He doesn’t see it as controlling or a nuisance.

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6. He’s Nurturing but Will Criticize You

If you’re wondering how to know when a Virgo man is done with you, rest assured he won’t leave any room for doubt. He may do things that seem cold and calculating, he may be aloof and judgmental, but that doesn’t mean it’s over.

Women often mistake his constant criticizing to be a sign he is trying to sabotage the relationship. It isn’t. This is actually his style of showing concern and compassion. It may be abrupt, it’s likely to frustrate you, but that is not his intention.

Criticism is one of the most easily accessible tools in his nurturing toolbox. It requires intellectual analysis and direct communication. These are two of his favorite things. It’s a way for him to nurture without vulnerability.

By focusing only on you and trying to improve your life, he takes the focus of himself. He doesn’t have to acknowledge his deeper feelings. He can avoid what is really bothering him as well.

Instead he’ll just zero in on every little detail in your life. He means this in a productive way. The way a life coach will help you improve your progress on your goals. Yet it often comes across very differently.

7. He’s Subtle but Wants to be Taken Seriously

One of the Virgo characteristics that make him so loveable is that he’s subtle and understated. He doesn’t try to dominate others and generally believes its best to live and let live, but there is one exception to this.

He needs to be taken seriously. He is born serious and may act older than his age. He has a mature demeanor and takes his responsibilities to heart. Even a menial job or simple task becomes a complete exercise in diligence and loyalty to him.

He won’t yell for your attention though. Instead he tries to reason with you. He’ll even resort to nagging. Yet if he feels you aren’t taking him seriously, he’ll pull back completely. He won’t push for your attention.

Women often wonder if a Virgo man will fight for a relationship. He’ll intellectually pull out every trick in the book to try to reason with you, but he doesn’t operate from passions. He won’t fight for you in the conventional sense.

It’s not that he doesn’t love you. It’s just that he sees no reason to try to dominate you or get his point across if you’re not really listening or ready to hear it. He’ll take this personally, though and assume you don’t take him seriously.

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8. He’s Resourceful but Resists Change

A Virgo man is a walking encyclopedia. He’s got life hacks for every situation. As resourceful as he is, he loves telling those he cares about what to do to make their lives better.

He also takes self-improvement and perfection seriously. Yet he doesn’t like dramatic, radical change. He believes in slow and steady progress if and only if doing the same thing again and again has been proven to absolutely not work.

He prefers to keep the status quo as it is his comfort and security zone. Yet he isn’t foolish. If he’s not able to be efficient and productive, he’ll modify his plans. But he will resist taking on dramatic new routines.

He won’t jump on bandwagons to try new fads and he won’t want to act too erratic or unorthodox in any area of his life. He’ll innovate but only in practical ways.

9. He Cares about Health but is Modest

A Virgo man is obsessed with his health. He may workout, eat healthy and follow all the right health routines. As a result he’s likely to have a body that is in great shape.

Yet he’s also humble. He doesn’t follow healthy routines so he can flex his muscles in front of others. He may have great muscles, but he’s not out to show off. Instead he is modest and just wants to do what he thinks is best.

He’ll talk to others about healthy lifestyle choices too. Don’t be surprised if he tries to get you to improve your lifestyle and eating habits. He’s not likely to shame you for preferring potato chips to kale, though.

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10. He’s Honest but Sometimes Harsh

You never have to worry about honesty with a Virgo man. You never have to second guess whether or not he’s telling you the truth. He’s one of the most honest signs in the Zodiac.

He is clear and direct even when he knows his opinion won’t make him popular. He isn’t out to win friends and make people feel good. He’s out to tell them exactly what the facts are to the best of his knowledge.

This can come across as harsh. You may even wonder if he’s mad at you or assume he is. This is a mistake. He delivers his message honestly and without sugar coating his words. He’s not likely angry, just being direct.

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