10 Signs Your Virgo Man is About to Break Up with You

10 Signs Your Virgo Man is About to Break Up with You

If you’re wondering what the Virgo man breakup signs are, you may be worrying about your relationship.

Virgos can be quite hard to read, but you can still learn how to know when a Virgo man is done with you.

There are plenty of signs a Virgo man is losing interest in your relationship; you just need to learn more about how Virgo men think.

Once you understand Virgo men and their personality traits, you can start to recognize the warning signs that a breakup is coming.

Although you might not be able to change his mind, knowing a breakup is coming can help you prepare mentally, physically and emotionally.

1. He Points Out the Flaws in Your Relationship

If you’re dating a Virgo man, you already know he can be critical. You’ve learned to take his criticisms in stride or to use them to improve the target of his criticism, even when it’s you.

But when a Virgo man is about to break up with you, it seems like everything has to say about your relationship is critical. This isn’t him just being moody or mean; he is recognizing and pointing out the ways you are incompatible.

If you’re wondering how to reconnect with a Virgo man to save the relationship, listen and be open to his criticisms instead of shutting him down. Gently point out the other, more significant ways that you actually are compatible together.

This will not only further demonstrate that you can handle his honest critiques and that you care enough to analyze them. You also show your thoughtfulness and intelligence by demonstrating the good things about your relationship.

You might, however, find that you agree with his negative outlook on your relationship. It can be a painful pill to swallow, but sometimes people just aren’t compatible; and that’s okay, too.

2. He Gives You the Silent Treatment

Although Virgos tend to be shy and quiet by nature, you can bet that a breakup is imminent when your Virgo man just stops talking to you completely.

When a Virgo man loves someone, he wants to talk to that person consistently. Earlier in the relationship, he probably asked you lots of personal questions and wanted to get your opinion on everything.

You you want to know how to hurt a Virgo man, it’s by giving him the silent treatment. He needs reliable communication with his partner, and depriving him of that hurts worse than yelling and crying.

When a Virgo man gives you the silent treatment, it doesn’t necessarily mean he’s trying to hurt you – but it does mean he’s going to end the relationship.

When a Virgo is in love, he wants to talk to his partner all the time. Although they have a tendency to be introverted, Virgos still crave verbal communication.

If he’s barely talking to you or you can’t seem to hold a conversation, it means he is mentally and emotionally checked out. Keeping his words to himself is a way of putting distance between you.

3. He Complains A Lot

Virgos are perfectionists in every aspect of their lives. With that perfectionism comes a lot of complaining and worrying, because he sees how to fix things and wants everyone and everything to be the best they can be.

But all of a sudden, it seems like every word out of your Virgo man’s mouth is a complaint. And not just about you; he truly complains about everything when you’re around.

This is the sign of an unhappy and heartbroken Virgo male. When nothing you do is right and he only has complaints for you, it means he is considering a breakup.

He might focus his complaints on you, or he might just complain about everything from the weather to his job. But if everything he has to say to you is negative, it’s because he’s deeply unhappy with the relationship.

He probably isn’t complaining as much around other people, because he feels better when he’s not with you. The relationship is triggering his perfectionism and his need for control, turning him into a pessimist only when he’s with you.

4. He Takes Space from You

Virgos take their personal space very seriously. They like order and cleanliness, so having his own perfectly neat space at home or in his bedroom is important to him.

Virgos also aren’t overly affectionate, at least not with people they aren’t comfortable with yet. You may have noticed early in your relationship that it took a while before your Virgo man would kiss you in public, or even in private.

When a Virgo man is about to break up with you, he will start taking his personal space back. He might start staying late at work or out with his friends more, or withholding physical affection.

If you’re wondering why does a Virgo man withdraw, it’s not because he’s not trying to be cruel. He just doesn’t feel the same level of comfort with you anymore and wants to regain some of his personal space.

A Virgo man when hurt will want lots of space and alone time to process his emotions. He could be taking space to mourn the end of your relationship, even though you haven’t broken up yet.

If a Virgo takes space from you when he was once comfortable sharing it with you, it means you are moving backwards in the relationship. When he wants to break up with you, he’ll move backwards until you’re strangers again.

5. He Doesn’t Call You Anymore

Virgos are ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication. Talking to his significant other is important to Virgos. In fact, he probably prefers phone calls over texts because it’s a more personal form of communication.

Earlier in your relationship, your Virgo man probably called or texted you regularly just to check in or hear your voice. If those calls and texts have stopped, it’s a sure sign of trouble.

If his frequent calls have turned into less frequent texts, it’s not because he’s too busy to talk. It’s because he’s definitely thinking about breaking up with you.

6. He Stops Sharing His Feelings

It takes a lot for a Virgo man to open up and share his feelings with anyone. Even his friends may not know how sentimental he truly is deep down.

Virgos save their rare emotional displays and talking about feelings for their significant other. When he confides in you and is vulnerable with his emotions, it means he truly loves and trusts you.

But if you find your Virgo man suddenly distant and won’t discuss his feelings anymore, it’s a bad sign for your relationship.

Not only is he resisting communication with you, which is already a bad sign, he doesn’t want to emotionally invest in you anymore. It could be a sign that he has stopped trusting you, or that he feels unsafe.

7. He Doesn’t Ask Your Opinion Anymore

No praise or admiration is more meaningful than when it comes from a Virgo. This is because it’s so rare, and because when they compliment somebody, they sincerely mean it.

When a Virgo man loves you, he wants to hear your thoughts and opinions on everything. He’s dying to know your take on the movie you just saw in the theater together, or if you liked the restaurant he chose.

This is because a Virgo man respects and admires his partner, and thinks they are the most fascinating and intelligent person in the world. In his eyes, your opinion is a valuable treasure.

But when a Virgo man acts uninterested in your opinions, it means he’s probably going to dump you. If he has already decided you’re incompatible, he won’t care to know your thoughts on everything.

When a Virgo falls out of love, the opinion of his significant other simply doesn’t mean anything anymore. When he thinks you’ve lost your luster, so have your insights.

8. He Becomes Cold and Detached

When a Virgo man wants to break up with you, your relationship won’t feel romantic anymore. You’ll realize that somehow he has started to feel like just a friend, a roommate, or even a stranger.

A Virgo man who wants to end a relationship becomes cold, unemotional, and detached. This can at times come off as cruel and harsh, and be very painful for the recipient.

Where is the loving Virgo who used to snuggle you in bed, smile at you all the time and talk to you for hours about everything and anything? Now he is quiet, moody, abrupt, and distant.

This isn’t a phase or him just being in a bad mood. This is a Virgo who is unravelling the relationship by pushing you away.

9. He Picks Fights with You

Although he can be honest to a fault, it’s not in a Virgo man’s nature to be confrontational. They don’t like to upset people, and hate any grand emotional displays.

It’s also hard for a Virgo man to find someone he truly loves. Once he’s invested his time and emotions in somebody, it’s incredibly hard for him to let go.

This is why a Virgo man might not break up with you, even if he has decided the relationship is over. He doesn’t want the confrontation or the emotional ramifications.

Instead, he will pick at you and push you until you decide to end things with him.

Being with a Virgo man who wants to break up but won’t pull the plug can be torturous. He will make you just as miserable as he is until you can’t stand it anymore.

If your Virgo man constantly picks fights with you, criticizes you, and just generally makes you miserable, it’s time to dump him. He’s showing that he won’t be the one to end it, so you will have to.

When a Virgo wants you back (which is very rare if he was the one to break up with you), you might hesitate when you remember the side of himself he showed when he tried to push you away.

10. His Future Plans Don’t Include You Anymore

Virgos are cautious planners by nature. They always think before they speak or act, and you can bet that his every move is meticulously planned in advance.

When things were good, your Virgo man made all kinds of plans that had you in them. The two of you would stay up late talking about your future together and envisioning your ideal life.

But when a Virgo man is about to break up with you, he has already decided that you won’t be in his future anymore. You may have noticed signs of this already.

Perhaps he bought a new couch for your shared home without consulting you – because, consciously or subconsciously, he knows that soon it will be just his sofa and your input won’t matter.

Maybe he’s hesitating to resign your shared lease, or when you bring up the dog you guys used to talk about adopting together, he suddenly balks at the idea.

When a Virgo man wants to break up, he will start untangling his life from yours. He will extricate himself from your coexistence and start picturing his future alone.

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