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Virgo Man & Aquarius Woman Compatibility: Perfect Match?

Virgo Man & Aquarius Woman Compatibility: Perfect Match?

The Virgo man and Aquarius woman compatibility is quite a unique and fascinating subject. In this strong relationship, one compliments the other perfectly.

While the Virgo man brings stability into the relationship, the Aquarius woman brings the excitement on board.

The Virgo male and Aquarius female in love is a perfect example of “opposites attract”. If a Virgo man is attracted to an Aquarius woman, he will make the first move.

This works well for the Aquarius woman as she always waits for the person she has her eye on to approach her.

A Virgo man in a relationship likes to talk about music, art and worldly issues, which is what Aquarius women are looking for in their partners. Here is everything you need to know about Virgo and Aquarius compatibility:

Virgo Man & Aquarius Woman in Friendship


Describing the friendship between a Virgo and Aquarius using simple terms such as “good” or “bad” can be a little challenging since the Aquarius woman is usually looking for ways to disrupt the Virgo man’s peace of mind.

However, Virgo men, even though they are disciplined and reserved, deep down inside are usually looking forward to disorder and chaos so that they can work to bring things back to normal again.

While Aquarius women may not be able to convince the Virgo man to do wild things that they are not comfortable with, Virgo men love to observe their women, which can result in a great collaboration.

Furthermore, the Virgo man likes to be busy at all times and if they don’t get to do so, they might become quite upset.

This is a beneficial Virgo trait for an Aquarius woman, as she is always thinking of different ways to have some fun! Moreover, she desires her partner to accompany her on the craziest of adventures.

The Aquarius woman’s and Virgo man’s friendship is a comfortable relationship. People who possess either of these signs are known to be intellectual creatures.

The Virgo and Aquarius friendship works well because both of them are equally interested in making the world a better place to live as well as shopping for the latest technology and gadgets.

The friendship between a Virgo man and Aquarius man can lead to both bringing the best or the worst in each other. While the Virgo man has a scientific mind, the Aquarius woman tends to defy logic.

Oftentimes, the differences between these two signs may bring them together as they are capable of gaining immense knowledge from each other.

Virgo men usually invest too much of their efforts in friendships. However, these efforts, emotions and feelings are not always reciprocated by the Aquarius woman.

Aquarius women like to live in the moment, which may be difficult for the Virgo man to understand. In order for this friendship to thrive, both need to look at the world through each other’s eyes!

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Virgo Man & Aquarius Woman in Relationship


The relationship between a Virgo man and an Aquarius woman is quite an ordinary one. Both are opposites and tend to attract each other.

Aquarius women look forward to opportunities and exciting possibilities, while the Virgo man mostly only cares about making the relationship between them work.

When it comes to intellectual compatibility, both the signs have a lot to share. However, their worldly needs and physical aspects are quite different from each other.

The life of a Virgo man revolves mostly around himself. He is pessimistic and analytical. He likes to observe the people around him and along with being a perfectionist himself; he wants them to execute perfection as well.

The Virgo man spends a lot of time finding flaws in other people, instead of reflecting upon himself. Surprisingly, he is known to excel at performing the role of a husband but the main challenge is getting him to commit.

Aquarius women on the other hand are generally more sweet, friendly and most importantly, intelligent. They often remain detached from the world and don’t like to pay much attention to emotions.

Aquarius women are usually very intuitive. However, they often tend to confuse love with friendship and just like a Virgo man, it is equally difficult to make an Aquarius woman commit.

Aquarius women admire their dreams and they like to bring their wild fantasies and desires to life. Nothing can stop a determined Aquarius woman, not even a stable Virgo partner.

When an Aquarius woman receives love from a Virgo man that is physically, mentally and emotionally fulfilling, she is ready to commit to him for a lifetime.

However, oftentimes Aquarius women can be very detached and cold which can make their partners insecure.

Although a Virgo man and an Aquarius woman can fall head over heels in love with each other, the unintentional habit of an Aquarius lady to point out the failures of others may not suit well with the Virgo man.

Once both the signs learn to fill the communication gap between them, they can successfully keep their relationship thriving!

Virgo Man & Aquarius Woman in Marriage


The Virgo and Aquarius marriage is one of a kind. The relationship compatibility of a Virgo man and an Aquarius woman can be tricky but also a lot of fun if both of them work hard to make their marriage work.

The Aquarius female brings thrill and spunk in the dull and boring life of a Virgo male. She opens him up to a world that he might have never even heard of.

The Virgo husband finds life to be exciting with his Aquarius lady. If something upsets him, the Aquarius woman, with her strong sense of intuition is always there to lend him a helping hand.

While the Virgo men are usually fascinated by the Aquarius women’s intuitive capabilities, the real challenge lies in getting her to make a lifetime commitment.

The Aquarius woman will only agree to the bond of marriage if she finds a fulfilling and deeply satisfying relationship with someone. She wants her partner to take care of her physical needs.

Sometimes, the Aquarius woman can become extremely detached and if she isn’t given the space she needs, she takes it anyway. This personality trait often makes the Virgo man insecure.

Virgo men, being perfectionists, can get very critical about the Aquarius women’s disorganized ways. This constant nagging of his can make her extremely irritated.

The most important reason that an Aquarius woman may agree to marry a Virgo man is his acts of loyalty and faithfulness towards his partner.

He often takes a lot of time to make decisions. However, once he decides upon something, no one can change his mind.

One major putt off when it comes to the Virgo man and Aquarius woman compatibility is that they hardly care about each other’s aspects and nature.

Aquarius women are known for their joking habits, especially about how badly they are mismatched with their Virgo partner.

The Virgo man is often too sensitive about the subject and sees such comments as downright insulting. He might even completely isolate himself from his partner and refuse to communicate with them, which can result in a failed marriage.

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Virgo Man & Aquarius Woman in Bed


When it comes to a Virgo and Aquarius in bed and their sex life, they aren’t very compatible. The lack of connection and communication between both comes in the way of their sexual chemistry.

This makes it hard for both the partners to please each other in bed. However, if the Virgo man and the Aquarius woman can communicate and figure out the root cause, they can end up having a satisfying sex life.

Aquarius women tend to take sex for granted. On the other hand, when a Virgo man is obsessed with an Aquarius woman, he loves to express all his intense desires and love. For him, sex is an intimate act.

Unlike most females that possess other zodiac signs, Aquarius women like to have their sexual desires fulfilled and they can do so without getting emotionally attached. For them, sex is mainly about having fun.

An Aquarius woman is ambitious and she knows what she wants. After sex, she can easily return back to focusing on making her fantasies true. She is usually happy with a “no-strings-attached” sort of thing.

The Virgo man thinks of sex as a meaningful gesture that enables him to express his love. This is where conflict can arise between the two signs.

There is no way a Virgo man and an Aquarius woman can have an easy sexual relationship without some strong communication bond between them. Both their natures find it extremely difficult to support each other.

As both the entities in question are known for their intellectual abilities, they both have a good chance of ruining any sort of sexual relationship between them by over thinking each and every thing.

Aquarius women will hold onto their spontaneity and Virgo men will remain rational in sex. For an Aquarius woman, the habit of over analyzing every aspect of life can get old pretty soon.

Often the sensitive, thoughtful and shy Virgo male will have trouble understanding their weird, spontaneous and emotionally detached Aquarius partner.

Hence, it’s important to understand if you and your partner can actually fulfill the communication gap that often occurs between a Virgo man and an Aquarius woman to enjoy a healthy, long-lasting relationship!

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