How do You Turn a Virgo Man On Sexually?

How do You Turn a Virgo Man On Sexually?

If you want to turn a Virgo man on, you have to carefully observe his preferences. A Virgo man in bed is quite particular.

At the same time, once you understand his personality, you’ll find him to be easy to please.

If you want to know the secrets to a Virgo man’s erogenous zones, you have to understand his personality. If you want to make a Virgo man chase you, seduction is less about body parts.

His most sensitive parts of the body include his digestive system and his brain. Of course, you’re not going to directly be able to stimulate either.

The key to turning on a Virgo man is to appeal to his need for security (no knots in his stomach from anxiety!) Also, appeal to his desire for intellectual stimulation.

His Biggest Turn Ons Are Intellectual

A Virgo man’s biggest turn ons result from what he thinks. If you try to dress up in your most seductive outfit, you may be disappointed when he doesn’t respond. Instead, next time try seducing him through conversation.

If you’ve heard people say that a Virgo man is boring in bed, there is some truth to this. Though it is not entirely fair, it is a accurate in a sense because he avoids being too adventurous.

A Virgo man doesn’t get excited by trying kinky new things. His biggest turn ons are intelligent conversation and learning new things from you. This engages his interest and stimulates his desires.

When you’re in bed with a Virgo man, still try to appeal to his intellect. Teach him some new things but don’t take big risks, he doesn’t want to go too far from his comfort zone. Use pillow talk to appeal to his imagination.

He may be more turned on by your ability to research a topic and speak on a detailed level than he will be by what you are wearing or how you touch him. This may sound strange, but a Virgo man is able to easily ignore his physical sensations.

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Don’t Be Too Forward

One of the biggest Virgo man turn-offs is when you approach him too assertively with the intention of having sex. If you put pressure on him for intimacy, or if you seem too eager, he loses interest.

It turns a Virgo man on when he thinks you view sex as an afterthought rather than as a main focus. If you’re too forward about your desires, he will shy away.

Once you learn the common things a Virgo man likes and dislikes in a woman, you’ll understand how to appeal to him. He’s not interested in the things that turn most men on. Instead he is excited by subtlety.

When you hint at intimacy or drop subtle clues about your sexual interest in him, he’ll be more aroused. He will become more excited about the idea of sex being an afterthought, secondary to sharing an evening working on a gardening or home repair project together.

Use your time doing mundane and practical things with him to set the stage for later intimacy. Don’t be too transparent. Flirt with him in such a way that he understands your meaning but is also left to imagine the details.

Less is More, Don’t Be Too Revealing

Virgo men aren’t known for creativity. Yet a Virgo man in love will be excited by the thought of intimate time with you. Both in your style of dress, communication and interacting with him, never reveal everything at once.

Tempt a Virgo man by projecting an image of innocence and modesty. He is more turned on when you force him to use his imagination more than he normally would. When he has to anticipate what comes next, he’ll be excited.

A Virgo man is turned off by anyone who is too revealing. There is nothing to think about or reflect on if you lay all the cards on the table right away. Also, when it comes to physical appearance, Virgo men are turned on by innocence and modesty.

Don’t send him nude pictures. Instead, drop hints about what you’re wearing or send him a sweet and innocent looking selfie that shows off the image of purity.

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Admire His Strengths

If you want to see the signs that a Virgo man is falling for you, try to appeal to his ego. He isn’t primarily ruled by his ego, yet he’s human. He can withstand flattery if he thinks it’s false or manipulative.

He will feel good about you when you show admiration for his strengths and demonstrate your appreciation for what he does for you. Compliment him frequently, but always be sure your compliments are sincere.

When you admire a Virgo man, you’ll encourage and uplift him in a way that others don’t. Most people overlook Virgo men because they aren’t demanding of praise. Yet when you do make a point to show gratitude, you’ll naturally turn a Virgo man on.

Build Him Up Mentally

Always praise a Virgo man more than you criticize him. When you do have to criticize him, offer suggestions that are neutral, not personal critique. Always be sure to build up his idea of himself.

A Virgo man isn’t proud. He isn’t grandiose and is usually self-effacing. The more you show him that you see him as stronger, smarter, more successful and sexier than he thinks himself to be, the more he’ll be turned on.

He will be turned on by your encouraging attitude. Usually a bit of a pessimist, a Virgo man needs the allure of hearing your positive and uplifting description of who he is in your eyes. He doesn’t see himself as being a sexual person.

When you tell him that you see him as attractive or even sexy, you’re creating a boost to his self-esteem that he won’t be expecting. You’ll also start to get him to think of himself with greater confidence.

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Talk to Him About Your Desires

Some people say a Virgo man is selfish in bed. This is not exactly fair. He’s generous, friendly and giving in almost every situation. The one exception may seem like sex.

That’s because he has a very efficient, down to earth style of love making. He approaches sex as if it is a duty or chore to accomplish. If you build him up mentally and help him to connect with you, he will be turned on. He’ll also be more likely to notice your sexual needs.

Offer suggestions on what you would like to try in bed, for example. Speak to his desire for planning and rationality. Even if it isn’t completely spontaneous.

A Virgo man will be turned on by a plan for intimacy, even if it is not until after your dinner date in three days. He enjoys having the time to think about what will take place.

Similarly, talk to him about your desires. Be honest and practical about it. The more confident you are, the more inspired he will be.

Keep it Simple

A good rule of thumb when it comes to any aspect of a relationship with a Virgo man is to not get too carried away. Keep things simple and practical. This works both for communication and sexuality.

He doesn’t want to try anything too outrageous and is turned off by taboo. Keep your seductive style simple and classic. He may even be old fashioned when it comes to sexuality.

He’s ok with the same basic positions or techniques. If you really want to spice things up with a Virgo man… don’t. At least not without talking to him about your ideas or suggestions first.

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Be Patient

Is a Virgo man dominant? Not exactly. He’s got high standards and if you’re intimate with him, he expects you to follow his strict rules. His boundaries are important and he won’t waver, even in the face of temptation.

Be patient with a Virgo man. Always give him ample time to make up his mind or pursue something new. Even his response to your seduction may take seemingly excessive time.

This can work to your advantage. One way to turn a Virgo man on is to let your seduction be a slow simmer. Give him hints or clues throughout the day even if your sexual encounter won’t be until the weekend. Let him have time to think about and analyze the possibilities.

Pay Attention to Sensual Details

A Virgo man is detail oriented in all areas of his life. Though he can seem detached and efficient when it comes to love making, you may be able to turn a Virgo man on by showing him great attention to detail.

In fact, if you are as attentive to his body as he is to any of the projects he loves to work on, you’ll amaze him. Remember to proceed with slow, cautious patience and attentiveness.

Always respect a Virgo man’s boundaries and limits. At the same time, the more you can be attentive to massaging his aching muscles or kissing his hands or fingers, or other places he doesn’t readily think of as seductive, the more he’ll be excited.

He needs to feel comfortable and relaxed, so pay attention to the details of your timing as well. Don’t rush him. Wait until his work is completed. Let him wash up after working in the garage.

When he’s ready, take your time and show him that you can be as meticulous as he is. Noticing the details in bed will turn him on. Even when you notice the details in your non-sexual interactions with him, he’ll be aroused.

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